The next day he approached me.

"hey Terran"

I could see the scars covering his face.


"um, I just completely forgot what I was to say" He laughed.

"I am sorry about yesterday"

"dude it's fine, you didn't know"

The was a untrue I did. I knew exactly what would happen. But I allowed it. See, having acid in your vain is one thing. It's another to constantly be burned by it. To consistently feel that burning sensation all day, everyday, forever, underneath your skin. When I gave him my powers he took it away for a little while. Only for around ten minutes but it was a relief I have not felt in ages.

"Still I apologize"

"like I said bro you didn't know. It's cool"

He pushed his arm against the locker. He leaned in forward.

"besides how could I stay mad at a face like that"

He chuckled. He looked into my eyes. He backed away quickly. "so see you next meeting"

He walked away and tripped while doing so. This boy really really likes me. Great. I have enough on my plate I certainly do not wish to bother with a relationship. Don't get me wrong I like boys, but still, dating is not my forte. However maybe...if I were to date him, he would releive the pain more often... That is something I feel in both of our intrests.

I was lost in thought when Otis shook my shoulder

"Are you alright?"

"ya I'm fine"

I was dazed.

"who was that guy?"

"him he is no one"

"you sure?"

"Positive, Otis why is this a concern of yours?"

"no reason, none whats so ever"

He walked away with a sly grin I had never seen him wearing before. He reminded me of another but that thought's purpostures.

We went on patrol that day.

We encountered some odd people. Several people. They were like us, masked and all also trying to stop the volo. Their was a young 16 year old girl, She had unnatral green hair, a boy who was an amputee, An androgenes fellow, and they were trying to stop us.

They had powers, no doubt volo. We were in the middle of a fight when they apeared.

I was ending a volo, when she attacked me, she must have had super strength. She pushed me away easily. "Stop it" she yelled. She then knocked me out cold. I awoke to her team and mine fighting. Eventually all but William of my team was beaten.

"Stop this"

She remarked.

"who are you?" I mumbled.

"Me, I'm Blair leader of the Xoa team. What y'all are doing is really messed up"

She sneered. "We've noticed you for quite some time and we're here to stop you"

She gestured towards her companions.

William laughed, evily.

"you, your a team of three!"

"yes and we took care of you pretty darn easily" She looked at us.

"Get out, this town is ours. I don't care what you think it's not your place to intervene"

"I think it is"

She stared right into Williams pitch black goggles.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you"

"really how come" She was almost as bold as William.

In a second William was moving his out reaching his arm and making it in a fist within the girls direction and suddenly the girl was having a hard time breathing. She grasped her neck.

"what are you?" she gasped.

"get out of my town now"

William said with a harsh tone.

"stop" The androgenes one spoke.

Continuing his actions William barked "your on the wrong side you know"

He smirked. "if you want her" he threatened. "to stay here on our gracious planet. I suggest you all leave now" William released the girl.

"you haven't heard the last of me" She whined as she and her companions ran away.

We all stared at William. How could he do something like that? Why would he do something like that? That's a little dark isn't it? I mean I know we end corrupt volo but not the good ones. As bad as what they were doing they were doing what they thought was to be best...

"end of patrol for today" William hissed as he left in a rush.

A few days later I talked with Ae Sook about it. Reminder she works on my team as "cam".

"So what do you think about William?"

"I don't like him"

"I know you do not, I meant about what he did"

"I've seen him do it before"

"really? When?"

"I'd rather not talk about it" she was struggling for words.


She was beginning to tear up. I held her hand and pushed her into a hug. Poor thing.

Eventually when the hug was over I looked up Xoa team. I wasn't sure what to make of the encounter, our lives are very confusing to be honest I don't think any of us are accuratly good at describing them.

I found several news clips. These teens were celebrities where they come from. They are in fact a team working with the police, a team herald as heroes, they are a team who the town loves.

Funny all they do is put volo in jail. But that does more harm then good. I'll be frank with you. If you were to send a volo who was corrupt to the police one of two things would happen. They would end up in an hospital bed and be given drugs to fall into a permanent comatose state, or they'll rott in state of forever agony, in a special cell made especially for them, for the rest of their god forsaken life. The second usually happens.

Do you not think it is more mercy to simply end their suffering? That is why we do what we do. This team opposes us. We help volo. We give them the best option. These individuals cannot see for they have never been in a situation where it was required.

My best friend had told me if ever were to come to that, that was his wish. A wish I granted. Corrupt volo are consistently in pain. They are hurting, they are suffering constantly. That is what many theorize motivate their rampages. Even in that state they still feel agony. Even in that state they are still hurting. Despite my personal wishes my team does not want them to hurt.

We give them mercy. I want to be a police officer so I can change the system, so my team won't have to do what we do. It's a tough truth and hard choice of reality. But my team feels it for the best. I just wish they could.