Chapter 37 – Radiant Start:

Ryuuga was teleported towards a rather large rock palace in an island near the Northern Coast of Japan.

"How the hell did no one noticed this thing here before?!" Ryuuga asked himself, as he returned to his regular transformed state. "Gyah, who cares?! It's on bitches!"

Ryuuga ran through the corridor, scanning the area in order to find out where his enemies were. He could feel that all 13 Crystal Users were indeed close by. He entered a large room, which possessed a tall throne. By the end of the staircase that led to it, Ryuuga spotted a stairway that led underground. Reluctantly, he climbed down the stairs, which led into a large and vast hallway-like structure, giving only one option of where to go to Ryuuga; the large door that stood by the end of it.

Opening it was easy, but reaching the next door wouldn't as stress-free, since two people stood in his way.

"You two?"

"So we meet again, Dark Star."

"Umm… Lunedi, babe, that line is a bit too cliché."

"T-Taiyou! Don't call me 'babe'! And don't use my given name!"

It appears that Taiyou and Getsuki were going to be Ryuuga's first challenge. "Six dice and two new forms. A good start nonetheless."

"Oh, you think it'll be easy to defeat the Radiant Ray and the Moonlight Shadow?"

"Don't you think those names are a bit too… childish?"

The two men spoke in unison. "What's wrong with being childish?"

The girl simply sighed and placed a palm over her face. "I'll never understand boys…"

"And we'll never understand women." The two boys spoke again in unison.

"Point taken." Getsuki replied, as she drew her weapon, the Silver Magnum, and performed a quick draw shot, firing three bullets.

Distracted by the previous conversation, Ryuuga wasn't quick enough o dodge the bullets. Each shot froze up a portion of his body: his left shoulder, part of his lower abdomen, and his right knee.

"Crap!" Ryuuga stepped back due to the surprise, and he quickly melted the ice using his fire and igniting the frozen bits of his body. "Grrr…! Doragon Fangu!" (Dragon Fang) Ryuuga's hand became surrounded in black fire and he dashed forward, with the intent of paying her back.

Taiyou dashed forward and he quickly placed the Peacock Die inside his crystal, granting him a sword with multiple colored blades. The two clashed attacks against one another and after a short moment, they both jumped back, Ryuuga landing on his hands and performing a spin.

"Doragon Mein!" (Dragon Mane) Ryuuga became surrounded in black flames, and multiple streaks of fire flew out of them.

"Wing of Justice!" Getsuki summoned her second weapon and quickly placed herself in front of Taiyou, protecting him with it. After Ryuuga stopped spinning and the flames disappearing, Getsuki quickly placed the Owl Die inside her crystal, granting her a hunter riffle with a scope that resembled the eyes of an owl. Taiyou summoned his Golden Magnum and the two of them continuously fired bullets from the three firearms they possessed.

"Doragon Tēru!" (Dragon Tail) Ryuuga jumped up and spun vertically like a wheel, and suddenly a stream of black fire began to emerge, from his lower back, resembling a tail. As he continued to spin, the tail continued to grow and envelop his body, turning him into a wheel of fire, protecting him from the bullets. He then slammed the fiery tail against the floor, releasing two fire streams from the floor towards Taiyou and Getsuki.

The two of them flew up and inserted their Falcon and Condor Dice, granting each of them a set of talons.

"Nisshoku Daibu!" (Eclipse Dive) The two of them flew down towards Ryuuga, ready to slash him with their flaming and freezing talons.

"Coloring: Indigo! Ultimate Defense!" Ryuuga hit his Crystal, and after assuming a different form, he quickly summoned an indestructible force field that made the couple of fighters bounce back up. "Karāringu: Rubī!" (Coloring: Ruby) Ryuuga repeated the transformation process and his hair and eyes suddenly turned Ruby; Kurogon assumed the form of a tyrannosaurus's head, Ryuuga's shorts became Crimson colored, and his scarf was replaced by a closed scarlet jacket. "Funka!" (Eruption) Ryuuga slammed his fist down against the ground, and five cracks traveled in different directions. They suddenly stopped and each one of them released a geyser of red-orange fire up towards Taiyou and Getsuki. The two opponents managed to fly around the streams of fire, safely dodging them.

"Let's raise the stakes, Lunedi!"

"Hai, Taiyou!" Lunedi ignored the fact that her boyfriend used her given name again, but there was no time to start another argument about it.

The two of them inserted their final dice in order to complete the combos. Both of them obtained armor pieces and their wings transformed: Taiyou's wings suddenly turned into shining golden frenzy flames, while Getsuki's turned into light blue clam flames, almost as if they were made out of ice somehow.

