Zion and Mira walked down the street, heading away from the Hell hole of a high school. They spoke of Naruto and other animes, not paying attention to their surroundings. Suddenly, the brother and sister were ambushed by their nutcase friends…

"Hai!" Alana said, slapping the back of Zion's head.

"Yo, what'd I say about that?" He said, turning around. Behind him, Eli and Eria were making out, and Dejon and Sera were jamming to music from Sera's phone.

'Hey," Dejon started, "Leave my chick alone."

"She hit me!"

"I'll do worse to you than that!"

Mira jumped in, screaming, "BARRELS!" and pushing the two boys apart, fell to the ground. Eria helped her up, and Eli said, "What's good?"

"We were just walking home." Zion said.

"Hey, let's go chill at Eria's." Sera inserted.

Everyone agreed, and they headed towards the house.

Once there, they all ran to the trampoline. Dejon and Alana got there first, claiming it as their temporary make-out spot. Sera and Eli got on, and began teabagging them. Eria and Zion laughed, and Mira just sorta stood there, shocked.

"Climb on!" Eli called from under Dejon, who decided the answer to prevent teabagging was to sit on your assailant. Eria, Mira and Zion climbed on. Eria went over to Eli and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and bit her neck.

"Ouch! Bae, quit it!"

"But you taste so good!"

"Get a room!" Alana called, cuddling up to Dejon.

"Why don't you?" Eria responded with attitude.

"Fine, we will!" Dejon said, pulling Alana with him off the trampoline.

"Where you going?" Sera asked.

"We're getting a room. Eria's happens to be the most convenient right now…"

Mira said "Ew!", and Eli laughed and said, "Make sure to clean up!"

"No promises." Dejon said, as he disappeared inside….

Dejon jumped as Alana came into Eria's house. He could sense the usually bubbly blonde was extremely pissed, and he wanted to know why.

"Babe, what's the matter?" Dejon asked. Alana held up a sheet of paper. looking closely, Dejon saw it was a detention slip. He smirked.

"What did you do?" he asked in amusement. Alana pouted, her lips looking irresistible.

"Some random bitch called me a slut, so I punched her in the face." she answered. Dejon laughed. "I'm not surprised you did. You were always a feisty one." Alana raised an eyebrow. Letting her gaze flicker down, she saw a pitched tent in Dejon's jeans. He followed his girlfriend's eyes, looked down, and swore.

"Shit," he said, embarrassed. Before he could cover himself, Alana pounced on him, straddling his waist.
"Alana, what are you-" Dejon was interrupted by Alana placing her finger on his lips. She traced down his muscular form. When her hand hand reached his groin, Dejon could only look in surprise as his pants were pulled down, leaving him in his boxers. Alana tilted his head back, kissed him, and began to stroke his erection. Dejon licked Alana's lower lip,asking for permission to enter. She complied, letting their tongues dance a passionate tango. Alana broke the kiss, taking off her RWBY shirt to reveal her red bra.

"Really? Red like Roses?" Dejon asked. Alana shrugged.

"It was a matching set." Dejon unclipped her bra, letting her b-cup breasts pop out. He rolled her over, putting him on top. Alana let out a small moan of pleasure as Dejon closed his mouth around one of her breasts. Alana slid out of her leggings, her red oanties going with them. She yanked off Dejon's boxers to free his 11 inch erection.

"Are you sure?" he asked, wanting to make sure this was what she wanted. She nodded.


Dejon guided himself to her clit's entrance, and pushed in. Alana let out a small whimper, pain flooding her. It was soon replaced by pure bliss. Dejon started to thrust, and Alana could feel herself being stretched.

"Oooooh, God, you're so big," she moaned. Dejon thrusted deeper until every last inch was inside her. Alana's hips bucked twice, and her thighs shook as her orgasms peaked. Her liquids drenched Dejon's erection, who was trying his best no tot cum.

Sensing his release approaching, Dejon pulled out, to Alana's disappointment.

"Wai~ I got to make you cum too." She pouted. going on her knees, Alana took Dejon's erection fully in her mouth, bobbing her head rhythmically. Her tongue worked its magic, licking its tip. Even with his amazing stamina, he had to release. The tip of his erection twitched and fired his cum into her mouth. As she felt the cum flow over her she smiled. After Dejon was certain every last drop left him, Alana swallowed, savoring the taste. She licked her lips clean, not wasting a drop of it. Dejon kissed her again and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too." Alana replied, hugging his body. They looked at the state of the bedroom. eria would need a lot of explaining for this one.

"oops," Alana laughed. Dejon shrugged.

"If we didn't do it, her Eli and Mira would have." he pointed out as they put their clothes back on.

"Time to go back to them."

"Yeah. We need to break the news."