Placing bottles of liquor back on the shelves I hear footsteps behind me. I look over my shoulder to see Jaxon smiling at me cleaning one of the many shot glasses still on the bar. His short brown curls were a mess from the rush of the club tonight. Jaxon's plaid blue and white shirt had the first three buttons undone. His black jeans hung loosely from his hips and white shoes marked in dirt.

Looking closely at him, I could see the light in his green eyes and a smile that sent electric shocks down my spine. Since I stared to work at Rave's, I've became somewhat attracted my boss/friend. He was always around me before the nightclub would open and talk about whatever came to mind. Usually it would be the latest B-rated movies we both watched or something we found on the internet. At times we would talk about relationships and little fantasy stuff. At times, a few with him when we were joking. Though I doubt he took me seriously.

Anyone who came to or worked at Rave's knew Jaxon was taken already by Lilia, our bartender. She is the only cute blonde in the mostly emo type nightclub. Aside having no tattoos or piercings, she had something that most men like, a sex symbol. Every night when she came in, either working or visiting, Lilia would wear low cut tops to show off her C-sized breast, short skirts, and high heels. Every head would turn to Lilia as she made her way into the office to spend alone time with Jaxon. All of the staff knew what they were having sex, but no one really cares. The couple always did that nightly.

"Good job tonight Lorelei," Jaxon says placing the shot glass on the bar. "I didn't think you could take the pressure of those assholes."

I felt a bit of heat rush to my face. "Thanks. I'm use to assholes. There are plenty of them in the apartment complex where I stay with my friends."

"You mean Daniel and Vix? How are they doing anyway?"

"Fine, they're out of town for the night to be alone or something."

Jaxon moves a few glasses to the side, he took a seat close to me. His arm slightly brushes against my own. Although he might didn't touch me purposely, small electric spots tingled my skin from where his touch was. I had to yell at myself to not think anything about the small touch. There was nothing, I think.

"Dyed your hair again," he smiles tilting his head up a bit to see my newly brown and purple hair. "Looks really cute on you."

Damn it! Don't blush Lorelei! I scowled at myself. "Thank you again Jaxon. Is there anything else you want me to do tonight? Not to be rude or anything, but Vix and I plan to hang out early to have girl time for once."

He takes a quick glance around the nightclub before locking those sexy green eyes to my own. Heat spreads from my head to my toe as his eyes move from mine, slowly down my body examining every part of me. Tonight I wore my hair straight down a bit pass my shoulders. Out of random I wore a red tank top and black Misfits crop top that fell off my shoulders. I choose a jean skirt and high top Converses. The only piercings I wore were two gauges in both ears and tongue ring.

"Well we have that band coming here tomorrow, so come in after you and Vix have your fun. Maybe bring her along to," Jaxon nods getting off of the bar. "Need a ride home?"

I shake my head hoping I wasn't red in the face. "No, I think I'm going to catch a cab tonight."

Honestly I would have said yes because it's raining hard outside and I don't want to wait for a cab to come, but again I rather not have any problems with Lilia. We have kind of become friends since I started to work at Rave's and I rather not kill that friendship. Adding also that she was the one who gave me this job in the first place. She was known to be possessive with Jaxon all the time. The last girl who worked here was found only talking to Jaxon and Lilia automatically thought the girl was flirting. The two girls got into a shouting match in front of everyone. Lilia won by punching the girl on her ass then firing her.

I learned that night to never, never fucking ever mess to Lilia.

Fifteen minutes later a taxi pulls to the corner of the nightclub. I told Jaxon I was leaving like I normally do. He looks overs to me responding with a wink that heated my body. Once again I scowl at myself. My attraction to him is simply that, a simple attraction. I doubted he liked me in that way. Lilia stands as the most beautiful girl in this bar. No one could really beat her.

The ride to the apartment complex only took ten minutes since there is barely traffic two in the morning. I toss the driver twenty dollars before getting out. Already from the apartments I could hear loud music blasting from the top floor. Like a usual Saturday night. I live on the floor below them and already knew that Vincent was the one doing it. He's the main asshole in the complex.

Vincent is also the guy that I find sort of sexy when not being a total dick to everyone. Unlike Jaxon who is lean and smooth, Vincent is the type of person who lives in the gym. He was built with a six-pack and a lot a muscle, but not as much as a body builder. At times he would come over to my apartment just to mess with Vix to attempt to flirt. She reacts to his flirtations by slamming the door in his face and walks away smiling.

When I got inside the apartment I took off all my clothes and got into the hot shower. I welcome the hot water pouring down my body taking all the stress away from tonight. No more drunk idiots trying to spank my ass or staring at my boobs. I understand that my breast are DD's, but plenty of girls had them at the club tonight. A few patrons scared the hell out of me to the point Jaxon had to kick them out. Though they came back anyway.

