The blood was everywhere. It coated the walls, the ceiling, and her tiny pale hands. Bodies were strewn across the room, their mouths gaping, their blank eyes still holding their disbelief and horror. A body hung from the fan on the ceiling, and the child stared at that woman. Her face was broken, bleeding, bruised. The sound the droplets made as it hit the floor made an echo in the dead silent room. Quiet as a mouse, the child named that victim. "Auntie Jo." Her father had been sliced in half, and the girl remembered watching him bleed out, screaming in pain as he slowly died. There were four bodies. In an odd voice, almost as if she was calling out to them to come back, she said, "Momma, daddy, Aunti Jo, Uncle Ben.

She pulled back her red lips, showing her bloodied teeth and the tiny fangs that bit into her lower lip. A sharp, cold laugh pierced the dark silence. She looked at her hands, warm and red, and more hysteric laughter left her. Her white dress was covered in gore, and she absently wiped her dirty hands on it, staining it further. She turned to her angel, smiling at him. Her angel was tall and dark, red eyes staring at her and pale skin shining in the moonlight.
Her angel nodded his approval. "Good job Lilly, now that your human family is gone, we can go home."
Excitement ran through the little girl. She jumped up and down, her bare feet making no noise on the wood, her blond curls bouncing. "Can we really, Angel?"
His own hands were coated in blood, and left streaks in her hair as he stroked it. "Yes, my child."

A groan interrupted their conversation. Lilly turned, and saw one of the bodies moving. Her momma's body. She was awake.
"Go to her." Angel commanded.
Lilly hopped over to her, getting on her knees. Her momma was covered in blood, her face was pale. Her eyes were glazed over, and she had a concentrated look on her face as she looked at Lilly, her little girl, the one that murdered everyone.
"Baby..." She groaned, holding a gaping wound on her belly. "Baby, why?" Pain and tears were laced through her momma's voice. For a moment, Lilly felt grief.
She gently pushed back her momma's dark hair slick with blood. "Because I need to see my family."
"We are... your family..." She coughed up blood.
Lilly shook her head, tears filling her eyes. "Not anymore momma."

She looked over at Angel, who's face was cold, displeased. It made Lilly's tears go away, her sadness fled. It was replaced with giddyness. She couldn't make Angel mad, she wanted her Angel to be happy. She smiled at him, and he smiled back, her happiness growing. It was good he wasn't mad anymore.
"Do it, Lilly."
Lilly nodded, and with a giggle, she turned to her horrified mother. She leaned forward, and kissed her mommy's cheek, leaving a bloody lip print. Lilly opened her mouth wide, and clamped down on her momma's neck.
Her mom struggled, but Angel held her down for the litle girl.
"Lilly don't!" She screamed, but it wasn't very loud. Lilly drained the life from her momma, no longer sad that her momma was dead. She had a new momma, a momma she needed to see.

She unlatched her teeth from the dead womans throat, looking at Angel with a bloody grin.
"Can we go home now?"
They both stood, and Angel picked her up. "Of course we can, Lillith."