Hey, how's it going bros? Sorry if I haven't been "active" lately with my writing :/ Well...since today is Friday the 13th, here's a little treat for ya, muhahahaha, enjoy :3


Everyone knew what Friday the 13th meant- a day for bad luck. Most people spent the day watching horror movies or reading scary stories. Then there were the paranoid freaks who locked themselves in their house to protect themselves for whatever evil lurked on that cursed day.

I however, did not believe in bad luck. I woke up around eight am like any regular day and poured myself a cup of coffee in my kitchen. I leaned against the wall in my long bath robe, holding my mug close to my face and gazing out the window.

I then proceeded to my computer and booted it up, going through my usual Internet routine. It was then that I noticed it wasn't any normal Friday, it was Friday the 13th.

I sighed and logged into my Facebook account to see my news feed loaded with pictures of scenes from popular horror movies and my religious friends praying for everyone's safety.

Once I got sick of looking at these things on repeat I logged into my email. Two new messages.

I clicked on the first one, seeing that it was from my boss, telling me that stocks were down, a usual thing. The second one however, confused me.

I first noticed that the name from the sender wasn't a real name, it was just a number, 13. I sighed and opened it, expecting it to be a prank from a coworker or some person who got the wrong email address.

Friday, June 13, 2014 6:00 a.m.

I see your sleeping face. It's so pretty. Best to watch your back on this evil day, my lady. I'll try to protect you, but you must watch for my game.


I sat back in my chair. This was obviously some kid trying to scare me. I deleted the email without replying and logged out.

It was around nine thirty when I got dressed for work, throwing on a business suit and a comfortable pair of heels. I grabbed my briefcase off my desk and headed outside, locking the door to my house behind me. I started my car and pulled out onto the road, driving to the offices that were located downtown.

It was ten when I pulled in, parking in the same spot as usual and walking in. The office smelled like apple cinnamon, as the secretary at the front desk was very particular about this.

"Hello, Margaret," I greeted her.

She smiled. "Good morning, Janice. Half the employees didn't show up today because of the date."

We both laughed, as we agreed on thinking hiding because of a day was stupid.

I walked to my office and started up the PC, seeing my desktop background of my boyfriend and I together on a park bench. I smiled and opened my email, logging into my work account. One new email.

Friday, June 13, 2014 9:30 a.m.

Hey, why are you leaving the house? I told you to be careful! People are not careful! Looks like I'm going to have to follow you to wherever you're going if you're not going to be cautious, my darling. I might win the game.


I slammed my fist into my desk and deleted the email. Whoever this 13 was, they were stalking me. And I wasn't creeped out as much as I was angry. I didn't understand what the game was.

The rest of my day went by smoothly, with no other emails from 13. At five I shut off my laptop and packed my briefcase, leaving the rest of my work for another day.

I clocked out and noticed Margaret wasn't at her desk. She never left work early, so it was strange not seeing her at her post. I dismissed this weird feeling by telling myself she probably went to the back of the building for some paperwork or left for a family emergency. But that gut feeling was still there, telling me something wasn't right.

I got in my car and drove home, noticing no people were walking down the streets anymore. Strange, as I usually saw a couple walking their dog together or some little kids running to catch the ice cream truck, even on an alleged "cursed day".

When I rolled my window down to get some cool air, I then noticed the silence. No machinery running, no people yelling, no birds chirping. Dead silence. I rolled the window up and continued home as dark storm clouds rolled in.

"Sweetie I'm home!" I called, setting my purse down on the table.

No reply. Usually he got home before I did, but I figured he was working late.

"You have one new message!"

I jumped at the sound of my email account telling me I had received a new email.

I angrily strode over and clicked on the email, knowing immediately who it was from.

Friday, June 13, 2014 5:30 p.m.

Finally decided to return home, eh? Smart. Most of the people in town have lost the game. You however, seem to always be one step ahead, dear.


I yelled in rage and decided to email this person back.

Friday, June 13, 2014 5:35 p.m.

Look, I don't know who you are, or what you're talking about. What "game" is this? Just leave me alone.

-Janice McLean

No reply. I sighed and got up, preparing dinner and eating alone. It wasn't until after I showered that I began to get worried. My boyfriend still hadn't returned home, even though it was after seven p.m.