I only deal with this shit because we need the money badly. Vix could only work three days a week at a restaurant downtown while trying to finish her degree in science and becoming an author. Daniel is trying to finish is degree also but he needs the money to pay off hospital bills from working so much. So besides making cosplays, hopefully for a living, I work at Rave's to make cash on the side.

After showering I wore a long shirt to bed. I had no appetite to eat anything and there was nothing else in the house to do. The faster I went to bed, the faster I could hang with my favorite friend and get ready for the band tomorrow night. From what Jaxon told me this band with no name is what we needed to mix up the atmosphere. I just hope that they weren't boring. Last band we had ran out from people throwing drinks at them. I found that really funny but Jaxon didn't see my humor in it. That band sucked badly. And no one has heard from them since.

I woke up hearing a creak from the door being opened and closed. Looking at the time I was roughly six in the morning. Vix and Daniel were finally home from their little trip. I had this odd feeling in my head that they were mainly having sex the whole time that they were gone. Matter of fact, I knew so. When they assume I'm sleeping at night, I can hear Vix screaming Daniel's name as their bed bangs against the wall. At times I would hear Vix beg for Daniel to do sexual I never heard or thought of her ever doing. At first glance, you wouldn't think that Vix would be the type who was into S&M lifestyle. She is the submissive and loves every moment of it.

Footsteps walk past my room to their room. The opens and shuts loud enough for me to hear. I found that normal for a moment till a realization came over me. Or I was just overreacting. I swore I only heard on one pair of footsteps instead of two. That probably because was my hearing off since the music upstairs is still loud. No one ever breaks into these crappy apartments to steal anything, unless drugs or money were involved. Neither two that were in here.

I got up to welcome them home, mainly to harass Vix until my door opens. From the light illuminating in the hallway, I saw a person wearing a ski mask over their face and, in my horror, and knife in the right hand. Judging from the person's body posture, the figure is a man. I heard him chuckle as he held the knife up to me.

Before I could scream or run out the apartment to get help, he was already near me grabbing a fist full of my hair. He turns and pushes me hard onto my bed face down in my pillows. I try screaming and fighting to get up, but my efforts were helpless. The man was stronger than I was and his weight gave him a better advantage. I could feel him leaning over, his hot breath tickling my ears.

"Don't fucking move or I'll slit your throat," he threatens.

Instantly my heart rate quickens to where I thought it would rip out of my chest. This could not be happening right now. This felt so unreal. I was about to get raped, and the hard reality of it began to sink in. No one was going to help me. The music upstairs would be too loud for anyone to hear my screams. To hear my plea for help. Vix and Daniel might come home and find my body lying motionless on my bed.

I felt his hand move slowly across my neck pushing my hair aside. The tip on his knife slowly went down from my scalp to the collar of my tee shirt. Replacing the knife are lips kissing against my trembling skin. The knife was moving down my back near the tip of my tailbone. I wanted to scream. I needed to get out of here and call for help. Fuck, I needed to do something before he has the chance to kill me!

"You're so beautiful," he whispers in my ear.

I whimper at his words as he kisses my neck again. He places the knife down on the side of us as his right hand lifts the end of my shirt pulling it over my waist. As the man does this, I took my chance to escape. His body is slightly lifted off of mine and I could try to escape. I need to get help as soon as possible. Or at least take the knife and shove it up his ass.

Taking a chance, I kneed him between the legs as hard as I could. He groans in pain falling down on the floor. Instead of grabbing the knife for my own protection, I run out of the bedroom to the front door. I try opening the door but it wouldn't budge. In panic I tried pulling and banging on the door hoping someone would get the picture that I'm in danger.

"Help, someone," I scream as loud as I can.

There was no response. My anxiety sank it deeper. Behind me I could hear his footsteps coming closer. He's chuckling softly at the feeble chances I'm making of trying to get out of here. Where the hell was anyone when I needed them? Vix and Daniel were supposed to be home by now. Someone needs to come or at least turn the music down so they could hear me.

"Where do you think you're going," he said softly grabbing me by my hair.

He pulls me down hard to the floor then gets on he's knees with the right pressing on my chest. When I tried to move, he puts more pressure on me to where I could hardly breathe. I watch as he pulls off his black belt with a cynical style. The man only used one hand placing my arms over my head. He wraps the belt around my wrist tightly. I struggle with all my strength to get my hands out of the belt. He slaps me across my face violently. I sob and cringe at the sting on my face.

He gets off of me grabbing the belt and drags me back to the bedroom, my arms behind my back. I try to kick, scream, and move around as much as possible to get away but it was no use. Without effort, he throws me on the bed face down on my pillow. He pulls my head up placing his knife under my throat. Leaning closer of me, I could feel his hot breath near my mouth. He licks my outer ear slowly sending chills down my spine.

"I've been waiting for this," he whispers. "You're a fucking tease Lorelei."