Ryuuga quickly drew the pink Fox Die and placed it inside his crystal, making nine fox tails spurt out from his lower back. "Rengoku no Kyuu Honō!" (Nine Flames of Purgatory) Each one of Ryuuga's tails released a fiery projectile, each one of them assuming a different shape and fashion.

"Kogoeru Kaze!" (Chilling Wind) Getsuki flapped her wings and they released a stream of blue sparks in a gust of wind, which froze the air surrounding the flames. Due to the vacuum the flames were easily extinguished, thus rendering the attack useless.

"Grrr... Coloring: Black!" Ryuuga ejected the two dice and returned to his regular transformed state. He then drew the Hedgehog and Spinosaurus dice and placed them inside the Crystal, making multiple spikes protrude from his back. He curled up into a ball and spun up towards his enemies.

"Neppū!" (Hot Wind) Taiyou flapped his fiery wings and released a wind of flames, burning Ryuuga up and sending him down back to the ground.

"Crap…!" Ryuuga muttered, as he ejected the dice again. "If 0only there was a way to… Wait… Kurogon, can I use a Core Die while in a different form?"

"I never said you couldn't."

"Hmph! It's time to finish this up!" Ryuuga slammed his crystal once more, this time turning it see-through. "Karāringu: Purizumu!" (Coloring: Prism)

Ryuuga's hair became multicolored, Kurogon's head turning into that of Demon, and his clothes were replaced by a dark-gray suit with a black shirt and a white tie underneath.

"He's using Datenshi's powers?"

"Never mind that! Let's just go at it!"

"Wait, Taiyou, don't be so reck-"

"Shūchū-bi!" (Concentrated Sun) Taiyou summoned a small spherical orb that perfectly resembled the sun, only on a much smaller scale. Taiyou hurled it towards Ryuuga, fearless of what could happen.

"Mirror Shield!" a perfectly cut mirror rose from the ground in front of Ryuuga, making the fireball bounce back at Taiyou and Getsuki.

"What?!" Taiyou was far too surprised to move.

Getsuki put herself in front of Taiyou and used her weapon, the Wing of Justice, in order to protect him from the impact.

"Getsuki, what are you-?!"

The impact triggered a powerful explosion, pushing both of them back a bit, but not causing that much damage thanks to Getsuki.

"Taiyou, are you o-?"

"Take this!"

Getsuki turned and found Ryuuga stabbing the Gold crystal on Taiyou's left shoulder.

"What the-?!" She turned her head back down, sure that Ryuuga was still down on the floor. She did see him, but the image suddenly disappeared. "An illusion?!"

"Grah!" Taiyou fell down onto the ground as his dice were ejected and he returned to his regular transformed state. Ryuuga quickly took hold of the dice and his right hand became surrounded in golden sparks. He quickly absorbed the powers without triggering a transformation.

"Taiyou!" Getsuki flew down, tears falling down her eyes. "Are you ok?!"

"I'm fine, I'm fine, don't worry about me, take care of Dark Star over there!"

"Stop lying! You were low on energy and received a strong blow to your crystal, you can't possibly be ok…!" Getsuki's tears of worry for him was simply an image Taiyou never expected to see. Even Ryuuga stopped, somewhat astounded. Getsuki stood up and ejected her dice. "Here, take them, just don't hurt him anymore."

Ryuuga was confused at first, but decided to take advantage of the situation and took her dice, as he returned to his regular Black Form. "Ksh." Ryuuga quickly clawed her crystal, which made her fall over onto Taiyou.

"Hey, what's the big idea man!?"

"She's the one who gave up. I have no interest in killing you if that's what you think. I only want your powers, and, I have to admit that the dice are kinda nifty too, so I might as well collect them too. I don't really care if I defeat you completely, just get out of my way when I don't need anything else from you people." Ryuuga absorbed the energy, again, without triggering a transformation again. He lit up a cigarette and continued walking forward. "I'll repeat it: unless I want something from you, I don't have a reason to fight."

Ryuuga walked past the door, leaving Taiyou and Getsuki behind. Shortly after, they returned to their human form.

"Getsuki… why did you…"

"Just… don't laugh…"

"Laugh at what?"

Getsuki cleared her tears and embraced her boyfriend with a loving smile. "Your wings are sharp so you can defend me by defeating our enemies. My wings are dull so I can protect you. And I… will always protect the man who makes me smile."

Taiyou and Getsuki didn't need to share more words…

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