23:21 PM. Rugnica Town Conventional Park, Druaga Continent.

A single man sat on the park bench. He just keep quiet and not moving. The falling snow in the cold winter were covered his black cap and jacket. This man also wore a matching black jeans and black leather boots. Then a tall man approach him...

"Do you Reiner Drangleic by any chance?" The tall bearded man with glassses ask him.

"...That's depends. Who the hell are you? If you don't have any bussiness with me, get lost." That is the answer from the man called Reiner.

"I deeply sorry for my rudeness. Let me introduce myself first. I'm Willian Raus from a dark guild Twin Daggers. You can call me Will."


"I have heard you is a very competent freelancer around. So my Master was really interested to working on with you. My presence here is to negotiate with you about the job you will receive."

"I never said I agree to meet your Master or do his quest. Besides, why not send someone from your own guild to do this thing?" He said with a frown.

"Because this job is dangerous to the name of our guild." Will commented. "For your information, my guild Twin Daggers was already formed an alliance with a dark guild called White Lion but lately they ignored our request for assistance. That make my master suspicious about them and want you to eliminate all the guild members." Will explained the situation without get disturbed with the glare from Reiner.


"My guild will pay you greatly if you accept this job. Here's my guild location if you already make up your minds. This map will get you to the south of Rugnica Town. Find us there." Will give him a piece of paper and then left onto the dark road.


16:30 PM. Rugnica Town Southern part, Druaga continent.

A white long haired man working on his desk. This man looked around his late thirty. This is the Master of dark guild Twin Daggers, Zeth Draxler. Besides him were his most trusted men, William Raus.

"William...what do you think about the White Lion?" Ask Zeth out of nowhere.

"It looks like you was read my minds Master Zeth, I myself were quite disturbed about that problem." He said while organizing some other documents.

"They ignored our plea of help recently. This never happened before. In fact, I was hearing rumour about them make an alliances with another dark guild to attack us."

"Then we must strike first Master Zeth." Will said with determination on his face. "If we not make our move now, we will lose eventually."

"You're right. We need to act now." Zeth said agreeing with Will. "But we can't send our own men, if the others dark guild know we attack the others dark guild we will tarnish our name thus break the Pact of Druaga Dark Guilds."

"Indeed. We can't break the pact we made with all the dark guilds in Druaga. It's too dangerous." He said calmly. "I have an idea Master Zeth. Why we didn't hire him?" Will said while give Zeth a document.

"Whose document is this?"

"Just see..." Will instructed.

"Allright. Let's see...Reiner Drangleic. Age 21. A freelancer. Use Ice Magic. Other skills are unknown. Not associated with any guild. They also called him the Bloody Ice because his usual rampage in battle." He closed the document when he's done read it. "You want me to hire him and oredered him to exterminate the White Lion alone? Is this Reiner really that good?" He ask to Will.

"Dunno...but I heard he's really good and it's not hurt if we just try it." Advise Will.

"Allright. Will! Search for him quickly and brought him here!"

"Of course Master." He get out the Master room and prepared for his searching.

10:00 AM. Rugnica Town Northern part, Twilight Moon guild building, Druaga continent. Still the same day.

A girl with deep blue hair running across the main hall of the building. Her hair was short and only reach her shoulder. That give her a tomboy looks. This girl is one of many strong members in Twilight Moon guild. When she already get through the hall, a gruff and heavy voice call her from behind.

"Luna! Wait there for a second!" The blue haired girl stops and look behind.

"Mornin' Master Gizal! Why are you calling me for?" She ask the very tall and large man with dark skin. This Gizal is the Master of Twillight Moon guild.

"I have a new mission for you. The Magic Constitute of Druaga want us to help them subdue a dark guild called White Lion. You are one of the members I trust. I want you to go with Rachel and Amarant. The Magic Constitute Army will arrive in Rugnica at night. Prepare yourself and then fecth Rachel and Amarant. Be safe." Gizal explained.

"Ok Master. I will go to find those two then. See ya later!" She said and then running left the hall to search her companion.

'I really hope those three will be safe. I have heard about someone hire a very strong freelancer to exterminate the White Lion. No...I must trust them. Luna got the title Azure Flame not just for nothing, Amarant is strong too. He called the Sparkle Fire because his excellent control over red flame. Rachel was very smart summoner from the beginning. They will be fine.' He thought while he take a walk outside the hall.


8:42 AM. Rugnica Town Central part, Druaga continent. The next day after the meeting with Will.

