Trigger and content warnings for the following story:

Self hate, Prejeduce, acid,horror mention.

My name is Terra, I prefer the term Podia or Terran though. I am not a very interesting person. Nor is this journal going to be so. I do not feel that their is a point in keeping such a thing. Then again my feelings on this task do not seem to matter. William is my leader and I am obligated to do as he wishes.

I am one of the volo or impacted. People tend to use those terms interchangeability. You see dear child, long ago their was a virus that was widespread. It infected nearly everyone. I was a given a cure for it, and the cure gave me abilities. It gave me, powers. Powers I wish I didn't posses. I drip acid. I sweat acid. I bleed acid. I am acid. It is horrifying.

It is terrifying. I despise it. I can not name the amount of times I have had my shirts gather wholes within them due to perspiration. My family knows of my "gifts" but do to their wishes I tell no one else of this. My "gifts" are nearly impossible to hide, so much so, that nearly everyone I meet is aware of them. I also have an immunity to acid, it doesn't affect me, it did when I first developed my powers and was quite painful but after some time I developed an immunity.

I live with my 12 siblings.

And my mom and dad.

We live in a 4 bedroom apartment. It's quite crowded. I'm transgender but my parents think it's a fase, my closet is full of my old clothing, fairly feminin garments. I hate my life

I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it. Their I saw a pail girl, with neon blue hair, and green eyes. She was pail white as if made from snow. She visists me every month for the reason I don't really know.

"hey, Terran"

The girl sighed.

"why do you keep visiting me! I don't even like you."

"because I like you, you seem nice"

I am not a nice person no doubt she was lying through her teeth.

" have you told anyone about the gasmask?"



"can I come in?"

I don't see why she's instant upon a friendship, their doesn't seem to be a point. I only have three friends, William, Ae Sook, and Otis and I don't plan on having any more.

"fine" I walked her into my living quarters. My family was cooking and being noisy. We are a very chaotic family.

I took her to my room as I'd done the last time she visited.

I was beginning to sweat do to the heat.

We can not afford air conditioning

" Your sweating"

She put her hand on my forehead, she quickly pulled away burned. She stared at me.

"Don't tell anyone"

She looked down. "i wouldn't do that" a smile appeared on her face. Funny most people feel the need to tell everyone. Not her apparently.

"do you have something against the impacted?"

"volo? No i don't"

Now I was lying through my teeth.


she looked away.

I have a lot against volo. I can't stand us. I think we're retched. I am retched. We are monsters. We are sinners, we are harem, whatever form of evil you believe in. We are wrong on so many levels, and the fact that I'm one of these things, is disgusting. We shouldn't exist. Monsters are not supposed too.

I was lost in thought for a moment.

"so" she sighed. "you um, uh, you like your powers?" she was having a hard time spitting the words from her mouth.


"how come"

"because they make me evil"

She looked confused.

"how do they make you evil?"

"I can only hurt people with them"

"but that doesn't make you evil. That just makes you different"

"same thing"

She looked sad for a moment.

"Do you think all of the impacted are evil?"


She looked even more so.

"you said you didn't have anything against the impacted"

"I lyed"


"doesn't matter, I prefer you leave now"

I escorted her out of my family's apartment. I do not like this girl. That's why I don't even bother memorizing her name.

I went to school.

"hey buddy"

Otis said. He often sits next to me on our bus.


"so I've fallen in love with another fandom!"

He seemed happier then normal.



"which one now?"

"creepy pasta"

"creepy pasta? what is that like some kind of affinity for the unnerving edible delights?"

He laughed.

"no it is a series of horror stories on the internet"


"just thought I'd tell you"


"I am reading one right now that is called the Russian sleep experiment and its scary as heck"

Otis tends to go off on frequent tangents. His sentences are not well formulated. He also tends to talk on and on about the fandom of the week, not caring about anyone's commentary on such. He will often go off on long about it, whatever the topic, never stopping once for a breath.

"I get it, you like horror"

"Yep!" he remarked with a large smile.

Once we got to school, Otis grouped with his neon haired posse and I went on my lonesum.

After school I went to the gay straight alience. It's this club that works as a sanctuiary for people like me, we discuss queer things and queer issues. While always being acspeting of each other. I'm the only transboy in the club so I'm kind of a spectacle.

The next day same routine, exepct this time after school I went to the impacted club. It was my first time going. The imapacted club, is a club for people with powers people like me. The teacher that runs it had to fight to keep the darn thing open. The school did not support it.

Their were five other students at this club.

Isaic, a boy who could turn invisible, Amelia, a girl who could read minds, Emeil a boy who could cause whirlwinds a power he refused to show us, Spiker a gendfluid kid who could form black ooze from their mouth and turn that ooze into spikes and solidified substances, gross, and lastly Ayato, a boy who could absorb other peoples powers, or trade with them temporarily. Funny. Never thought that was possible.

The meeting was fine we sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. I don't understand why my mom's making me come here it is silly as can be.

I talked with Ayato some, I had a feeling he liked me. I'm stealth at this club, no one knows I'm trans and no one knows that I was assigned female at birth. I plan on keeping it that way.

He kept flirting. I asked him about his powers.

"well ya, I can take other, only for a little while though"

He winked.

"would you mind?"

"mind what?"

"switching with me"

"I'd rather not, I only just met you and I have to have a deep bond with the person I'm taking them from"

He kept the drew out the last word for a little while

"oh ok"

I went on patrol that night.

William greeted us.

"Podia, Cam," He nodded. A few weeks ago their was an incedent. I did something really really bad, but I can not talk about I will not talk about it. We went on patrol. Svavage kept trying to talk to me, a poor effort made. Cam who is actually my real life freind Ae Sook, was silent with me.

Patrol was fine no volo on the loose. I actually like batteling them it realese my stress, which their is plentifull. Have I mentioned that I hate my life? Because I do.

I continued the weeks with nothing intreaging happening. Then I went to yet another The impacted club meeting. I do not understand why they do not simply use the tearm volo, it is far more short and simple. Today we would be demonstrating our powers.

We went outside to see Emeil using his abilities. He created a tiny tornado no bigger then my foot. He told us he could only control those that were small. Ameilia refused to demonstrate her ability for she feels that it is an invasion of privacy. Isiac did turn himself invisable so he looked as if he were a floating pile of garments. Spiker spit out several blobs that turned into sharp objects. I showed them my ability dripping some acid on a rock. Finally Ayato switched powers with me. This did not go well

He had been sweating, but I wanted a break from my curse so badly, I let him take them for a moment. Soon he begun to sweat acid and cried on the floor in pain. Burn marks surrounded his face. We tried to splash water on his but that only seemed to do more damage. I shouldn't have...I do a lot of bad things, not intentionally but I do not think things through and cause everyone around me to suffer.

I took my hands and wiped the acid off. Like I had told you before reader I have an immunity, I kept doing this, and doing this, until finally it wore off and I began to sweat. "thanks" he said gasping for breath. Their were holes in his now tattered shirt where the armpit's lay, as well and the shirt was beginning to fall apart. This is a situation to which I am all to fameseir. His shirt fell of completely. He grasped onto me, sent the boy to the nurse. He was treated accordingly.

I have the worst luck.