17:47 PM. Rugnica Town, Druaga continent.

Reiner and Luna finally arrived at Rugnica train station after some silence hours. The sun were ready to set when they arrive.

"Now, can you take me to your Master?" Reiner said.

"Allright, allright. Don't be such a ba-!" before Luna finish her sentence, the ground were shaking and a rumbling sound can be heard from the ground.

"What happens here?!" Luna shrieked and panicked.

"An earthquake?! No, this different. Look there!" Reiner pointed to the clock tower which was ripped apart.

"What the hell was that?!" Luna have no idea what she's currently seen.

"RRAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGG!" a monstrous like bird creatures appeared before the clock tower. It's body and fur was red and covered with a burning flame. The bird was already make a commotion by burning some building around the clock tower.

"A phoenix?" say confused Reiner.

Suddenly a magic mirror appeared in front of Luna.

"Luna!" Gizal said through the mirror.

"Master! What's going on here?" Luna said.

"There's no time to explain. Where are you?"

"I'm at the train station."

"Ok. You must evacuate the people there quickly. Then go straight to the guild, you hear me?" Gizal said to her.

"Okay Master!" Luna said and avert her gaze to Reiner. "Come on, we must hurry to...Where is he going?!" Luna shouted after seeing Reiner gone away.

Meanwhile with Reiner near the clock tower...

Reiner stood in front of the clock tower. His breath was ragged. Running at full speed from the train station to the clock tower maybe was not a good idea.

"I don't know how crazy this is sounded. But I really got feeling that you are the one behind this..." Reiner said with a crisp voice. In front of him were stood a man with white long hair. That man was holding a red orb.

" Ahhh, Reiner. Fancy to meet you here..." Zeth said to him.

"Start explain your action Zeth. Now." Reiner said with cold voice.

"I have no obligation to tell you, boy. But you will die here, so I see no concern..." Zeth give Reiner a smile. "I will rule Rugnica with this!" he showed Reiner the orb he was holding.

"What is that thing?" ask Reiner.

"This the Orb of Phoenix Rebirth, the protector of Rugnica town. I found it in the basement of White Lion guild." Zeth said to him. "With the Phoenix on my side, I will take over Rugnica in no time!"

"I could care less about your bussiness. But what you are doing right now were disturb my mission. Ready youself, Zeth." Reiner said as his magic energy rose around him.

"You can't defeat me Reiner! Not if the were on my side!" Zeth boasted. "Phoenix! Dispose this person for me!"

"RAAAARRRRRRGGGG!" the Phoenix roared and avert it's gaze to Reiner, ready to attack him.

"It looks like I've got no choice except beat you first, huh?" Reiner said as he's going into fighting stance.

The Phoenix crashed it's beak with high speed to the ground and destroyed the field. Luckily, Reiner got away at the right timing and chanted his magic power.

"ICE SPEAR!" bunch of iced spear head towards the phoenix but melted anyway. "You bitch..." Reiner cursed.

'While he busy with the phoenix, I better step up my plan...' Zeth said in his mind and walk away.

Meanwhile with Luna at Twilight Moon guild...

"Master!" Luna called Gizal while she's running to the guild.

"Luna, bless the Heaven, you're okay..." Gizal said with relieved tone.

"What happened while I was away Master?" Luna ask.

"According to our scout, someone has resealed the Orb of Phoenix Rebirth, the guardian of Rugnica..."

"Whose behind this?" ask Luna more confused.

"We don't know for certain, but we suspect the black guild Twin Daggers were behind this commotion." Said Gizal.

"Master! Our mages were ready to aid Amarant group in central!" said Jill from behind.

"Ok, depart at once Jill! And be careful." Gizal said to the group of reinforcement.

"Yes, Sir!" said Jill and rushed to central part of Rugnica.

"Master, I'm going too!" Luna try to catch up with Jill but Gizal hand stop her from go any further.

"Wait Luna. I have more important mission for you." Gizal said.

"But Master! Amarant and the others need our help! If we don't hurry-"

"Listen to me first, Luna Heartstring!" Gizal scold her.

Luna take a deep breath to calm herself and said, "Okay, what is it Master?"

"You no need to worry about Amarant group, they can take care of themselves. First, I will explain the situation to you." Gizal said.

"I'm all ears..."