The sun light was breached his room on the apartment. He grogilly wakes up when the light come to his eyes. Reiner were not usually a morning person. But today were different. He quickly go to the shower and take a quick breakfast. When he already in front of his door, he look the piece of paper which he received from the man called Will. 'It's worth to try it anyway." He thought.

9:24 AM. Rugnica Town Southern part, Druaga continent.

"So this is the place..." Reiner arrived at some closed pub near the border of the city.

When he want to get in to the pub a man approach him. "What do you want?" the man said.

"Will hire me..." Reiner told the man. "I need to talk with him about the mission."

"Come in. He already expecting you to come."

"Such a thoughtful man..." Reiner said with sarcasm tone.

"He's in there with our Master, Zeth Draxler." The man said and left.

Reiner knock the door until a voices tell him in. He opened the door and see Will and a white haired guy which he guess is the Zeth himself.

"Ahh, Mr. Drangleic. I know you will help us." Will said with an elated face.

"Hold your horses four eyes. First thing is, I wanted to know how much you willing to pay me." Reiner said uninterestedly.

"500.000 gil." Zeth come up with a price.

"500.000 gil to destroy a guild? You must be kidding me Mr. Draxler." Reiner debated. "Triple that and I will do it."

"I don't think we can afford you that much Mr. Drangleic. I don't even know much about your quality on the battlefield." Zeth said with harsh tone.

"You don't need to know my capability. Just let me do my job and it will be done in no time."

"But still Mr. Drangleic, we can't afford you that much." Will said to him. "I will make you a deal, 1 million gil. What about it?"

"Where is they location?" Reiner ask him.

"Their base located in the western part of Rugnica Town near the old clock tower. Remember, no one alive..." Zeth said to him.

"When can I make my move?"

"Tonight is better Mr. Drangleic." Will said to him.

"Allright then. One more thing, just call me Reiner."

"If you say so...Reiner."

22:57 PM. Rugnica Town Western part, Druaga continent. Near the clock tower.

"What all of this loser doing here?" Reiner ask himself.

He hides behind a dark alley and seeing many troops of the Magic Constitute gather in front of the clock tower. There is also three people accompany them. Two were girl and a single man. He only recognize the man though. He know him through some newspaper he read. The Sparkle Fire, Amarant Reinhart. "He could be a worthy foe..." Reiner said to himself.

With the Twilight Moon trio...

"So this is the base of White Lion..." said the man with fiery red hair named Amarant.

"According to the information we got from the Magic Constitute army they have an underground base. In fact, it maybe under us." The girl with green hair tell Amarant.

" undergroung base huh? You sure about it Rachel?" he ask.

"Pretty much. I also heard that's an underground tunnel in western point of Rugnica. It connected to the clock tower though." She explained.

"So basically, we need to get into the tower right?" Luna asked the green girl Rachel.

"Indeed we will, young lad." Said someone behind them.

" You must be Captain Moruse from the Magic Constitute Army." Luna said to him. " Allow me to inroduce me and my friends here. I'm Luna, I use blue flame magic. This man is Amarant, you must know him. He also called the Sparkle Fire. The girl beside me is Rachel, she use summoning magic."

"That's no need for introduction though." Moruse said to them. "Who didn't know about the Azure Flame and the Sparkle Fire from Twillight Moon? Besides Gizal alredy told me about you and the smartest summoner here."

"Captain Moruse, how you will approach the White Lion? You must know about the underground base." Ask Rachel.

"Me and my men will approach them up front and you three will sneak from the clock tower, find the tunnel and arrest their guild master, Faurlin Godwill. Be careful, Faurlin must be place some guards on the clock tower too." Moruse said to them.

"Allright. We will go to the tower now. Good luck, Captain." Luna said and left with Amarant and Rachel towards the clock tower.

"As do you, kiddo." He said in amused tone. "Prepare yourself men! We will march now! Charge from the very front!" he ordered his forces. The battle between the Magic Constitute and the dark guild White Lion was escalated.

"I really want to face that Amarant but I don't have time for that. Better take the shortest route then." Reiner said after come out from his hiding place and followed Moruse forces.

With Reiner, Moruse forces and the mage of White Lion in the frontlines.

Any kinds of magic were throwed in every sides of the battle. Both Moruse forces and the mage of White Lion wanted to beat their opponent. But of course, as an experienced mage like himself, Moruse were dominating the fights with his powerful earth magic.

