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She's laughing hysterically, while I fail to see what's funny. "So you have to go to yoga five times a week? And you spent over a hundred dollars on a Zenduka mat? This is the best day of my life."

"Laugh it up, Soph." I walk off to get tea leaving her to her laughing and sitting alone in the pillow circle. Maybe I won't come back. I look around for my new 'friend', but he's nowhere, he's never anywhere near the damn tea before yoga, why is that?

He knows my name now, 'cause he asked to know my name—that makes me fucking smile. I hand Sophie a tea and I'm still smiling 'cause I'm thinking of him and forget to wipe the smile off my face before she sees it. So she fucking sees it…

"Wow, G. I've never seen you smile that big—you gotta gimme this guy's number, so I can call him and thank him." She thinks my 'special friends' are responsible for my good mood; I don't correct her. We tink our little, white teacups together and began to slowly sip the flowery tea. Yeah, I like flowery tea, get over it and it has nothing to do with the fact I like men. I guarantee anyone would like this tea.

It's Friday. I work a little later on Fridays than I do the rest of the week, so we're here late and I don't really expect to see hot yoga guy. As usual, I half want to see him and half don't. It's always like that when I meet someone I'm attracted to. Besides, it gets a bit complicated with the House when we date outsiders. There's no official rule we can't, but it's frowned upon. And dating is one thing, becoming exclusive is a whole other; he would have to either join the House, if it was sanctioned, or I would have to go into exile. I know that sounds fucking dumb—Alpha Omega House isn't perfect, and that's one of the terminologies I'd ax if I were King of the house. But I'm not King, Erik is and I'm a subject and now I'm one of the King's subs—at least for the time being.

But I digress—I'm getting way ahead of myself; I don't even know the dude's name and I'm having him anointed.

We walk into class and there he is. He's like a fucking ninja. I hadn't seen him in the change room, or in the yoga circle—he must've got here crazy early, earlier than I'd ever show up for yoga. His eyes are closed, so he can't see me, thank Christ.

I let Sophie pick our spot. Yes, I'm copping out of picking a spot because I don't know if I should sit near Hot Yoga Guy or not, so if she picks I can blame her.

She picks a spot across the room. If he did open his eyes, scratch that, when he opens his eyes, he'll see me. But while he has them closed, I eye-fuck him as long as I can without him seeing me do it; after my mat's all set up and after checking to make sure Sophie had her eyes closed too.

My ass is only slightly less sore today—it's been awhile since my last spanking, still I'll have healed enough by tomorrow that if Master Erik thinks I need it, he can go at it again. I've been good though—he was thorough Wednesday and I'm hoping for a different kind of session tomorrow. My balls are fucking blue and sexing up Hot Yoga Guy isn't helping. I'd rope one off if I could, but that's another rule not to be broken: When a Dom takes over the care of a Sub, said Sub is no longer allowed to masturbate without permission. It will be a cold day in hell before I ask and Master Erik hasn't sent me any texts saying I could. Tomorrow seems a long time away.

I think about Hot Yoga Guy telling me to 'breathe' and I do that now, finally closing my eyes and letting the instructor take me on a yoga high. I'm really into the class and don't notice Hot Yoga Guy looking straight at me until we start in with our lotus pose. He pretends to quickly look away, but makes it obvious he's just pretending to look away. I roll my eyes at him and he smiles. Someone else's eyes are on me too and, I realize, still beaming with joy: Fucking Sophie. She's smiling with that mischievous twinkle she gets. I'm fucked.

After class I roll up my mat and am quick to follow behind Sophie out of the room. I can tell by the unbridled mirth on her face that she hasn't forgotten about what she'd seen in class, but she knows not to say anything just yet. We're going to head for drinks after this; she'll gush about it then.

I know he'll enter the change room seconds behind me with my whole body buzzing with nervous energy. I thought yoga was supposed to get rid of that and center a person?

What do I say to him when he walks in? I don't even know his name because I was too chicken to ask for it last time. He asked for mine, maybe he'll tell me…

I don't know how I know it's him, but I can feel it when he walks by. Okay. I have to do this. One. Two. Three. I look up. He's already grabbed his bag and he's turned around again. He gives me one of those quick 'hey buddy' eye raises and jets out the door too fast for me to say or do anything—even say 'hi'.

Yoga. Bubble. Popped.

Sophie's out in the lobby, waiting for me with tea, which is not our usual, "let's chat here," she says with a big Cheshire grin on her face. I grab the tea and shoot it back in no fucking mood.

"Forget it Soph, just forget what you saw." I begin to storm out the door when who do I bump into? The last person I want to fucking see.

"Hi Charles. Bye Charles." I should be apologizing to him, but instead I'm fucking rude again and I try to push past him. This time he doesn't let it go. His eyes turn down and that firm British mouth draws into a line I know means he is displeased. He grabs me by my arm and stops me going another step further. Sophie is just behind me.

"Charles, I was just taking Garnet here out for a drink. Enjoy your class!" Bless her for trying.

"Actually, I shall be relinquishing our friend Garnet here. He and I have something to chat about. Say goodnight to Sophie, Garnet."

Sophie glares at him on my behalf. She gets the other side of me only to a point; she has a hard time when she sees the 'harsher' side. Like now. "Garnet doesn't have to go with you—you broke up with him. He has another… Friend now, don't you Garnet?"

I hadn't had the chance to tell Sophie the whole deal with Master Erik yet and she doesn't quite understand the entire inner workings of the House.

She stares at me with pleading eyes—eyes that are telling me to tell him to just fuck off and believe me I'd like to—but the consequences would be a price I'm not willing to pay.

"I'm waiting Garnet. If you make me late for my class, so help me…"

"Goodnight, Sophie," I say quickly. "I'll phone you tomorrow." I give her my best 'I'm sorry' eyes.

"Tonight. I want to hear from you tonight—know you're okay."


She nods and leaves, but not without one final eye-dagger to Charles.

Charles walks into the studio and fabs himself in. The girl at the desk looks at me funny because she knows I'd just done a class, but she says nothing. Charles also says nothing to me until we reach the tea. He pours me one and looks around. It's late and there aren't too many people about.

"You will stay in this spot and wait for me. Drink tea, read a book on your phone, fuck around on Facebook, I don't care, but do not move from this spot; am I understood?"

"Yes, Charles."