"For your information, the outbreak start with a commotion in central some times ago. This commotion was planned by the Twin Daggers. Right now, Amarant and Rachel with some of our mages were hold them up but they greatly disadvantadge in numbers. But some minutes ago, the phoenix was already at rampage and caused destruction more than we can predict." Gizal explain to her.

"Our top priority is to stop the phoenix rampage before it cause more destruction. To beat the phoenix, there is two ways. The first one, defeat it with pure brute strength. The second, seal or destroy the orb. Your mission is, to find the orb and destroy it immediately." Gizal added.

"How can I find it? We even don't know who was holding the orb right now." Luna said.

"Remember, Luna. Rugnica was divided into five areas. Northern, southern, western, eastern, and central. The suspect have a little possibility to be in northern because our guild were located here. Neither in western or central, because there is a fight going on fiercely. That left the eastern and southern part..." Gizal explained.

"So I need to check on the south and east? There will be no time for that Master!" Luna said stubbornly.

"I need you to check up the southern, because Twin Daggers base was there."

"Okay! But if I don't find anything, I will going to the clock tower to hold that phoenix." Luna said and hurriedly going to south.

"Wait, Luna! Don't do that!" Gizal told her, but she already out of is reach. 'Tsk! That girl is too energetic for her own good!' Gizal said in his mind.

18:56 P.M. Rugnica Town western part near the clock tower. With Reiner and the phoenix.

The street and the building around the clock tower were already a crater covered with ice and flames. There is no sign of living beside Reiner and the phoenix. Reiner was hiding behing a huge crater while the phoenix were searching for him.

"This bird sure is persistent..." Reiner said to himself. His body were battered with slight bruises but no fatal injury.

"Even Frozen Zone doesn't affect it so much. I need to freeze it's whole body to stop the flame from melting my ice..."

Unknown to him, the phoenix were already find him and shooting a blast of flame towards his direction.

"Fuck! Layered Ice Shield!" Reiner screamed and multiple block of ice appeared in front of him, holding the fire blast effectively.

'I only tire myself out if this continue. What I must do now?' suddenly a flash of plan and one certain technique was appeared in his mind.

"I hate to do this but I have no choice..." Reiner get out from the shield and run towards the poenix.

The phoenix seen Reiner run towards him also fly and charge towards Reiner with flame covered body.

'Now!' Reiner stop running and charged up his magic.

"Multiple Ice Giant Javelin!" bunch of large ice javelin fall from the sky and put the phoenix down for a moment.

"RRRAAAAARRGGGGHHH!" the phoenix screamed in agony from the attack.

"Mountainous Ice Prison!" Reiner continue his attack and many large ice block hold the phoenix wing and feet.

"GGGRRRRRRRRR" the phoenix was cornered but the flame from it's body already melting Reiner ice bit by bit.

"I wouldn't let it happen, you know..." Reiner leisurely walk to the front of the trapped phoenix.

"Now behold. The advanced version of Frozen Zone. Prepare to be frozen until your very bone, you pest..." Reiner charged up his magic to the limit and put his hand in front of the phoenix.

"Ice Age..." suddenly without stop, the phoenix were frozen with a thick ice wall and so does anything in radius two kilometers. The phoenix not moving anymore let alone to spit fire.

Even his winning over the phoenix, Reiner also sustain an side effect. The minutes when the phoenix was frozen, Reiner fall to his knees because he run out of stamina and magic power.

'That's why I don't want to use it, so much for magic depletion...' Reiner thought.

"Now...where will you be, Zeth?"

At the same time with Luna, Rugnica Town southern part.

Luna was running through the street on the southern part of Rugnica for hours but found nothing yet. Many people run and panicked to find a protection shelter nearby. She come to a stop to catch her breath for a while.

"I've been searching here for the whole hours but nothing come out yet! How can I find a single man in this crowd!?" Luna said with frustated voice.

Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of someone with white long hair going into an alley near a closed bar. That man was holding something with a fiery red color.

'Looks like I found my target...' Luna said in her mind. She followed the man into the alley and saw him meet another person. This person have a thick beard and wear glasses. Luna tried to listen what they discussing while hiding nearby.

"Will, how is the preparation going?" Zeth asked his trusted men, Willian Raus.

"The preparation is going smoothly Master. The main force of Twilight Moon already distracted with our bait at the central. Our best mages were already dispatched near their guild too. Once we regroup with them, we can lunch a full scale assault to Gizal and his empty guild." Will said to him.

