Look Me in the Eyes

before you paint my lips with your sinful tongue
drag your nose across my cheek as you slip lower
wrap your fingers around mine all the while

I need to know you're there.

We've never held hands, meandering nonchalantly;
we've never touched.

My being drips and aches pooling toward my stomach
a warm wax, sensuously rolling into the caverns of my collarbones
losing inertia over my breasts
peaking and
seeping into my belly
from my toes as well
tickling up the bends of my knees and twisting to
skitter along the insides of my thighs
Oh! the magic along the joining of my leg and torso
seeping again

filling me
brimming me with heat
slow gathered to become unbearable

I cannot look at you, so I'm morbid;
steady burning without your saliva to quench me.