Chapter 1 – Black Flames of the Dark Star:

The world is full of colors. This is something everyone can tell. But what no one has noticed yet is that... The world is losing its colors.

However, there are some whose colors are strong enough to stay despite everything that is happening around them.

Well then, let me tell you this story…

A male deep voice spoke. "Ksh. What a piece of crap."

"Ryuuga! Watch your language!" a feminine one replied.

"Auch! Don't hit me!"

These two friends, who sat side-by-side on the rooftop of their school during lunch break, were named Ryuuga and Airyu. They were 17 years old and in their last year in high school.

Ryuuga was the spikey, white hair that was pulled back, short, with gray bangs boy. His eyes were purple colored and showed annoyance and menace. He wore, obviously, his school uniform: a black opened jacket and black trousers, not to mention the obvious pair of sneakers and white undershirt. He was eating a pack of instantaneous noodles that he now regretted of ever buying.

Next to him was his best and only friend: a girl named Airyu. Her hair was a soft, light blue that reached her shoulders. It blew along with the gentle breeze. She was also wearing her school uniform as well: a black skirt and leggings, a white buttoned shirt, and a dark gray colored pullover.

"Then don't swear. After all, I warned you not to buy those."

"Alright, alright, I got it. I'll just stick to the usual from now on." he said as he stood up and threw the noodles into the garbage can. "Hey, give me some of your lunch, Airyu."

"Only if you ask politely." He growled at her smug grin. Her smirk looked as if she wanted to say 'Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyehhh!' right in front of his face. He sighed and gave up.

"Could you please give me some of your lunch?"

"Since you asked so nicely, I guess," she spoke, opening her two-story lunch box and handing him the top part.

"What the-? Why did you bring so much food?!" Ryuuga asked, astonished. The lunchboxes were filled with rice, sausages, egg rolls, and so on and so forth. Everything inside the box appeared to be the delicious.

"I had a feeling something like this would happen this morning. Here." He sat down, accepting the tray of food. He stared at it for some moments, until he muttered a word, as he looked away.



"Hey!" Ryuuga barked at a blushing Airyu. "I get it, you have a crush on me, just don't make those sounds."

"Sorry, sorry…"

For those who are confused, allow me to explain: Airyu has a crush on Ryuuga, but his feelings don't match hers. He never was a fan of romance to begin with. They did agree to stay friends, since they'd known each other for the longest of times and she agreed to try to get over him. But she still couldn't do so.

After quickly eating, Ryuuga stood and walked towards the grid of the roof top, looking over the crowded school grounds. "I need a smoke."

"R-Ryuuga! Smoking kills!"

"So does living." He answered, as he took a cigarette pack and a silver lighter out of his pocket. He placed a cigarette between his lips and quickly lit it with the lighter.

"B-But… it makes kisses taste bad…" Airyu whined, as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. She shook her head and asked, "What's on your mind? You only smoke when you're in the middle of a dilemma."

"I'm unsure about something… You see the class president over there?"

Airyu looked over his shoulder and spotted their class president, talking to two of her friends. The class president possessed blond gravity-defying-curly, blonde hair and deep blue eyes that were protected by a pair of thin glasses. Her school uniform was identical to Airyu's, with the exception that instead of wearing leggings, she was wearing long white stockings.

"I do. What's the problem with her?"

"I don't know if... I should tap her ass or not."

Airyu blinked twice and sweatdropped. "Eh?"

"I don't know if I should tap her ass or not. I can't get it off my mind!" He yelled as he sat with his legs crossed.

"You're unsure whether or not you should or not pinch-slash-touch-grab a girl's rear?" Airyu asked, not believing her friend's excuse for smoking.

"Hey, she's smokin' hot! My kind of hot!" Ryuuga admitted, with a cocky grin. "Not to mention she's kinda busty. I heard that she's a DD Cup!"

"Gyah!" Airyu showed shock on her face. "I can't compete with that! I'm only a C Cup!" She felt that her chances with Ryuuga only lowered. She tried to pose in a somewhat considered sexual position and called for Ryuuga, making him turn. After some seconds, Ryuuga spoke.

"Sorry, cute isn't really my style."

"C-Cute?!" Despite finding it a rather nice compliment, she felt rejected. She sighed and decided to keep eating, somewhat frustrated. "I think you shouldn't."

"Why not?"

"We're going to be graduating soon. Are you sure you want to get in trouble right before that?"

"Hmm… Meh. You're right. Plus, I have a feeling if I did it and she liked it that she would get clingy and all that. Not my favorite type either."

"C'mon, let's go. The break is almost over."

"I want to skip class."

"No!" Airyu quickly grasped his arm and pulled him along into the building.

"Wha-!? Grrr… If you don't like my decisions, why are you my friend?" Ryuuga asked, following Airyu due to her pull.

"Because I want to. Plus… I'm not pulling you anymore, and you didn't really struggle." Ryuuga only noticed that he was following Airyu into the classroom. He couldn't figure out why though… "Little tamed dragon." She giggled.

