There are some things in life that just come without warning.

Sometimes, they're good things. They make you smile. They make you glad to be alive. They make you think of how lucky you are.

But there are some things that make you doubt your luck.

Rather than being grateful for your life, you fear for it. You start counting down the days.

You fear you won't open your eyes the next morning.

And sometimes, more often than you can imagine...

The eyes don't open.

There is a body, but a body with no life. No soul. Like an uprooted marigold. Still beautiful. But lifeless. Gone.

There are some things in life that uproot you. Like little children in their neighbor's garden. They see the marigold, with perfect petals, each delicately turned towards the sun. The children, unaware of the life within that tiny stem, uproot the flower, steal its body, and leave its life force behind. Proudly, they show their mother. They show her the little body. They fill a cup with water, and they place the flower inside, so that they might prolong its life.

They don't know the pain they cause. The marigold wilts full of pain, longing to be where it was. Intact. With a beautiful body that matches its beautiful soul. Where it can be appreciated and admired.

Not slowly drowning in a plastic cup on the windowsill of a suburban kitchen.

Life is precious. More than we can ever begin to understand. It's something we don't appreciate until it is gone.

The next day, one of the children goes to look at the little flower, and finds only a brown, wilted body. The beauty is gone. And he wishes he had left it in the garden. It would still be beautiful.

Life flees like the rain. One moment, you're in the midst of it, and the next, it's gone.

But there are a few who will try to catch it before it can flee.

As two brothers will find out, life is not as easy to catch as the rain.

This story is for my best friend, Justin Lex, who died today, June 12, 2014, from a fatal sickness. As I write this, I will reference Justin's life, and it's events to the best of my ability. Please do not insult him in any way, as this is still very hard for me.

Thank you for reading. I will continue as soon as I can.