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Cruel Fate


One Fateful Night

"Lia, I think you've had enough. You're already way beyond wasted. It's time to order a glass of water," Sophie scolded, looking concerned as Amelia took another gulp from her Margarita, enjoying the soft burn as the raspberry liquid slid smoothly down her throat. Instead of nodding like a dutiful girl, Amelia snorted and shook her head.

"Party pooper, I'm just a tiny bit tipsy," Amelia argued, pressing her thumb and index finger a few inches apart to depict how drunk she was. Sophie shook her head and rolled her eyes, clearly not agreeing with Amelia's logic.

"It's your birthday, you do whatever you want, but don't hold me responsible in the morning. I warned you," Sophie pointed out, disappointment shining in her hazel orbs.

Without replying, Amelia headed back to the dance floor, giggling when she almost tripped over her own feet. Damn, she must be really getting drunk. As a new song started, Amelia closed her avocado colored eyes and slowly started to move her hips sensually to the beat of the music, enjoying getting lost in the song echoing through the room. She'd always loved dancing. It was a way to let go of her daily struggles and completely relax.

When I met you in the summer, to my heartbeat's sound

We fell in love, as the leaves turned brown

As she rocked her hips back and forth, oblivious to the lustful stares she was causing with her alluring dancing skills, Amelia suddenly felt two large hands settle right above her hipbone. Startled by the unexpected touch, she froze for a nanosecond before she slowly started to relax as the hands gave her a gentle squeeze, encouraging her to keep moving. Too tired to open her eyes and check who'd decided to join her, Amelia continued her sensual movements. The hands stayed firmly in place, the slight pressure doing funny things to Amelia's stomach.

And we could be together, baby, as long as skies are blue

You act so innocent now, but you lied so soon

Sober, Amelia would never dance with a guy, let alone a complete stranger. It just wasn't her thing. Amelia was a good girl, the kind that would rather stay close to her friends when she went out. Intoxicated as she was tonight, she honestly didn't mind whoever danced with her as long as they didn't try to get her away from the dance floor. Her mind was foggy, eliminating the part of her brain that worried about her safety and behavior. She just wanted to have fun, to let loose and enjoy her freedom.

When I met you in the summer

Hands still on her hips, fingers resting against her skin, the stranger stepped closer until his front was firmly pressed against her back. Amelia struggled to keep moving as she felt the hard muscled chest squashed intimately against her. The guy obviously had a nice build, strong and incredibly tall. Her head barely reached his shoulder. "Relax," a low, soothing voice whispered in her ear as the fingers squeezed her flesh a second time. The sound sent a wave of warmth through Amelia's body, awakening a need inside of her she'd never known existed.

When I met you in the summer, to my heartbeat's sound

We fell in love, as the leaves turned brown

Unable to think clearly or form a coherent sentence, Amelia followed the stranger's command, relaxed her stiff muscles and slowly started to grind against her dance partner. Without restraint she moved, lost in the exquisite feelings that swam in the pit of her stomach. "That's it," the sexy voice encouraged as its owner moved with Amelia in sync, the beat of the music their guide. The last shred of control left her as she let her body take over from her mind.

And we could be together, baby, as long as skies are blue

You act so innocent now, but you lied so soon

Butterflies danced in her belly as Amelia let the guy lead their movements, her eyes still firmly closed as she enjoyed the physical contact, the closeness of their act. "Turn around," the voice suddenly beckoned as the hands on her hips slowly disappeared to create enough space for Amelia to follow the order.

A warm blush covered her cheeks from the constant dancing as Amelia slowly turned around and blinked her heavy eyelids open. Her breath momentarily caught in her throat as she came face to face with her stranger, an incredibly handsome guy with striking blue eyes filled with unadulterated lust. Unable to advert her gaze, Amelia stared into the depth of his eyes and swallowed thickly.

Oh my. He looked like a model straight out of a magazine! A strong masculine jawline, piercing blue eyes, panty melting smirk and a one-day-old stubble that only made his features stand out more. Damn. Her lower muscles clenched at the sheer sight of him. It was a reaction she'd never had before, one that surprised the hell out of her and momentarily left her speechless.

Time seemed to stand still as Amelia shamelessly ogled the man in front of her. He was no boy, that's for sure. His shoulders were too broad, his body too muscled and in shape to be a boy. She guessed he was at least twenty-two if not older.

Suddenly, Amelia noticed the guy's lips were moving, but she had no idea what he was saying, too far gone in her dreamland to focus on her surroundings. It was like one of those moments in a movie where you see someone speaking but you don't hear a sound. "Excuse me?" she mumbled, her voice sounding a little breathless.

The man laughed, shook his head and pulled her closer until they were chest to chest, her breasts squeezing against a muscled wall. The heavenly pressure sent another wave of pleasure straight between her legs. She could feel his heart beating steadily against her own as his mouth slowly descended before his lips touched the shell of her ear. "I asked you if you wanted to go home with me," the stranger repeated, his warm breath tickling the exposed skin of her throat. Still feeling like she was floating on cloud nine, Amelia nodded without thinking and eagerly leant in to the man as he pressed an openmouthed kiss in the crook of her neck. A potent masculine scent filled her nostrils, feeding the already burning fire inside of her.

The stranger smirked, his eyes dancing with contentment as he slowly started to lead her through the crowd, away from the dance floor. Amelia had no time to comprehend what was going on. Before she knew what was happening, they were standing outside the club and waiting for a taxi. Cold wind touched her heated skin and she shivered lightly. "Text your friends so they don't worry," the man ordered, nodding at her purse as he opened the door of the cab that halted in front of them.

