Abenteuer des Lebens in Deutschland

We all dream of a place

Where we'd love to experience

The cities and landscapes

And culture of the land.

We all desire adventures

Through a land besides our own.

Little do we know adventures

Can be had every day as well

As on days when in the dream land.

My dream adventure is to see Germany;

I want to see the sights of Bavaria,

See the castles and churches in Berlin,

And find the Englischer Garten in Munich.

But adventures can also be had

When observing your dream from afar;

Even if I never make it to Europe,

German adventures can be found

In things and places close to home,

That I read, look at and speak daily.

I read a book about German culture,

And am proud of myself for liking bratwurst.

I read a book in its German edition,

And I learn some Deutsch phrases and words.

I look at pictures and videos

Of Germany's great cities and parks.

I watch my travel hero Samantha Brown

Enjoy Berlin, Munich and Bavaria,

All with a nice smile on her face

As well as on my own.

Although I don't like drinking beer,

It's nice to know that one of the family

Once worked at Anheuser-Busch Brewery,

And that my old man does like beer.

I learn the ways and lives of the Germans

That immigrated to America,

And enjoy the sport of baseball more

As well as the German-founded

St. Louis Cardinals.

I learn about the Freikörperkultur,

Or Free Body Culture,

And celebrate the boldest European land

When it comes to innocent nudity.

I visit the Germany Pavilion

At Walt Disney World's Epcot,

And experience the Biergarten

As well as the puppet clock tower.

I frequent the Volkskunst shop,

Where German books are out for sale,

As well as shops with trains, toys,

And pro-Germany apparel

With the finest cuckoo clocks.

I see the quick service eateries

Of Sommerfest and Karamelle Kuche,

Desiring to try a good bratwurst

Or caramel and chocolate candy.

I hear of German restaurants

And want to try a little of their food.

I think about the enthusiasm

Of Oktoberfest and Maifest.

I read about the charity

Between students in St. Louis

And Stuttgart, Germany,

And see how we all are still trying

To achieve peace through understanding.

Yes, everyone has a dream location

On the map of the Earth

Where they would like to have adventures

Like they have never had before.

But don't rush to your plane too fast,

For everyday events just learning about them

Can often be enough of an adventure.

And that's what life is all about.