It was cold. It was usually cold here, so today was no exception. However, for this young man, it was. He was determined to find a way to save his world. Too many people were in poverty and were suffering- his family for one. Their "Lord" was no help either. He had promised that he would fix their problems, but he was a liar- much like most leaders. Most of the young man's people would still have hope in their "Lord"- his family included. However, hope was not good enough for him. Their "Lord" had crushed his hope years ago. He had to do something. With a simple note that he left his family, he sent off on a journey. He hoped to find something-anything, really- that could help him.

Unfortunetly, he wandered for days in complete nothingness. He was starting to lose faith in himself and in the future of his world. Suddenly, he saw it- an old village. He observed it carefully. There was no sign of life anywhere. The village was completely deserted. However, something felt familiar. He had seen this village before somewhere; he just wasn't sure where. He scanned his mind for some familiarity and, finally, found it. I read about this village in school! he remembered. Luckily, he had payed attention that day. This village used to be home to one of the greatest legends of their world's history. Then, it struck him. He knew what could help him. He hoped that those stories that his parents told him were true. Hope. Just like his family, that was all he had now. However, he had hope in something stronger.

He searched the village for a certain building. What he needed was in there. He searched hard in his memory for his parent's description of the building. "They say that when you see it, the light of the gods shine down on it." He looked at building after building, but no luck. Maybe there's a deeper meaning to it, he wondered.

Then, he found it. What his parents said was true. It shined so brightly, it surprised even him. Pft. So much for "deeper meaning." He slowly walked in the building and admired it. He was in the house of one of the greatest family's known to their world. Snapping out of his admiration, he began to search. He searched everything, even those that had been securely covered - hidden away for no one to see. He searched every photo book in the house. Why isn't she in here? He went up the creaky stairs and carefully searched the rooms. Nothing. He went into the last room in the house and hoped that it would be in there. He looked through each book in the bookcase, under and behind every nightstand, and in every box. Nothing. He was ready to give up hope. He sighed and fell to the floor in frustration. He turned his head and saw a single piece of paper wedged into the floor. He finally found it - a single picture. His plan was a long shot, but it was all he had.

Let's just hope this works.