Title: The Steel Assassin

Summary: Being of mixed blood, Iskemi is not included in high elf politics. It doesn't exclude him from their enemies' sights.

With a start, he whirled about, dagger in hand. It screeched across bone as the attacker's breastplate protected his vitals, and so began a grave dance of steel as Iskemi examined his opponent. Despite being human, he was able to parry the half-elf's strikes with equal speed and precision. This was a veteran warrior, he realized. What business did he have on elven lands?

Iskemi ducked just beneath a blade only to find himself within range of a steel chain previously concealed. Only the inborn instincts of his elvenblood kept his head on his shoulders.

"People will catch onto this game pretty soon," taunted the human as Iskemi put distance between them, "and there'll be a civil war to end all wars."

His words were simply riddles to the half-elf's ears. "What are you talking about?"

But answers weren't forthcoming. Only steel in the form of blade, chain, and heart.

This entry was written for a prompt in the writing community on LiveJournal, called WriterVerse. I was to pull a random book off the shelf and take the first full line off of a random page as my inspiration.

Book and line used: "People will catch onto this game pretty soon, and there'll be a civil war to end all wars." Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (page 111)
Word Count: 150