"What did you call me…?" he asked in a threatening voice, but Airyu simply turned and smiled, which made him flinch. He returned a confident grin. "Alright, I'm going to class, but I'll skip club activities."


Ryuuga walked back home slowly. He felt no need for running, and the spring breeze ran through him softly.

"Ksh. Why the hell am I weak-hearted when it comes to Airyu? I don't like her or anything, but I sure can't say no to her…"He stopped on his tracks. He felt like something was… poking his brain, if that makes any sense. He looked around with his teeth clenched, annoyed. "What the hell…?"

His ears caught a sound, a hard to describe one at that. It sound like a resonating metal piece, but with a lower pitch…

"Hmm?" Ryuuga turned towards the nearby wall and quickly placed his hand over it, with a hunch that the origin of the sound could be there. And then, his fingers managed to touch something that definitely wasn't a rocky material. I wasn't attached to the wall, and so he took it into his hand with a tight grip and opened it in front of his eyes after withdrawing his arm. In his hand, there was… a crystal. The sound definitely came from it, but it had calmed down. Despite his desire to throw the crystal away, he felt the urge to analyze it.

The crystal appeared to be between 3 and 4 centimeters long and 1.5 centimeters wide. It looked like some sort of diamond, and it was pitch-black in color.

"What the hell is this thing? This can't be natural… Designer's? Eh?" He suddenly realized what he was doing. "Wait a minute, what do I care?!" He pulled back his arm in order to throw it, but…

"I wouldn't do it, if I were you." It was a deep voice. It appeared to be… cosmic, in a way of saying. Ryuuga, scared, quickly looked around, but couldn't find anyone in the surrounding area.

"W-Where are you?" Ryuuga knew that the street could only be deserted. After all, he skipped club activities, which meant that all the other students would stay at school, and it was a workday, meaning that every adult would be in their working schedule, with, obviously, many exceptions like him. But that street in particular wasn't wide enough for cars, and it wasn't really frequented by most people due to being a long road to anywhere at all (due to the turns and everything).

"In your hand."

"Eh?" Ryuuga looked at the crystal and within the darkness inside it, two triangular eyes opened inside it. Ryuuga froze for a moment. Reality was bending right in front of him.

"Now… Let me take a peek into your heart!"

Energy came out of the crystal he held, and surrounded him, instinct obligating him to close his eyes. After some seconds, after understanding that there was no direct harm, he opened his eyes and found himself in a completely different location. And when I say location, I mean a completely different world, surrounded in darkness and violet lights, and he felt as if he was floating around space.

"Ok, where the HELL AM I!?"

Energy formed in front of him, without a distinct of certain shape, besides the triangular eyes he had seen before and the crystal in between them.

"Do not worry-"

"Don't give me that crap! Just tell me WHERE THE FRAKING HELL I AM!"

"Uh- Umm… It's hard to explain. You're inside me."

"Wow, talk about not being aware of your first time."

"Eh? I don't understand." The eyes shaped so it would look like he was confused.

"It was a joke. I spit those every once in a while, whether I like it or not." Ryuuga admitted, until he noticed that he had forgotten about the current situation. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, INSIDE YOU?!"

"The crystal you found… I'm supposed to be encased inside it, but when a rational life-form touches it, I am able to connect with them and leave the crystal."

"Oh. And you… surrounded me?"

"Hmph! You're smarter than you look."

"Ksh! I've been told that before." Ryuuga admitted, looking away with a cocky grin.

"I see. Well, I guess you've calmed down now. I'll explain everything."

"But be quick. I'm craving for a soda."

"Alright then. I am one of twenty entities, each encased in a colored crystal, each representing a color. I represent the color of darkness, black. The sound you've heard means that I am able to connect with you, for one reason or another. And I WILL connect with you. I'm sick of just staying inside a crystal case." The dark crystal flew out of the energy and hit Ryuuga's chest, passing through his clothes, somehow.


The energy began to take shape. It looked like… a dragon. A dragon with the triangular hollow eyes and dark color in body. His scales appeared to be incredibly spikey, and small limbs.

"Wait, why are you a dragon now?"

"I'm shaping according to your heart."

"Wow, so cliché."

The dragon's eyes widened. "What's a cliché?"

"Never mind. Just get me out of here."

A bright flash passed through Ryuuga, obligating him to close his eyes. During it, he felt his feet stand on solid ground. He opened his eyes again, finding himself in the same deserted street. He noticed that the crystal had disappeared from his hand, and he blinked twice.

"Did I… hallucinate that? Man, I should lay off the mint cigarettes." He spoke, feeling an itch across his chest. He placed a hand so he would relieve the itchy feeling, but then… he felt something. Something hard. He looked down and pulled out the collar of his t-shirt, finding the crystal. It was embedded into his chest. More specifically, right in the middle of his sternum. He froze again. "What the hell…?"

A little string of energy exited the crystal and passed through his clothes, taking shape of the dragon once again.

