My best friend, my love

They say a boy and a girl can never just be friends
And maybe there is some truth in that saying
For I've come to love a man since the day we first met
And that day is constantly in my head, replaying.

I'm usually the person with the worst memory
There are too many memories and details I can't recall
But I still remember the day I first laid eyes on him
For that was the day I first started to fall.

It would be silly to say that I remember what the weather was like
(I don't even think I remember the clothes he wore)
All I know is when we started talking
I just wanted to talk to him (and him only) more and more.

It's hard to say what happened exactly –
I don't think it was exactly love at first sight
But the more and more I think about it
I think that that term might be right.

We saw each other more and more everyday,
But better than that he chose to
Day after day, we'd make plans to study, to watch a movie together
What he liked about spending time with me I didn't have a clue.

One day I finally built up the courage –
Even though it is social convention for guys to ask girls out
In my head I thought, "Just do it! Screw it! Equality!" and every other excuse
Dialing his number – every action of mine filled with doubt.

I still remember what his response was
I laughed then at it, and I laugh now
"I'm flattered," he told me, clearly rejecting me
All my doubts confirmed – but still not hurt somehow.

I think it was my 'act of bravery' that brought us closer
All I know is that we got to know each other more
This stranger turned into the person I could spend hours with
Confiding and trusting in him more than I'd ever done before.

They say a boy and a girl can never just be friends,
And there might be some truth in that saying
For a few weeks later, I received a call
And this time it was his love for me that he was portraying.

It has been almost three years now since the day I first met him
He's become my rock, my best friend, my love
We've had good times and bad – but that happens to everyone
But hopefully we'll keep rising above.

Thursday June 12, 2014
2:15 AM