August 20th, 2012

I yawned, stretching under the covers as I slowly came into wakefulness. I glanced at the clock; 1:23pm. My head throbbed, and I groaned, reaching for the bottle of aspirin I'd put on the bedside table and the bottle of water I'd put there as well. I sat up and popped four of them, sucking down half the bottle of water. That party was crazy! I thought as I stood to get dressed. Selecting a red V-neck shirt and my favorite pair of jeans (they made my ass look great), I changed out of my pajamas into my robe and headed for the bathroom.

After draining my over-full bladder – I must've forgotten to use the restroom at the party; alcohol goes right through me – I jumped in the shower, letting the hot water soak into my tired body. I take long showers as a general rule, and this one was even longer than my usual hour or so. After I'd dried off, I slipped into my clothes and pulled open my train case so I could do my makeup. Half an hour later I smiled at myself in the mirror, pleased with the purple eyeshadow I'd chosen to make my green eyes pop, and the sexy red lipstick I'd chosen. Thankfully, I had very clear skin, so I hadn't needed to fuss with concealer, just foundation. I pulled half of my thick curls into a clip behind my head, and let the rest fall loose, finally feeling ready for the day.

Sarah was waiting outside the door when I left the bathroom. I wondered how long she'd been waiting there, but didn't ask.

"Hey." I said as I passed her. I think she smiled at me, but she didn't say anything as she walked through the door. I put on a teardrop shaped emerald pendant and the matching watch, checking myself out in the mirror for a minute and fussing with my top to make sure I looked my best. Satisfied, I went downstairs and grabbed a Special K bar for, well, lunch, then paused.

In the livingroom was a large bookshelf, filled with books. There was even a row of books on the very top of the bookshelf, held in place by two bookends. There must've been a few hundred books there, total. Okay, she's a nerd, I thought, wrinkling my nose a bit as I pulled on my leather high-heeled and headed out.