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- The 17th Daydreamer

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her name was Sofia. She was born in Manchester, England, but moved to Great Glen in Leicestershire when she was 2. She led a pretty normal life. She had a mother (Nadia), a father (Frank) and she knew both sets of grandparents for the first 20 years of her life. Nobody close to her ever died, she had no childhood trauma, and her parents were both wonderful and kind people who loved her very much and never expected anything from her that was above her abilities. She was quite clever, and wasn't the most popular of people, but she had her own friend group and she never got bullied. She got in to Manchester University and found that so many people there were like her – geeks, unpopular, funny, smart, and sarcastic. At this point, she became very popular (for once) and she had many friends, although she did still keep her tradition of having a small circle of close friends to rely on. Basically, her life was pretty perfect. But she always wanted a life with more hardship, like the lives of the characters she read about in books. She knew that it would hurt her, and her life wouldn't be as perfect, but she so badly did not want to finish her story with "and when she left university, she got a fairly good job as a scientist, but never discovered anything major. She found her perfect guy and they settled down, had kids, grew old with by each other's side and died peacefully a few months apart". If that was the end to her story, it would mean that she had never done anything with her life. She wanted to be known by people who she had never met, and not just in a "friends-neighbours-cats-brothers-dogs-cousins-aunts-niece" kind of way. The way where she was some sort of famous scientist/musician/astronaut/author. She wanted this so badly, it bugged her for her whole life, up until she was 21 and had just finished university. That was when she shared her dreams with a random guy she met in a bar. He called her the next day, and said he had a machine that could send her to any story she wanted, and give her the fairy-tale life she had always wanted. In every story, she would live through its course, and when she moved on to a new story, she would regenerate with all the memories she needed for that story, and live through it until she decided to move on, and so on. He told her the sort of things she could only dream of – and also, that every 1000 years in the various stories would only be 1 year in this world. Sofia, by this point, was at a bit of a low point – her Grampie had recently died and the dreams of fame often made her depressed as she knew it was unlikely for them to ever happen. So she jumped at the chance to live through some of her favourite childhood stories. She left a note for her family and friends in her flat, explaining where she was and how she might not return for a year or so, and how much she loved them, and then went to meet this guy. He showed her how to use the machine – you type in the story name, press this button and off you go. He also gave her some spare parts to repair the machine with. It was only a little thing; it got strapped around her waist and was about the size of a bum-bag. But there was something odd about it. Sofia was so excited – her dreams were about to come true – that she immediately typed in a story, and pressed the button.

And when she woke up, she was cramped in a small cupboard with her twin brother, with a woman banging on the doors and shouting at them to get up and make Dudley his birthday breakfast, with memories of neglect, bullying and near-starvation – and an early memory of a green flash of light. She could sense her old life memories in there somewhere, she knew where she was, and how she had popped into that story and she still had what felt like her old personality – but she was a new person. She could sense the Story Jumper 2022 (as she had christened it) around her waist. But after a few seconds, it shrunk to the size of a small locket with a chain around it, not able to be used but containing the instructions manual and spare parts somehow. She slipped the locket around her neck, smiled to herself, locked her old memories away for the time being and shook her brother Harry awake.

For the next seven years she lived at the legendary school of magic with her best friend Hermione, her brother Harry and his best friend Ron. It was amazing, wonderful and magical, and possibly the best seven years of her life. At the end of the seven years, she redid her seventh year of schooling with Hermione, and then said that she was going to go travelling. She had loved her life in that world, but she had missed her own world for what felt like 20 years. So she disappeared, and got the Story Jumper 2022 out. She pressed the button to make it the original size and got ready to go home.

So she pressed the travel button. It asked her for the name of the story that she wished to travel to. It was then that it hit her: she had been so caught up her whole life in other peoples stories, that she didn't know what her own was. And because of that, she didn't know how to get back.

She tried everything. She typed in her name, her family's names, and friends names. She typed in all of those again with different beginnings and endings. All the time, the Story Jumper 2022 kept on saying "Story Not Found".

After about a week of trying non-stop, she fell to the ground, dead on her feet, the Story Jumper 2022 back in locket form. Somebody found her and took her to the nearest hospital. When she woke up, they fed her, and she thought she might survive. But then they kept on asking her questions, like who her family was, and what her name was, and could they contact anybody, and it was too much for her to handle. So she feigned sleep until night fell, and snuck out, taking a supply of food and her old clothes and wand.

