The pitter-patter of little Miss May's tiny feet was heard as her slippers rubbed against the carpet. She leapt up, landing on her bed with a giggle. In monkey pajamas, the girl hugged her white and red stuffed animal, the small dog being squeezed within her grip.

"Floppy Dog! Look! I've got floppy ears, too, now!" The girl held up her small hands and grasped her dirty blonde hair, which was tied together to form a pair of pigtails. "Now we can be floppy together!" She whipped her head back and forth, doing the same with the stuffed animal, giggling when they collided into one another.

"May? Hon?" A large man with a distinct lack of hair on his head walked in. He found his bundle of joy playing with one of her many stuffed animals.

"Grey-t, look! Floppy Dog and I have big ears like you! Maybe we're part bunny! Or you're part dog!"


"Hi, daddy! Look! I'm a bunny now!"

The aged man chuckled, petting the head of his dear angel. "Oh? Bunnies have to go to sleep, too, ya know. When their daddy bunnies tell them to." He crouched down at her bedside, smiling at his girl.

Like a flipped coin, May's face dropped and pouted. She hugged her father's arm, staring at him with big, teary eyes. "Daddy…! Please! A little longer! If I go to sleep, the nightmare will get me again!"


"Yeah! It's big, and mean, and scary, and it wants to eaaaaat me!" May accompanied her words with wild hand gestures, smacking her hands through the air and grabbing Grey-t with an evil laugh. She just as quickly dropped the grey bunny and hugged her father again. "Nightmares are scary…"

Her father gently stroked her head, enjoying the light feel of her hairs against his skin. Oh, he remembered having hair…He laughed to himself, hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. "What if I promise you, you won't have a nightmare tonight?"

"…How can you promise that?"

"I'm going to cast…a spell!" Big dramatic jazz hands!

May gasped and grabbed her father's collar, shaking him…or rather, shaking herself trying to shake him. "You mean, you're a wizard?! Like Harry Popper and Mr. Berlin?!"

"That's right, hon! It's been a long time since I've had to cast a spell, but I think I can muster up some magic to make sure you don't have a nightmare. Can you hand me Floppy Dog?" The small girl obeyed, taking her smaller friend and handing him to her dad. The large man held up one hand, holding the dog with the other.

"You won't hurt him, right daddy…?" The poor girl stared at her father's hand cautiously, preparing to fling her little girl body to protect her best friend.

"I won't. Ahem…" He began to wave his fingers around the dog's snout, humming loudly. He then began to speak, with a deep, hammy voice. "Floppy Daawwwwwwgh! Feel my magic flooooOOooooOOw through you! Let it strengthen you! And may you protect my dear daughter from any dark nightmares that may attempt to do her haaaaaAAAaaaaAArm!"

His daughter watched with awe as the soft puppy was given back to her. She hugged him tightly and stared at it with the same kind of awe that only little kids could have over such simple things. "Thank you, daddy…" she whispered. "I love you…"

"And I love you, honey." With a kiss on the head for her (and Floppy Dog), he left, turning off the lights with his leave.

May hugged her stuffed protector, a smile on her lips as she allowed her mind to drift from reality and into the land of dreams. With her mind a slumber, a footstep was heard, followed by another. Light steps, barely there…

But there they were. The figure touched the child's lips, stroking them, feeling their every wrinkle and indent. It moved its sharp edge down, pulling her blanket off of her, before feeling her tiny arms with the other hand. It moved a hand along the length of her arm, past her sleeves, past her shoulders, and to her neck. The hands stroked her neck with the tips of their fingers before a light suddenly drove them back.

A tiny growl forced the owner of said hands back. The floppy beast snarled at him, biting at the air, daring it to touch his owner once more. Daring it to try and bring its evil upon her.

The sharp fingers of the invisible horror cracked and twitched. It struck forward, aiming its claws at the protector made of stuff and cotton. But like a branch against metal, his hands buckled and bounced off of the thread hide. The floppy protector glared at the abomination, and his black eyes shimmered with light.

Others quickly stood up with him, forming a barrier. A purple teddy bear, a grey rabbit, a blue fish, and a giant, grey brain cell with cartoon eyes. They stood together, radiant with an ethereal glow.

With a silent scream, the room was empty once more; save for the young girl… and her stuffed protectors.