Magmarion yawned and pushed the rest of the deer carcass away. Strips of flesh hung from his mouth. It was the second deer of the day, and he was full.

He stretched his wings out and sprung into the air, rising above the treetops. He angled toward the gargantuan snow-capped mountain where his cave was hidden. A large eagle, with a ten foot wingspan, squaked in annoyance as Magmarion passed by, his leathery wings buffeting the raptor. The dragon snorted a ball of flame in response, incinerating the birt instantly. Its ashes fell to the ground far below.

When Magmarion caught sight of his lair, he swooped into a steep dive. His wings pressed against his sides. Just before he crashed onto the rocks, he unfurled his wings and flapped hard, landing with a thud. He stuck his claws in the granite and stalked into his lair. A wide open mouthed cave.

The dragon's horns scraped across the roof, breaking some of the remainding stalagtites. Across the cavern floor, gold glinted from between stalagmites and jewels glittered next to the skull of different creatures. Most were deer or cow skulls, but a couple were human.

Magmarion found a large pile of gold and curled up around it, folding his wings protectively around his scaly abdomen. Soon he was snoring, arms caressing the gold and jewels. He slept off the both of the deers he had consumed.

He woke, several hours later, with a familiar scent coming from outside. He growled, and uncurled from around his gold. He left the cave, and eyed his surroundings.

Down below the ledge his cave was on, a procession of knights passed by, a heavily laden wagon in the middle of the line. Magmarion eyes lit up with desire. What might be in that wagon? He crouched on the edge of his perch, and spread his wings. The dragon was a dark color, blending into the mountain. He dove at the knights.

Magmarion spat out a column of flame, careful not to hit the wagon. The horses pulling the wagon reared up in terror. He grabbed one with his mouth, and bit down onto its neck. The horse screamed.

Some foolish knights tried to shoot him with arrows. He laughed as the shafts thunked against his scales harmlessly. He blew fire at the archers and grinned at their shrieks of agony. Using his paws, he swatted at the knights. Some went flying off the mountains, falling down.

Then, it was over. Magmarion gave a snort of satisfaction, and grabbed the wagon with his paws. He dragged it up the ledge backwards. The fires would extinguish quickly up on the top of the mountain.

Magmarion pulled the wagon into his cave. He carried it to his bed of gold, and ripped the cover off of it.

The dragon snarled in frustration. Bags of food, weapons, and some armor was all that was contained in the wagon. Humans were useless. Not a single gold coin.