Sometimes I feel like life is a giant rhetorical question and everything that happens are just miniature rhetorical questions.

"Do you think your grandpa will be magically rid of cancer?"

Naturally, my answer was yes, but where is my grandpa now?

Even now, you could make up your own anwer, possibly something that makes you feel bubbly inside. Such as: "Yes, he was magically rid of cancer and is living a healthy and lengthy life!" We know the true answer though.

If we are being honest with ourselves, we will see that we all have been asked those questions with obvious answers. Those questions that are more than likely always meant to be rhetorical. The questions whose answers, though they may be obvious, are so shocking when we are faced with them. Upon using our brains for real thinking, we find out it's only shocking because we put our whole heart and all of our blind faith into believing that life was acting like a servant, ready to bend at our command.

Being only one of two children and the baby, I didnt grow out of some things, such as childish tv shows, until I was close to seven years old. I would watch the juvenile pastime that seemed to prepare you for life and it's lack of caring about your answers. Once, the viewers were asked to help the characters find a way to get on the roof to retrieve their frizbee. Known to be stubborn, I would ignore the ladder that oddly enough went beyond their notice and yell that one should put the other on their shoulders and simply grab it.

Those were the days when I was good at thinking outside the box.

As I grew up, I started listening to life's rhetorical questions and instead of fighting with the recognizeble answer, I would cower with submission. Life was the boss, life made the rules.

I remained that way for awhile, that is until someone I like to call my "glow" came around. I can't describe how much they helped me through my 'downs' of life. They were my life jacket while going white-water rafting, my helmet while riding a motorcycle. Everything was still scary, but just having them near made it all bearable.

Before they arrived, the sun had been steadily setting on my exsistence, the sky looked as if it was going into an everlasting darkness. I was on the verge of complete surrender, but just as the sun fell beyond the skyline…just as I was about to give up, something happened. They appeared by my side and the heavens bloomed with colors so magnificent. Orange, red, yellow and the leftover blue flowed together with an exuberant dance.

Somehow, I had forgotten about the 'Afterglow'.