Stunned, Amelia quickly took her phone out of her purse and texted Sophie and Alex, her two friends that took her out tonight. She'd completely forgotten about them! What a bad friend she was. Who knows, maybe they'd been looking all over the place to find her. Guilt suddenly ate at her conscious, but before she could let the feeling penetrate her hazy mind the man beside her caught her attention.

"Glad you decided to join me, babe," the guy muttered in her ear as they sat down in the cab, his leg brushing against hers. He sounded pleased, not smug or cocky. It settled some of the nerves that finally decided to make an appearance. Amelia was in a car with a complete stranger, going to the house of said stranger, a house where they'd probably have sex. Holy shit! What the hell had she gotten herself into?

Before she could freak out and demand to exit the cab, the man took her chin between his thumb and index finger, turned her face his way and pressed his lips forcefully against hers. Amelia gasped in shock, giving the man the perfect opportunity to let his tongue slid between her parted lips and explore her hot, wet cavern.

Amelia might have only shared a handful of kisses, but she knew without a doubt this man was a great kisser. Their lips moved in union, his tongue tangled with hers as his fingers gently pressed in her skull, keeping her face right in place. It was heavenly. More butterflies made their appearance, happily dancing in her belly as Amelia got lost in – what was without a doubt – the best damn kiss she ever experienced.

"Shit, you taste good, babe," the man groaned as he pulled away from her to inhale deeply and fill his lungs with needed oxygen, blue orbs filled with hunger. Dazed, Amelia started into his eyes and smiled shyly. She just kissed the hottest guy she ever met! It was a freak-out worthy moment.

Yet, before she had time to come to her senses and probably realize what a big mistake she was making, the cab halted and the stranger helped her out of the car after paying the driver. Amelia froze for a moment when she took in her surroundings and realized she was standing in front of a hotel. Didn't he say they were going to his place? Confused, she turned to the man beside her, her eyes filled with unanswered questions.

"Come on, babe," he said, grinning as he took her hand in his and pulled her to the entrance of the building, oblivious to her sudden concern. In the back of her mind, Amelia knew she wasn't thinking clearly and doing something epically wrong, but somehow it still didn't penetrate her foggy brain. The warning bells that should've been going off by now stayed awfully quiet.

After checking in and getting their room key, the stranger led her to the elevator and to their room. Once the door opened and Amelia noticed the queen-sized bed in the middle of the room, she froze for the second time since stepping out of the taxi. "Hey, no pressure," the guy told her gently. "If you're not up for this, just tell me and I'll call a cab," he assured, sounding sincere.

Amelia stared at the bed for a moment, carefully weighting her options. She could leave now, go back to her old life and never see the stranger again or she could take a leap into the unknown and stay. Sober, she would've undoubtedly chosen the safest choice. Sadly, as they'd established before, Amelia was far from being sober. Drunk, her adventures side came to life and demanded to take risks.

She was done being the good girl, the perfect daughter other parents envied, the loyal student teachers loved. It wouldn't get her anywhere. It didn't miraculously improve her grades, didn't provide her with the infinite love from her parents she'd always hoped for and never got. Neither did it ensure popularity or a stellar reputation. All her being a good girl ever did, was take up a bunch of time and put her under a whole lot of unnecessary pressure.

Amelia made her decision. "I want to stay," she whispered softly, earning another pleased grin from the stranger.

The man took a step closer to her, rested his hands on her hips (much like he'd done before when they were still on the dance floor) and promised: "You won't regret it." And she didn't. At least not until after she'd woken up.

Birds were chirping outside the window, singing their beautiful songs, as Amelia slowly woke up and opened her heavy eyelids. Her entire body felt sore, especially the region between her legs. It took her a moment to remember the night before and when the memories finally started flowing back, the knowledge settled she'd let a complete stranger take her virtue. Fuck. Her cheeks heated in embarrassment.

Amelia couldn't believe how stupid she'd been. It wasn't like her at all to get drunk and lose control like that. Turning her head to the side, Amelia noticed the guy had left the bed, the ivory sheets a wrinkled mess. Damn. She didn't even know his name! How did you sleep with someone without asking their name first? How far gone was she the night before exactly?

She closed her eyes and heaved a deep sigh before listening closely if she heard the shower running. She was met with eerie silence. Where did he go? Slowly getting out of bed, Amelia winced as she took her first step, pushing her legs firmly closed as her lips formed a silent 'oh'. It hurt like a bitch. Despite the fact that the stranger had been gentle with her, she still felt uncomfortably sore.

Looking around the room, Amelia noticed the guy's clothes were nowhere to be seen. Realization downed on her, making a lump form in her throat and tears well up in her eyes. He'd left her, left without a note or a goodbye. She'd been a good lay to him, a way to get some satisfaction. It was dumb of her to think, for even a fleeting moment, that he'd stay and spent more time with her. Guys didn't ask girls on dates they'd shagged on the day they met. Only girls with no self-respect gave it up that easily.

Feeling dirty, Amelia slowly made her way to the shower. What had she done? The heavy weight that had settled on her shoulders only worsened the moment she went to the reception desk and the lady behind it told her the room had already been paid for. Amelia didn't think she'd ever felt more filthy or stupid in her life. With tears burning behind her eyes, Amelia did the walk of shame and headed back home to her way too uptight parents that probably would put her on the street if they ever found out what she did that night.

Lyrics: Summer – Calvin Harris

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