Years after the creation of the wonderful and spectacular Beast Fraandz, a party was held in Nelson Town. All 30 members of the time arrived, some strangling friends with loving hugs, others strangling enemies with flaming ropes.

One of these angered members was none other than Carl Sun. He was attacking Shiela's boyfriend, Greg Frantzen. From what other members were whispering in the background, Greg had made some offensive racist jokes and Carl had enough.

Shiela was frantically trying to break the boys apart, though Greg was struggling to breathe. Shiela tried to do CPR on him, but she was failing. Everybody was shocked when, just as Greg was turning blue, Zoe kicked Carl in the ass and he somehow managed to fall onto Greg's lips.

The rope dropped from Carl's hands and Greg began to gain his breath. But when they didn't pull apart, people started to take photos.

Carl was shocked at first, but when the 'CPR' turned into a real kiss, he didn't seem to mind. They lay there for a while, their lips moving in harmony with each other. Shiela was wrapped in a hug from Ned, who was trying to help her hold back the tears of jealousy.

Finally, as the pair broke apart, Zoe began to give a standing applause. Realizing what had happened, Greg pushed Carl off his body and ran into the shadows.

The next day, Shiela awoke to find a text on her new phone from Greg. It talked about how much he cared for her, yet his heart belonged to another. She was surprised, but she didn't weep. Instead, she ran away to Vegas with Ned.

Months passed, and nobody had heard from either Carl or Greg. Zoe realized how worried Rain was growing, so she arrived at Carl's doorstep the next day.

When the door creaked open, she almost fell over in shock. Greg and Carl stood there, hand in hand. Staring at their linked fingers, she was surprised to see rings sparkling on their fingers.

"Oh, by the way, did I mention we're engaged?" Greg rubbed his neck awkwardly with his free hand.

Over the next two years, the surprise pairing had been explained, causing havoc in the group. People like Shiela, Rain, Zoe, Nick, and even Becca were upset about this turn of events. Their wedding was secret from the public - only the members of the group were invited.

Their honeymoon was set on a private island that Shiela gave them with her newfound millions of dollars, which she received after her first book release went viral.

As their relationship became more and more serious, and even though many people made agreements that one of the two would divorce the other, people started to realize that their relationship was too strong to break apart. Nobody could doubt Carl and Greg had true chemistry, even if it started with the slightest of a spark.

.zoe pascoe.