"EARTH SPEAR!" Moruse placed his hands on the ground and many pile of earth appeared and send some of the White Lion mage flying. "Come on! Is this all the White Lion mages can do?!" He screamed to them.

"That man is fucking strong! We must stop him at all cost!" Cried one of the White Lion mage. "Surround him! And fire him with all your ma-!" Before he even finished his order a spear of ice already stab him right in his heart.

"You're in my way" Reiner said to the corpse of the mage.

"How dare you kill him!" One of the White Lion mage suddenly appear to attack Reiner from behind.

Reiner dodge the clumsy attack and grab that mage head with one hand. "Ice Spear." Without turn his head he watched as the spear of ice going through the mage head and automatically kill him.

"You there!" Moruse pointed at Reiner. "Who give you authority to kill them?! Now stand there quietly and let us arrest you too."

"Try me then." Reiner give a mocking smile to all of them.

"You're going to regret it kiddo! EARTH CANNON!" a cannon made from the earth appeard beside Moruse and shoot directly at Reiner.

"Ice shield" he mumbled. A thick wall of ice protect him and stopped the cannon effectively. "Frozen zone..." Reiner said and then the temperature on the room were drastically dropped and some thing become crystalized with ice.

"If you not get out now, you will freezing solid too..." Reiner said to Moruse.

"You think I will let you to do what you want? Don't underestimate me and my men." Moruse said to him.

"You're the one who ask for it..." Reiner prepare to attack Moruse. The battle between Reiner, Moruse, and the White Lion will coming to an end before they know it.

Meanwhile with the Twilight Moon trio...




The White Lion mage were all unconscious due to the red and blue flame which hit them altogether.

"Wheww...they're so persisitent." Amarant let out a sigh.

"Well, we are done here. Let's go see this Faurlin guy." Luna said to them.

They get down to the basement by ladder and found Faurlin already waiting for them.

"I expect you three will be the first one to come here." He said to them.

"Cut the chit chat Faurlin, we're here to arrest you." Rachel give him a cold stare.

"I will obey your command..." he said. "If you can beat me."

"That's what I want to hear." Luna said while getting ready to fight.

"Be careful. This Faurlin is also called the Dead Wind. He really good with wind." Amarant warn them.

"Such a honor to me. Even the Sparkle Fire know my name. It will be more merrier because the Azure Flame were here to." Faurlin smiled with a cocky attitude.

"Allright. I already bored by him. Let's take this quickly and help Captain Moruse." Luna said to her companions.

"We will see what he capable of. Summon magic : Centaur!" a half man and half horses creature appeared behind Rachel and shoot flaming arrow towards Faurlin.

Before the arrow reach him a whirl of little tornado blow all the incoming arrow.

"I told you all, a pitiful attack like that will never hit me." Faurlin said.

"Okay, let's take it to top notch level then..." Luna run into him an engage him in hand to hand combat. "GENTLE FLAME FIST!" Luna hands covered in a fiery blue flame and directed at the heads of Faurlin.

"Luna! Wait!" Amarant screamed at her.

Once again before the fist get connected the tornado protect Faurlin and send Luna flying into walls.

"I think I put up to much credit for the three of you." Faurlin said with a cocky smile.

Meanwhile with Reiner and Moruse at the frontlines...

The room were covered with crystal ice. The floor was full of blood pool. There was corpse everywhere. Be it the Magic Constitute forces or the White Lion mage. Some of the dead were crytalized with ice. The one who still stand were Reiner, Moruse and some Magic Constitute forces.

Reiner stood in the middle of the corpses and still look unscathed. His hand and clothes were covered with blood. "You all still insist to arrest me?" he said to Moruse and his men.

Moruse men were really in bad condition. Some of them even can't use magic anymore. Moruse himself is not in better state than his man. He already can't use his left hand due to the Ice Spear of Reiner. His body look badly beaten but he stood still.

"This kid sure is strong..." he mumbled to himself. "But we will not back down that easily! Surround him once more! We will capture him this time!" Moruse ordered the rest of his men. But nothing came out. He looks behind and his men already crystalized with ice. " H-How this happen?"

"I already told you if you not come out from this room you will frozen solid" he said. "But you still insisted to arrest me..."

"U-Uuughh, I will arrest you by myself!" Moruse controlled with his rage and run blindly into Reiner.

"What a pitiful old man..." Reiner mumbled to himself. "Ice Prison!" as he say that two pillars of ice appeared and hold Moruse body and hands which make him put into stop.

"I don't know if you just determinate or foolish old man." Reiner said to him. "You sacrifices your own life to fight someone you can't beat."