'What?! So the group which Amarant and Jill currently fight is just a bait? I need to stop those two. Master is in danger!' Luna thought.

"Perfect. We better hurry because that phoenix suddenly got very quiet some times ago..." Zeth said.

"I noticed that too. What is going on with that bird? I think you're already release it..." Will said to his Master.

"There is some change of plan. That Reiner come back and want to take my life. So, I use the phoenix to stop him. But it looks like he take out that bird already..." Zeth explain.

'Reiner? So he's going to the clock tower after arrived at the train station! I hope he's okay...wait, what am I thinking?! I don't care if he's okay or not!' Luna said and argued in her mind.

"That's a bad news. I don't expect he will show up at time like this. But before worrying about him, we need take care of a little mice, Master..."

"Ahhh, you're about right, Will..." suddenly a stream of fire was blown away Luna hiding places and sent her flying into a wall.

'Dammit...they found me.' Luna thought and tried to stand from her fall.

"Well, what do we have here? A young lady from Twilight Moon maybe?" Zeth ask with sarcasm.

"I will not let you reach Master Gizal. I will stop the two of you right here and right now!" Luna said with confidence. She flared up her magic power until a blue flame cover the entire of her body.

"That blue flame...will you be the one they're called 'Azure Flame', Luna Heartstring?" now's Will turn to ask.

"You're right, it was me. So if you not resisting, I will take you into custody without harm." Luna said to both of them.

"Hahahaha! What were you're thinking young lady? Do you think, you really able to defeat the two of us at the same time? Hahahhaha, that's just too hilarious!" Zeth mock and intimidate her.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Heartstring. Even I acknowledge your potential, I still can't see you beating me and my Master while you're just alone..." Will said basing on the fact.

"We will see about that!" Luna screamed and charge towards them at full speed.

30 minutes later. 19:26 P.M. Central part of Rugnica Town.

With Amarant and the others...

"Haaahhhh...I'm exhausted!" Amarant said with a sigh.

"Yeah, but we succeed to stop the enemies at here..." Rachel said to him. Both of them look bruised and exhausted, but they're okay more or less.

"Good work, everyone! But our mission is not finished yet. Let's regroup at the guild after some short rest!" Jill said to all of them. The group just nodded and rest immediately before they move again.

" you saw Luna? I didn't seen her since this morning." Amarant pop a question out of nowhere.

"I've seen her before I'm coming here, but I think the Master have special task for her..." Jill said to him.

"Special task? I just hope she's okay..." Rachel looks worry.

"Don't worry. It's Luna we're talking about. Knowing her, she must beating someone right now." Amarant said jokingly.

Meanwhile with Luna, Zeth and Will...

Luna was panting hard. She's fall to her knees after some long battles handicaped by Zeth and Will.

'Damn, they're pretty good. Especially that beardy man. Not only strong, he's smart and tactical too...' Luna said within her minds. Her breathing was ragged. Tiredness started to consume her body.

"Heheheh...where the confidence gone, young lady? Looks like you already out of gas..." Zeth said with a cocky voice.

"That's such a words, coming from someone who handicaped a girl just to win. Very impressive..." someone voice was heard from a dark alley. A footstep sound were louder bit by bit. Luna recognize the voice and avert her gaze towards the alley behind her and saw Reiner stood there.

"You look awful yet beauty at the same time, little miss. Looks like I made it in time..." Reiner said to her.

"If you just arrive sooner...and don't call me that!" Luna said in frustation.

"Well, Reiner. Judging from your appearance, the phoenix was unable to stop you permanently..." Zeth looks disappointed with the fight result.

"You think that bird can stop my rampage on you? You sure bite more than you can chew, Zeth." Reiner give him a little laugh.

"It's really a shame that you refuse to join us Mr. Drangleic. Altough if you join with us, we can easily take this city..." Will said politely.

"You two still don't get it, I assume. If I recall correctly, I said before there is a possibility that I will be the one who destroy the two of you, right?" Reiner said with sarcasm.

"That thing aside, it's very disappointing to dispose someone with your talent, Mr. Drangleic..." Will said to him.

"That's enough of it, Will. We run out of time, really." Zeth looks annoyed with those two.

"Fine then. You're better ready yourself..." magic spurn around Will and Zeth, ready to attack Reiner and Luna.

"Can I get any information from you?" Reiner asked Luna.