"So this is Earth?"


"I'm now part of your body."

Ryuuga was about to yell at the cosmic entity, but then looked down at the Crystal again. "Ksh. You're lucky that it looks freaking awesome."

"You can't really hit me; I'm made out of energy."

"Alright." Ryuuga appeared to be calm.

"How are you so calm? I mean, I might not know a lot about humans, but I do know that they wouldn't act so relaxed in a situation like this."

"Hey, there's nothing I can do. Plus, the crystal does look awesome. The girls will melt!" Ryuuga spoke, picturing images not appropriate for children regarding him and certain girls he had showed interest on, such as his class president.

"O-Ok… I don't really get it, but ok."

"Hey, by the way…" Ryuuga took out his pack of cigarettes and his lighter. He also needed to relieve some of the stress he had felt before accepting the whole situation. "What's your name?"


"Yeah. Everything has a name, right?"

"I don't."

"Hm?" Ryuuga looked over and analyzed him carefully with his eyes. "Well, I'm Ryuuga. And your name will be… Kurogon."

"Kuro… gon?"

"Yeah. 'Kuro' means 'black', and you're a dragon. So, you'll be named Kurogon."

"That name sounds… ridiculous."

"It's better than no name. Plus, why should I care if you like it or not? I'm already being nice enough to give you a name, don't you think?" Ryuuga asked as he lit up the cigarette.

"Thanks then." Kurogon replied, withdrawing back into the crystal.

"Eh? You're going away?"

"I can talk to you telepathically, and I also need my share of sleep."

"At least tell me you don't snore." Ryuuga didn't even care for the fact that a cosmic entity did need in fact sleep. Kurogon laughed, thinking that he had stuck with someone interesting.

Ryuuga thought that this would make his life more interesting, but he was wrong…

This would make his life MUCH more interesting.

A sudden sound of footsteps went into Ryuuga's ears. He turned around and flinched in surprise, finding what he could only describe as see-through zombie-like beings, with a male stature, with a blank face without eyes, nose and any features, their bodies appeared to be muscled but slim. They appeared naked, and lacked genital organs. Their hands possessed sharp claws.

"The hell is that, Kurogon?"

"Oh no… Colorless!"

"Colorless? But they're… grayish white."

"No, I mean they are named "Colorless". That means that it is already out."

"It?" Ryuuga was relaxed regarding the beings in the distance due to them having a slow pace of motion. "You mean you know the guy?"

"More or less."


"Not really."

"And those things are supposed to be… dangerous?"

"They can slit your throat."

"Alright then. Time to run."

"You don't have to."


"I can lend you power for you to fight them."

Ryuuga appeared intrigued. "Despite sounding like some sort of crappy cartoon, I don't want to run from this fight. So, what do I do?"

"Just stay still."

The crystal embedded into his sternum began to glow brightly, and released energy which surrounded the boy, and, out of instinct, he closed his eyes.

Upon finding that there was no harm once again, he slowly opened his eyes, looking towards his hands. He flinched. He didn't see the sleeves of his school uniform. He didn't have clothes over his arms, but his wrists appeared to be surrounded by two violet-silver metallic rings. Ryuuga noticed that it wasn't only the sleeves that were missing. He looked down and noticed that he possessed a different outfit. He had a long pale brown ripped scarf tied around his neck, actually looking like some sort of thin cloak. He noticed that his muscles were also much more defined than before. He didn't possess a shirt of any kind, and his trousers were replaced by a pair of large brown shorts that reached below his knees.

"The hell? Why am I shirtless? What's up with the dumb outfit?" he placed a hand behind his head in order to scratch it, but then he noticed it… "WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE GIRLY HAIR?!"

His white hair had become grayish-black, and incredibly long and spiky (like a thinner version of the super saiyan 3 haircut for those who would like a reference), easily reaching his waist.

"What's wrong with the hair?"

"Eh?" Ryuuga could hear Kurogon's voice, but didn't spot him anywhere, until he spoke again.

"This isn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Ryuuga's eyes became furious as he used one of the hands to hold his hair in place and turn his head in order to catch sight of Kurogon's head… as the end of his long spikey hair.

"You comfortable?"

"Pretty comfy."

"Good." Ryuuga popped up his leg, hitting Kurogon with his ankle. "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MY HAIR?!"

"How should I know? Leave that for later, you have to fight them off."


"You know how to punch or kick?"


"Than do so!"

"I'll trust you on that one." Ryuuga dashed forwards and pulled back his right clenched fist. He jumped and slammed his fist against the face of one of the Colorless. He felt… amazing. His punch was much stronger than he ever thought it could be. Ryuuga grinned with amazement, as he fought off the remaining Colorless. "This power… is amazing!"

But what he didn't know was that he was being… observed. Observed by a short teenage girl with flowing white hair and piercing amber eyes. She slowly spoke to herself… Or at least to what appeared to be herself. She was talking to a caged white tiger.

"So… A friend of yours?"

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