And she went on travelling. She gathered some money and travelled the world. She saw all the sights she had wanted to see, mostly magical. It was great, but she cried herself to sleep every night. Eventually, she found it was just easier to lock those memories away again, and never look through them ever. It was hard – she didn't want to forget her real family, but after she did that she found it easier to sleep at night, and easier to enjoy life. On her travels, she met up with her old enemy from school. He was sick of magic, and what it had done to his family and friends, so she took him around her favourite non-magical sights. But to remember them, she accessed her old memories, and the pain came back. She survived it with his help – by watching his enjoyment, she created new memories of those places. Suddenly, Blackpool wasn't the place where she had spent a few days with her dad on one of her favourite holidays, it was the place where she introduced Draco to arcades and laughed at him as he screamed on the rollercoasters. The Rhineland wasn't the place where she had gone on a music tour with her best friend and her secondary school, but a place where she and Draco fumbled over the German language and tried out all the random German foods. They helped each other out when they were both in hard times, and they fell in love with each other because of it. Harry, Hermione and Ron where sceptical at first, but they got over it. She and Draco got married, and lived a happy life.

Near the end of her life, Sofia took out the Story Jumper 2022. She knew that she couldn't go home, because she didn't know her own story. But that didn't mean that she couldn't enjoy the possibilities of living through all her favourite stories, instead of just one.

This time, before she left, she looked through the instructions manual. It didn't have anything about going home in it, but it did have a couple of things about living through a story as the main character, not just an added on side character. Sofia took this opportunity, and next time she woke up, she found that she was now an eleven year old male who was a child prodigy and a criminal mastermind with an interest in finding out about fairy gold to restore the family fortune, who also happened to be wearing a rather large chunky watch.

And so it went on. Whenever she happened to be on earth, she would rewrite an old memory of her original life. She travelled through books and films, changed genders (although she was ultimately female). In one story she found a way to store her memories outside of her brain in magic crystals. Each one could contain a whole lifetime. She promptly bought as many as she could and began store old lifetimes in them, which left her head less crowded. She always kept her original life and her first story life in her head though, so that she would always remember who she was and how to deal with the pain of never seeing her family again.

This carried on, until Sofia had basically lived for 2000 years. She had written a book about a girl who had changed the world to be her own personal heaven, and how she lived through it without anybody knowing what she could do, and then the people's reaction as the stories of her power leaked out. She decided to type that in and see what would happen. It turned out to be exactly how she had imagined it. She tried to shape the world to how she remembered it from her original life, but it wasn't right as in this world, she didn't have any parents or family, and she didn't feel right shaping people. Then she realised – if she could write this story and it come to life, couldn't she write her own story?

And so she set out to write her own story.

You may be wondering who is writing this. You are definitely thinking "This isn't real. It can't be. The universe isn't made up of stories". I'm here to tell you, not that the universe is made up of stories, but that each story is its own universe – whether it be the Harry Potter universe, the Artemis Fowl universe or the Marvel Cinematic universe. Each story is its own universe, with its own rules and its own powers. I am still not sure how that guy I met in the bar all those years ago came up with the technology to travel between the stories. Maybe he came from a different universe with the technology from his, and decided to set another on his path of wandering. Maybe he didn't tell me how to get home because he didn't want to be the only one lost, or maybe he just didn't know how. All I can say is that if this doesn't work – the idea of writing my story down and travelling back to where I come from – then I will come back here, to the first world that I wrote, where I control what happens, and I will set another on my path. In fact, if I think about it like that, maybe the guy I met in the bar wrote my story. And he is doing what I plan to do if this doesn't work. If it doesn't, I actually think I wouldn't mind; I have lived for so long without my family it would be almost odd living with them again. I would have seen so much, done so much, lived for almost 3000 years and they will all barely live to 100. Maybe I could live like that, maybe I couldn't. One thing I know for sure – I am always going to keep my version of the Story Jumper 2022 with me. As much as I hate it at times, as much as it reminds me of the moment I lost my loved ones perhaps forever, it is a part of me now.

As I finish writing this, I look back on myself all those years ago and I think about how much I wanted adventure, and how much I would have hated to be normal. I would like to think that that ambition has gone away, but it hasn't. I still want to be just that little bit brighter than all the rest, and I always will. If there is one thing that I have gained on this journey, it would be the knowledge that I have finally lived up to my name. Sofia Nancy Callow. Wisdom, Grace, Inexperienced. I would like to think that I am wiser than I was, more graceful at many things, and the inexperience comes from believing a guy in a bar who told me my dreams could come true.

I guess that's it. Time to name the story and go back, and see what happens next. That's the true adventure in life – not knowing what's around the corner. This is Sofia Nancy Callow, signing out.