"I'm not really good in planning and observing. I only can tell that white haired man use some weird body transformation magic while that old man is an advanced spellcaster mage..." Luna answered his question.

"An unknown transformation magic and a spellcaster...this shit gonna be bad." Reiner mumbled to himself. "You can stand and fight?" Reiner avert his gaze to Luna.

"Of course I can..." Luna tried to stand but falling once again. 'Dammit! My magic not recovered yet...' Luna tried to stand once again but her effort just come in vain.

"Don't push yourself to hard. Stay here and rest. I will handle those two." Reiner said with a worry tone.

"B-but..." Luna try to argue with him.

"No buts. Just rest and try to recover quickly." Reiner said.

"You don't have time for iddle chatting you know!" Zeth scream and his body turned into lizard like scales. His body grow twice than normal and claws appeared in his hand and feet.

"Poison Fog!" Lizard Zeth blow up a poisonous gas out from his mouth.

"We must avoid that gas Reiner!" Luna said to him.

"Ice Shell..." in an instant Luna and Reiner already inside an ice dome, protecting them from the poison.

"Cast: Explosion!" Will said his technique and a big explosion covered the ice dome.

"Is this ice dome can protect us? We must move quickly!" Luna said to Reiner.

"Don't worry. Didn't I already tell you that my ice was different from any ice." Reiner said with confidence.

"Oohhh, so you can survive from that attack huh?" Zeth said. "How about a physical attack!" Zeth launch himself towards Reiner and Luna.

"Stay here. I will face him." Reiner said to Luna. He walk through the ice dome and readied his ice blade.

"You think that puny blade can hold me down?!" Zeth lizard hand meet with Reiner ice blade. But before Reiner know it, his blade was broken by Zeth monstrous strenght. Zeth punch hit him directly and he was sent flying into a wall.

"Reiner!" Luna force herself and break through the ice dome to help Reiner, but Will already in front of her.

"I will be your opponent, Ms. Heartstring. Cast: Water Blast!" out of nowhere a stream of water head towards Luna.

"Ice Shield!" suddenly a block of ice protected Luna from the water. The fallen Reiner already stood on his feet with cold gaze.

"Frozen Zone..." Reiner said with a low voice so the others can't heard him. The temperature around them going down dramatically.

"Don't you dare to touch her with your filthy hands..." Reiner threatened Zeth and Will.

"You still stand up after that attack? Interesting. I'm not going all out for a long time." Zeth said and magic power condensed around him. His appearence transform into a giant lizard with two spiked tails.

"Master, I hope you not used to much power for this fights." Will said to Zeth.

"Don't you worry. I will end this in an instant." Zeth launch his spiked tail to attack Reiner.

"Ice Golem!" an ice giant golem appeared and stop Zeth tail with it's hand. With that opportunity, Reiner run towards Will with ice blade in is hands.

"Cast: Swords." Will summoned a pair of swords and engage Reiner in sword-to-sword combat. They skill are even, but Will have more magic left than Reiner.

"Gentle Flame Fist!" while the two still busy with their fight, Luna take the opportunity to attack Will with a punch enchanted flame, causing Will to stumbled backwards.

"I will help too, Reiner!" Luna said.

"Don't push yourself, then." Reiner answered.

"So, you're trying to defeat while my Master distracted with the golem? Smart move indeed..." Will said while adjusting his glasses.

"I'm just realize that you're the key in this fight after I got knocked into a wall before. You make opportunity to attack and Zeth will do the rest. That's make you the brain and he's the muscle." Reiner explain.

"In other words, if we dispose you, Zeth will enraged and consumed by anger. Which make him to attack us blindly and left himself full of opening..." Reiner added.

"You look really sure you can beat me, Mr. Drangleic..." Will said to him.

"I have my own ways..." Reiner answer calmly. "Prepare your attack Little Miss. We will end this right now." Reiner said to Luna.

"O-okay." Luna readied her magic for the final attack.

"Ice Giant Javelin!" a huge ice javelin shot towards Will at high speed. But Will just dodge away and chanted his magic.

"Cast: Iron Tiger!" suddenly a tiger made of iron appeared and attacked Reiner. The tiger fangs already bite Reiner neck, but he just turn into an ice.

"Ice Clone? But when-" before Will finished his word, Reiner already behind him.