"A criminal like you must be captured. You must put into justice!" Moruse spite into him.

"To think someone from the Magic Constitute care about justice..." Reiner said. "How pitiful. You don't even know what your superiors are doing." He added. "But I could care less about your justice. I have my own ideology. And according to my ideology, you will die here."

"Damned brats...I only ask one thing though..." Moruse plead to Reiner.

"What is that?" he ask.

"Don't kill that mages who accompany us..." Moruse said.

"I can't ensure that." Was Reiner reply.

"...By the way...who are you?...what is your name?" Moruse ask him.

"Reiner... Reiner Drangleic. They also call me the Bloody Ice..." he said.

"So your that rumoured freelancer..." Moruse surprised by the fact. "My superior once told me to retreat if we encounter you. I think I know why he told me that..." Moruse said.

"Now die..." Reiner said as a blade of ice formed on his hand and head towards Moruse heart.

At the same time with the Twilight Moon trio...

The tunnel floor were turn into a pile of craters. The fights between Twilight Moon trio and Faurlin were highly escalated. Both sides were lightly battered but Faurlin show a sign of tiredness. It looks like three mages of Twilight Moon was too much for him.

"You three were good but I will end this now!" Faurlin said to them. "Take this! Sword of Wind!" many sword made from wind appeared and head towards the three.

"Luna!" Amarant commanded.

"I know!." Was her reply.

"Fire Magic : Flame Wall!" they said in unison. A wall of flame cover them and burn the wind swords.

"Summon magic : Shiva!" Rachel took the chance to summon a water spirit and it attacked Faurlin with heavy stream of water.

"Tornado Barrier!" the tornado once again protect Faurlin from any attack.

"That barrier annoy me so much." Amarant said getting frustated. "But I think I know how to hit him directly."

"You came up with a plan? That's very rare..." Luna said to him.

"I'm not that stupid..." he encountered.

"So what is that plan of yours?" Rachel ask him.

"That tornado may be invincible if we engage it up front. But we can get inside the tornado if we get through the hole from above. If we can distract him to bring out that tornado barrier, one of us can jump and get him inside his own barrier. And then, BAMM! He will knock out in no time." Amarant explain to them.

"That is a good plan. Maybe you REALLY not that stupid." Luna praise him with sarcasm.

"I don't think that's really a praise..." Amarant sweatdropped.

"I can give the distraction. You two better be ready to attack." Rachel said to them.

"Allright! Let's do this!" they both said in unison.

"Summon magic : Minotaur! Cyclops!" a half man-bull and one eyed giants appeared and try to engage Faurlin in close range combat.

"I already told you that your magic are useless againts me! Tornado Barrier!" the barrier keep the summon from reaching him but they keep trying to get through the barrier. "What a stuborn beast!" Faurlin getting frustated because his barrier can't send the summon flying.

Unkwon to him Luna and Amarant already jump and get through his defense from the top while he busy keep away Rachel summon beast.

"This beast sure is persistent! I must repel them soon as poss-" Faurlin surprised when he saw a blue and red flame coming above him. "What the hell was thattt?!"

Above him was Luna and Amarant which both of their body were covered with deep blue and fiery red flame.



" FIRE MAGIC COMBO : FINAL FLAME TORNADO!" screamed Luna and Amarant in unison.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Faurlin shouted as a bright flame of blue and red engulf him within his own tornado.

With his scream of agony Faurlin finally got beaten and unconscious.

"Aaahhhh, finally we take care of him..." Amarant said with tired voice.

"Yeah, but we must help Captain Moruse too. Come on!" Luna said while heading towards the frontlines.

"She just damn energetic..." Amarant groaned.

"Let's go." Rachel followed after.

"Wait for me you two! This guy is not carrying himself you know!" Amarant screamed to them and carried Faurlin with him.

At the frontlines...

Luna keep running toward the frontlines. She looks like she was in rush. She don't know how she got this feeling, but she felt something will turn bad. After some rush running she finally saw the main door to the frontlines. It was already covered in ice. The temperature around is cold enough to make her shiver. When she arrived at the frontline she come into a stop. There was a view that she never seen before...

The iced walls. The cold temperature. The frozen mages. The pool of blood on the floor. Human corpses. And the worst of them, Captain Moruse is on the middle of the room and were kneeling to someone. His body not even moving anymore. His heart has been pierced by a blade of ice...

