"You did it, Carter," Ellery said as they watched John and his kids hug each other.

Carter smiled and was glad that Ellery was proud of him. Suddenly, a thought occured to her.

"Uhm! Excuse me! I know you're making up and all, but I actually forgot what I came here for in the first place," Ellery said as she took out the picture of the little girl. "Do you know this little girl?"

John looked at the picture carefully.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know her."

Ellery glanced over at Carter. A look of dissapointment was on his face; however, it was soon covered up by a smile.

"Thank you, anyway, sir. I'm sorry for meddling into your life," Ellery said.

"No, it's fine, really. Thank you." John said, giving them their last goodbye.

Ellery ran after Carter who was already half way to the car. This guy, Ellery thought.

"Hey! Carter. How about we take a break and get some ice cream?"

Carter's eyes lit up and was immediately happy. Wow, he's simple, Ellery thought. They both got into the car and Ellery drove off. Carter looked at Ellery and noticed that she had a pained expression on her face.

"Ellery, are you okay?" Carter asked worriedly.

Elelry nodded, "Uhm, yes. I'm fine. I just got a small headache."

Even with Ellery's reassuring words, Carter was still worried. He thought that her headaches were caused by him. He felt bad for putting her through all this. He had forcefully dragged her along on his mission. She had enough stress in her life and Carter felt bad for adding onto it. Finally, they arrived at an ice cream shop.

"Hello. One cookies and cream and...Carter, what do you want?" Ellery asked as she was at the order counter.

"Hm?" Carter, who was too occupied with worrying about Ellery to pay attention to what was happening, said in surprise. "I'll just have the same."

"Make that two, please."

The two ate in complete silence. Only the chattering of those around them and the sound of cars passing by filled their ears. Ellery slyly glanced at Carter to see if he was feeling any better; however, to her surprise, he was staring right back at her.

"Uhm, Carter?"

Carter only then realized that his actions were strange, yet he couldn't help it. He was worried for Ellery. Even after his realization, he looked at Ellery one more time to make sure she was okay. She was not okay. She held onto her forehead like it was her only way of keeping steady. Again, a pained expression shows on her face.

"Ellery? Are you sure you're okay?" Carter asked in worry.

Ellery didn't answer. She wasn't even paying attention to Carter. All she could notice was the pain in her head. God, who gets headaches like this? she wondered. Then, at the same time that the pain subsided, an image appeared in her head. She could see a faint outline of a person lying on the ground, crowds of people gather around this person. That's it. At that exact moment, the image faded away. Again? Images like this have recently appeared often. They were like the dreams of the little girl she had every night, except this was during the day and Ellery was fully awake. As time passes, the visions slowly get longer and more vivid. Ellery knew that this visions woul be helpful to Carter, so she was glad that she could see more. However, the headache that comes along with it slowly worsens. That was the part that she detested.

"Ellery?" Carter repeated. "Are you okay?"

She looked at him and smiled, "Perfectly fine."

Carter wasn't convinced, but nodded anyway.

"So, are you happy now that you've had your ice cream?"

He smiled brightly, "It was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten! I had only had ice cream once when I was young for some special celebration. Even then, it wasn't something as tasty as this! We have to get some again before I-"

Carter stopped short, realizing what he was about to say. Ellery knew, though. "Before you go back." Then, both were silent. Both were worried about the same thing. Both were uncomfortable with leaving each other.

"Next house, then," Ellery said to break the silence. Something like this...She was used to it already.

The two arrived at the house shortly. It was only a mile away from the ice cream shop. Ellery, of course, went up to the door and rang the doorbell. A few moments passed between the time that Ellery rang the doorbell to now. Carter was getting very impatient. Just as he was about to ring the doorbell continously, Ellery stopped him. He pouted and crossed his arms like a little kid. However, Ellery was getting impatient as well. She rang the bell one more time and waited. Finally, she just started yelling.

"Excuse me!" she yelled as she slammed her fist against the door. "We would like to speak to whoever lives here!"

She continously banged on the door until, finally, a man slowly opened it. He looked to be around their age.

"H-hello. W-what can I do for y-you?" the man said.

Oh, he was just shy.

"Yes, excuse me for my behaviour earlier. Are you, by any chance, Matthew Devona?"

"T-that's me. W-what do you want?" Matthew said nervously.

We're not here to hurt you, Ellery thought.

"We were wondering if you know this girl?" Ellery asked, just as she had asked many times before.

The man looked carefully at the picture before shaking his head. Carter and Ellery sighed in dissapointment.

"I'm s-sorry. I d-don't know her," he said.

"It's okay. Thank you for your time," Ellery said to the man.

The two walked off and stepped into the car.

"Carter, I'm sure that someone will know this girl. Don't worry," Ellery reassured.

Suddenly, a headache appeared again. The image slowly appeared again. However, this was a little more vivid. She could see and old abandoned house. A person - Ellery stil can't quite make out hte features- seems to appear out of nowhere. He or she runs out into the street and a car comes by. The thing before the image fades is the headlights of the car. That house. Where have I seen it before? Ellery asked. The house was indeed familiar. She just didn't know where she had seen it.

Carter, who was, again, worried questioned, "Ellery?"

"That's it!" Ellery shouted to no one in particular. "Remember that old house we passed by before we went to that second persons house? Naomi, I think her name was. I just saw the house and there was a figure of a person. This could be a clue!"

"Ellery," Carter said calmly.

Ellery ignored it and continued, "All we have to do is go back to that house and check it out!"


"I bet that girl Naomi was lying to us! Even if she wasn't, she might know something! Come on, Carter. We're going back."

"Hey," Carter said. "Let's stop looking. Let's just go back to your apartment for now."

Ellery was surprised. "Go back? We still have three more people to see! There's still hope!"

Carter turned around to face Ellery and grabbed her hands.

"Ellery..." he said quietly. "I think that's enough for now."

Ellery couldn't believe it. "You've given up?"