"No," I cry once again trying to move.

The man presses the knife harder against my neck chuckling. "Unless you want your throat to get slit tonight, I suggest you stop moving!"

I stop moving, not because he told me to. I stop out of fear. As long as I'm alive right now, there is a way for me to escape and get help. Maybe kill this guy in the progress as self-defense. Hopefully.

Using the knife, he cuts down from the collar of my shirt until my back is in full view. I felt his tongue run slowly down my back. My skin became cold the lower his tongue went. At my hips, I felt him open his mouth and bite down in the middle of my back and again on both sides of my waist. His bite went surpasses my skin sinking to my muscle. I shriek as the pain shoots through my lower back.

The best as I can, I turn to look back at him. In my dismay, I saw him pulling down his pants revealing his harden cock. It stood firm and ready to make damage to my body. My stomach churns as the thoughts of what he was ready to do with me. Maybe if I pretend I was anywhere else, this would just escape my mind. He could do anything he wanted and soon this would be over.

Once more he licks my back to the hem line of my purple pantie. He slides his finger inside of my pantie. I cringe as his finger starts to rub my clit up and down slowly. As he did, I bit down on my covers as hard as I could. Not because this was disgusting. Not because this man broke into my home and basically violated me. I bit down hard, because he was taking away something important to me. Something of my personal value.

My virginity! He's taking it by force, which pains me more than the horror I'm going through. I wanted to wait till that one person I met and loved to take it with passion. Not this. Not like this at all.

I buried my face deep in my covers as hard as I could. I felt the knife cutting a hole in the middle of my pantie. His fingers slid effortless inside of me thrusting in and out of me as I constantly cringe. The pain of him breaking into me felt like hell. I knew that losing my virginity to hurt. This was extra painful. As if this man is stealing everything away from me.

He moans with each thrust, getting deeper and harder each time. When he told me to act like I enjoyed this, through my sobs, I moan and whisper how much I loved it. Each word felt like vomit making its way up mouth. At this point I didn't care what happens to me. He could kill me for all I care right now. I don't want to live day to day thinking about this.

He sits me up to where my mouth is close to his cock. "Open your mouth like a good girl. And before you think about it, don't bite."

Instead of listening to him, my eyes stayed glued to his cock disgust, and a bit of fear. He had his dick tattooed of a blue snake sticking its tongue out. The head of the snake is position at the end of the man's penis. I could imagine how many women that has been inside of, voluntary and involuntary.

"Looks like you're having a problem," he smirks stroking the top of my head. "Let me help you out baby."

Grabbing the back of my head to steady me, he shoves his cock deep inside of my mouth. I nearly gag as it went in and out of my throat. His cock tastes foreign to me which weird and freaks me out. I felt disgusted and used as he fucks my mouth. He groans in complete pleasure looking down at me. I want to puke everything out of my system just for him to stop. Then I did it. I bit on his cock as hard as I could.

He hisses in pain slapping me across the face. This slap had enough force to make me fall sideways on the bed. The pulls me up from by hair, more violently and hard this time. He grabs me by the back of my neck shoving his cock in my mouth. Both of his hands are on each side of my face tightly as he thrusts in and out. I could feel his cock growing bigger inside me.

"Damn, your mouth is perfect," he moans loudly. He tips his head up to the ceiling feeling the bliss overcoming his body.

He pulls out of my mouth pushing me back on the bed. Through the hole he made in my pantie, he roughly shoves his cock as deep as he could inside of my vagina. I scream at the pain shooting from my sacred place down my legs. The pain stayed a moment then slowly begins as he thrusts gentle inside of me. He looks down at me smiling. Disgusting

As he felt more comfortable shoving his cock inside of me, his thrusts become rough and harder. He grips my waist tight fucking me harder and deeper. He leans over sucking my nipples roughly. In my catastrophe, I slightly moan. No idea why I did it, but it happened. For a moment, his thrusting felt good.

My mistake.

He fucks hard enough that the bed is banging against the wall. A neighbor hits the wall yelling for us to stop and shut up my screams. He doesn't make an attempt to shut me up. He only continues to thrust inside of me as fast as he could. The more he went deeper and rougher with me, the more I scream in ominous pleasure. I have no idea why, but I did. After three hours, he plus out of me.

Standing in front of me, he began to masturbate in my face. His moans are loud full of pleasure and bliss. It doesn't take long for him to cum on my lips and breast. He sticks out his tongue licking his lips motioning for me to do the same. I do swallowing his sweet come down my throat. Ours eyes lock as we allow the smell of sex settles in my room.

"So," he breathes heavily and pulling off his ski mask. "How was that for your fantasy?"

I look up to Jaxon as he smiles at me. "Better than I could have imagined."

Jaxon smiles taking the belt off my wrists and lies beside me. He wraps an arm around my waist kissing my lips. "Let's just hope Lilia doesn't find out."