And there was him. The man whose his hand were holding the tip of the ice blade. 'Is he the one who causing this?' Luna ask herself. 'It's impossible for someone to do all of this! This is just too cruel. This looks like a real nightmare!'

Luna observed the man who stand between all the corpses. It was a man. A young man. 'He's not look old. The fact is, he looks like around my ages.' Luna said to herself. 'How can someone young like him do this nightmare? And more importantly, why?'

Luna just stood there fascinated by what she have seen. Rachel finally meet up with her and ask, "Why did yous stop on the entrance Luna? Is the fights already ended?" She said.

Luna not responded to her question and not even turn her head towards Rachel.

"What did you see really?" Rachel look towards the room and get petrified by the gore and sadistic view in front of them.

"Hey don't just stand there, we must hurry right?" Amarant arrived lately and surprised to see the room too.

Unlike the two girls, Amarant was an experienced mage who already seeing things like this in some occasion. "Are you the one who did this?" Amarant ask calmly toward Reiner.

"Ahhhh, Amarant the Sparkle Fire. Indeed it was me..." Reiner answered the question.

"How did you know my name? I believe we never met before."

"That is none of your concern." Reiner said. He looking on the man body which Amarant carrying. "Is that the Faurlin guy?" he ask.

"And if it does?" Amarant getting himself ready for any sudden action.

"If that's really him, I'm afraid I must take him from you. Because I need him killed." Reiner said.

"Well, we wouldn't want that to happen right?" Amarant readied himself for a fight. "Come on you two, snap out of it. I know this is the first time for you to see something like this but we gotta beat him and get out of here." He warn Luna and Rachel.

"I didn't have time to do this..." Reiner said to them. "Multiple Ice Prison!" he shouted.

In a blink many pillar of ice surround the three and get hold of their hands and feets.

"Dammit!" curse Amarant.

"Let me go!" Luna scream to him.

Amarant and Luna tried to melt the ice with fire magic but it was useless.

"That's not gonna work. My ice is different than any ice you know..." Reiner said to them. "Now...for the grand finale." He grab the unsconcious Faurlin and walk out from the room.

"No! Stop there!" Luna tried to break off the hold but it's just futile. "Why you can do something cruel like this?!"

"...Because this is an order." Reiner shot back. With that words, he and unsconcious Faurlin turned into ice and then break without leaving a single trace.

As soon as Reiner gone, the ice which covered the room were melted and the temperature went to normal.

"We failed..." Luna said with a teary eye. She looks like she can cry in any minutes.

"Come on. We must called the Magic Constitute and return to the guild quickly..." Rachel said to them.

"What?! We're not chasing him? He killed everybody!" Luna determinate to give chase on Reiner.

"No. Rachel is right Luna. Even I want to beat the crap out of him, we don't know where he is. Follow Rachel plan is the best thing we can do right now." Amarant said to make Luna calm down.

"Okay...But we will discuss how to capture him after this." Luna said to them.


Reiner stood over on the body of Faurlin. The body not even move nor breathing. That's right, Faurlin the Master of White Lion were deceased. He share the same fate with his subordinates. Died in the hands of a single man. Reiner kicks the body into the deep water of the dock.

"It looks like my job here is done..." he said. "Now into my payment..." he walked off from the dock and head toward the Twin Dagger base.

3:18 AM. Twilight Moon guild building, Rugnica Town, Druaga continent. With Luna and the others after the assault on White Lion...

"We're back..." Luna said when her group arrived at their guild home.

"Oh, thanks God you're all okay!" a girl with white long hair run into Luna and hug her. "We were really worried when we heard the news from the Magic Constitute messenger."

"It's allright Jill. We're not hurt or anything." Luna said to her.

"It's seems you three were allright." Gizal greet them. "Amarant can you come to my office for a second." He said.

"Yeah sure..." Gizal and Amarant left to the second floor.

"Luna, Rachel. You two need a rest..." Jill said to them. "If you need anything, I'm right here okay?"

"Yeah, I think I need a sleep, a good one." Luna said and heading toward her room.

When she arrived at her room she throw her body quickly to the bed. Without changing her clothes she covered herself with blanked and driven into thinking mode.

'I can still feeling the cold...' she mumbled. She thought about the young man who killed Captain Moruse and the others. 'I remember completely his eyes. It looks like just seeing his eyes will scare you out. His eyes really lacks of soul, he just like a killing machine.'

'But more importantly, why he do such things?' she can't stop to think about it. 'AAHHHH! I need to stopped thinking about him!' shaking her heads to forget it, she closed her eyes and going to a long long sleep.