"Ice Punch!" Reiner ice fist hit Will on the face, broke his glasses and sent him slammed into a wall.

"A cunning plan indeed, Mr. Drangleic..." Will stood up from the attack. "But that not enough to beat me..."

"He still standing?" Luna surprised to see Will get up so easily.

"Don't worry, he's already lose..." Reiner said.

"How?" Luna ask him.

"Just see..." Reiner smiles to her.

"Cast: Stor-" Will not finishing his chanting because suddenly he can't move his legs and arms.

"W-what is this?!" his left hand and right leg already covered with ice.

'Finally! Frozen Zone was in effect!' Reiner said in mind and rushed towards surprised Will.

"Multiple Ice Prison!" Reiner ice pillar get hold of Will body until he can't move.

"You're done for, Will. Now little miss!" Reiner signaled Luna to do the attack.

Luna not wasting any time to attack. A blue colored flame already gathered around her in large scale and put her two hands in front of herself.

"ELEGANT FLAME BURST!" Luna screamed and heavy stream of blue flame head towards Will and torture him until he's unconcious.

'So this is the power of azure flame. The blue flame of torture and punishment...' Reiner thought with surprised face.

"Is he dead?" Luna ask Reiner while watching Will condition.

"Nope. Just knocked out for good..." Reiner said to her. Luna sighing but look relieved.

"It's not the time to feel relieved, we still need to face him..." Reiner pointed to the lizard form of Zeth.

"It looks like your golem didn't last long against him..." Luna said to him.

"Yeah, but it give us a good opportunity to beat Will."

Zeth destroyed the golem with his spiked tail after a hard struggle.

"Now, it's your turn Reiner!" he glared to Reiner and Luna but surprised to see Will already fall unconcious.

"What?! When did you?!" Zeth look enraged.

"Well, you look so busy with my toy. So we take the chance and you know the rest..." Reiner answer nochalantly.

"You...YOU! ARRGGGHHHH!" Zeth run towards them blinded by wrath.

"Luna, do that flame burst of yours once again. I will do the rest." Reiner prepare to intercept Zeth furious attack.

"O-okay..." Luna prepare her magic and put her hands in front of her.

"After I attack him once, hit him with your fire. Get it?"

"Understood!" Luna said.

Reiner run to engage Zeth and saw Zeth legs and hands already covered with a little ice.

'Frozen Zone effect, huh? Everything goes as planned...' Reiner thought.

"Ice Spiked Wall!" a wall of spiked ice block Zeth ways towards them. But with his enormous body and power, he charged through and destroy the walls. Without knowing that Reiner already gone before the walls.

"That's it! ELEGANT FLAME BURST!" Luna stream of fire hit Zeth directly and slow him down a bit. But after some struggle, Zeth keep charging towards her.

"Now you die, insects!" Zeth pull his hands to punch Luna. Luna can't evade because her fatigue, can only close her eyes from the incoming attack.

But after some seconds, the punch didn't hit. Luna open her eyes groggily and surprised to see both Zeth legs and hands already froze.

"W-what kind of tricks is this?!" Zeth scream with anger. He no longer able to move his body.

"This also the trick that beat your strategist, Zeth..." Reiner appeared and stood on his neck.

"WHAT?!" Zeth only able to vent his anger and fury by screaming.

"You destroy the city, planning a sick scheme, unseal the phoenix and you piss me off. You're a lowly criminals but trying to gain something big. Like I said, you bite more than you can chew. And I think you already know this, that there is a possibility I will be the one to destroy you. I said that before, right?" Reiner said to him with a cold gaze.

"You deserve this..." Reiner put his hand on Zeth neck.

"Ice Spear..." he said and Zeth neck was pierced by a spear of ice, kill him in the proccess.

Luna stood there surprised by the violence showed by Reiner. Zeth transformed back into his human form and fall in front of her, drowned by blood. Reiner just stood there, his back facing Luna.

"W-why you're doing that?!" Luna run towards Reiner but before she reach him, he's fallen unconcious to the ground. With this turn out of events, the Rugnica Town chaos, has ended.


From the top of building near Reiner fight ended, two mysterious masked man watched them from a far.

"You sure she is the one? The Nephilim?" the female ones asked.

"Yes, indeed. Didn't you see it? The blue flame of torture and punishment. The cursed flame of Satan for sure. She is the one we sought for..." the male ones tell her and thus, the two of them gone within the shadows.