I feel it.
I feel my heart aching.

I go through the day, paying my attention to the necessary, but I feel that quiet aching in my heart.

I miss you.

I miss the way you slightly smile, when your teeth peek out your lips, before your smile eventually grows into its regular size.
I miss the way you chuckle under your breath, and how different that laugh is from when you truly find something funny.
I miss the way I saw you look at me. I see the moment in my head when you grabbed my hand and quietly told me happy birthday when everyone was being loud.
I miss the way you'd hold me. I miss how you'd kiss my shoulder or my back or my hair, and then wrap me tighter in your arms.
I miss the way we'd entangle our fingers and held hands while we cuddled in your bed.
I miss talking to you, and knowing I was talking way too much, but also knowing that you were actually listening.
I miss being around you and subtly trying to get your attention and hoping it was working.
I miss thinking you actually cared about me like I care about you.

But the thing is, we weren't even an item.

So how can I miss you this much?