Thunder shook the house and the rain unleashed, beating the roof with amazing force. I listened to the sound. Then my phone rang.

I squinted my eyes at the caller ID. Blocked number. I picked up, unsure of what to expect.

"Your boyfriend has lost the game."

The voice came immediately after I picked up, sounding raspy and feminine.

"Who... Who are you? Why is your number blocked?" I asked.

"You smell like apple cinnamon. Like me."

"W-what?" I asked, confused as to how this person knew what I smelled like.

"You keep that face beautiful for me, okay?"

Before I could reply, the line went dead. I slowly hung up and put the phone back in my pocket.

Shakily I sat down in the living room and watched a movie until 9. I quickly checked my email, seeing nothing from 13, and then it hit me. 13 was the one who called. Talking about my boyfriend.

I dismissed any thought I had about what could've happened to him and told myself he had probably gone to the local bar with his work friends as he'd done so often.

I walked to the bathroom and changed into my pajamas; just a simple pair of comfy exercise shorts and a loose tee shirt. I combed my hair out in the mirror uncomfortably when my phone rang.

An overpowering feeling of fear and discomfort flooded through me.

"What are you being so afraid of?" I asked myself, trying to force myself to be calm. Bad luck didn't exist.

I watched my reflection as I picked up the phone. I watched my mouth move, forming the hello.

"Wow Janice!"

13. "You're 13, aren't you?" I asked.

The raspy voice laughed a little.

"You are, aren't you?! Tell me!" I screamed, watching my face the whole time.

"To think, you almost won the game. But no one ever does."

"What? What game is this?! Who are you?!"

"I'm you."


Suddenly my reflection rippled, seeming to change shape. I dropped my phone to the floor as a grey, wrinkled hand reached out from the mirror and clutched my arm.

I screamed, seeing the beast that had been taunting me all day. It was a female like I had guessed, but she certainly didn't look human.

Her skin was a grey shade, almost green if you looked at it in the right lighting. Her skin was covered in wrinkles, and she was extremely skinny, her maroon dress hanging limply over her seemingly dead body. Her hair was barely a dark brown, streaked with more grey and white than anything. I finally was able to find her eyes, which were hidden behind all the wrinkles. They were slitted, two black irises watching me intently, as if hungry.

"You're young. Twenty is young." She rasped, her gross, almost white tongue licked her lips. "Thank you for keeping that face beautiful for me."

"Who are you?!" I screamed as she spun me around, looking at my back.

"I am you. You are 13." She said, and suddenly she dug her sharp, yellow nails into the nape of my neck.

I screamed in pain as her nails dug around in my skin, until she finally stopped for a moment.

"Ah, here's the nerve." She rasped, sticking her hand farther into my back.

A fire spread through my body, burning like hell itself. I screamed for what seemed like ages, my vision being blurry at the edges until almost going dark itself. I collapsed onto my knees, screaming for mercy. Then it ended.

It was as if the pain had never existed. I got up turned, gasping in shock.

I was looking at myself.

My small built body stood before me, bright blonde hair pulled back into a neat ponytail and blue eyes shining.

"What?" My voice rasped. No, not my voice. 13's. "What's going on here? What did you do to me!"

My body shrugged. "I told you, I'm you. You're 13." She said in my sweet voice. "The thirteenth body I had to take. You see, I take strong willed people like you who fear nothing, and steal their body on Friday the 13th if they answer my phone calls in front of a mirror. You were three hours away from winning the game."

"Give me my body back!"

She laughed in my voice. "Sorry, no refunds. A girl has to live forever, you know. Your case was quite special, you see. Since you were my thirteenth snag on Friday the 13th, all my friends got to get a new body too!" She giggled.

"That's why there was no one on the streets!" I yelled. Or tried to, with her terrible voice.

She smiled. "Of course, dear. Now, have fun in that body. It won't last much longer. Soon it will start to fall apart on you until you just become nothing more than a lingering, sorrowful soul."

My body turned to leave.

"Hey, get back here!"

She swung my head over my shoulder and flashed me my bright smile. "Game over!"

Suddenly she was gone, and I was surrounded by black. I couldn't see anything, as the darkness slowly took over my mind and this body as well.