She loved the winter stars at night. They shone different from when the air blazed with heat and the moths fluttered around the ceiling. These stars were brighter, gleaming their way through the sky to reach her eyes. She knew the air was cold outside so she didn't open the window. Instead she sat there, her room dark without any trace of light, and her face pressed against the cold glass. She gazed up. The winter stars, they were a different beauty. She breathed and fogged up the window, and slowly she reached up to wipe it away so she could once against look outside. She could recognise them all. Theytravelled slowly, moving across the sky so that it was barely noticeable. It was a moonless night and the sky was dark. It was better to see the stars that way. She smiled up at them, her stars, though she knew that wasn't really so.

Then she leaned back, and softly let the curtains drop back into place. She climbed into her bed, and pulled the covers to close off the chill as slept. She closed her eyes and smiled, for she knew, that through the small gap that was in the curtains, the stars would shine on her all night.