Chapter One

"Hello Sir and Madam, are you ready to order?" I plastered a genuine smile on my face as I attended to customers who were dressed in expensive clothing, a man in his late thirties wore a black slimming suit with a blue tie and a white crisp shirt, is good looking, has a nice set of white teeth but it is clearly a pervert due to the fact that his hands never stayed away from the woman's legs and he slapped it a couple of times. The woman

"Can I have a..." The male customer pursed his lips as he flicked through the menu and soon realised that he was under immense pressure to impress his lady friend. "Baked fillet of red mullet with courgette and basil purée and sweet red pepper, please."

"And madam?" I turned towards her and observed that she was his play thing. Her breasts were practically on show and her makeup was a tad overdone. She vomited desperation and tried to cover that with her pungent perfume. She bit her lip as she pondered over the menu as I observed her. "Carpaccio of hand dived scallops with asparagus, lemon and samphire." Her tone was harsh as she caught me staring at her. She slammed the menu hard on the table and tapped her fake nails over it. My smile widened as I hit a nerve and took the menu's from the customers table. "I'll be right back with your order. It can take around twenty to thirty minutes before it will arrive." I smiled again and as I turned away from them I rolled my eyes and wiped the smile from my face. The same customers with the same taste in women. Women seriously don't have any self respect for themselves, they should at least have some standards but as you can tell men's standards nowadays are pretty insignificant. I walked straight to the main kitchen and placed the order tickets onto the clip in front of the head chef, Matt.

"Hey sweet thing, how's everything out there?" His tag name for me made me blush deeply and I leaned on the counter moving closer to him.

"Horrible, just saw another turd and a woman who practically was naked. He oozed off pervert." I pointed with my thum towards the door. Matt leaned towards me and tasted a dish that was about to be served.

"Great serve it to table 5." He pressed the bell and one of my co workers came and took the plates without breaking eye contact me with. "You look beautiful today," he tugged my dark black hair behind my ear and brushed his fingers against my cheek. That was the last straw we burst into a fist of giggles.

"You lasted pretty long, Clara."

"I know, I know. I'm getting better." I winked at him. "You should've seen her, her rack was massive but she was a complete air head."

"The air heads." His eyes brightened at the thought and he bit his lip deep in thought and I threw a carrot from one of the plates at him. "Hey," There wasn't any once of attraction between Matt and I it was just banter we weren't each other's types just best friends.

"Ugh, women are people not toys you arse." My british accent falling hard and strong as Matt was in fits of laughter. I grabbed the two plates for table 8 the ones that I served before barbie and pervy ken before my boss decided to fire me for lingering around. I didn't exactly want to live this dream, I was a fool for thinking that the American dream existed as I tried to conquer it head on without any fallbacks which was incredibly irresponsible. I'm a 22 year old student who studies Psychology and struggles to pay the rent and get by. I'm a waitress at a 5 star restaurant and I see many people recklessly spending their money on a thousand pound bottle of champagne and smashing it on the floor because it wasn't ripened long enough or to their taste which could save millions of people. I can't stand the people who walk through that door but because I have to so that I can get a degree and leave this hell hole so that I can help other people become better ones. I observe people all the time, there are some nice people but money, fame and fortune has poisoned their hearts and they're oblivious to it. They're the worst because there is no saving them.

As work ended I untied my apron and returned all the wine glasses and cutlery to the main kitchen, making sure that they're all washed before I retired into my bed a couple of blocks away. I shrugged on my fluffy coat and pulled my zip up before I departed through the door and waved to my co workers. I walked towards the main road and felt someone following me but I waved it off as if it didn't matter. I felt it again and turned around and saw nobody. I quickened my speed and my breathing increased as the paranoia started to kick in. The dark night was creeping in and I kept looking behind me when I collided with lamppost in front of me. I howled in my pain as my vision blurred in front of me. I started to feel nausea creeping in and I started to feel light headed. Everything disappeared from my sight and I was no longer connected to the rest of the world I fell into a black hole.

The light from my window was incredibly bright, it was blinding and I used my hands a shield and sat up abruptly and hissed as the blood rushed to my head. I felt strong arms pull me back down and I protest against them by slapping them away. I heard a low chuckle and I froze immediately. What happened last night? I thought to myself. I couldn't have done anything stupid I was walking home...then blank. I couldn't remember anything. I opened my eyes and looked under my duvet checking that I wasn't naked. I was stripped down to my underwear, a sigh of relief escaped from my lips and then realisation kicked in, I was here with someone else. I squinted past the sunlight and to the man who stood beside the bed and was unbelievably good looking. This has to be a dream, right? His eyes were a sharp colour of bright blue used for candy floss or slushies. His lips were a deep red as if he ate strawberries and stained his luscious lips which was an amazing contrast with his tanned skin. His brunette hair was cut short at the sides but the top in small quiff which made him look super sexy, like super hot. I could see his muscles jumping out of his shirt and if this was a dream I was drooling. Also, his cheeks were to die for. Seriously.

"You should stop that, by the way." He pulled out a tissue from a box and handled it to me looking a little disgusted when I realised my drool wasn't metaphorical.

"Where am I?" I tried to sit up and straight away my head throbbed and I gasped at the pain.

"My house, you banged your head pretty badly."

"Huh?" I said confused, when did I bang- oh right the reason why there was a blank I couldn't fill. "Why am in my underwear?"

"The blood was too much I thought it would never stop."

"Why didn't you take me to a hospital?" I pondered, this guy must have a valid reason for that at least, I kept staring at the way his lips were moving and the butterflies in my stomach were buzzing. The more questions I asked the more he became less attractive to the eye as fear started to seep in.

"You would've died, you bled a lot."

"From slamming into a lamppost? Right." I rolled my eyes and blinked as my vision blurred. Okay, I will stay clear of that.

"I can take you to a hospital now, your head wound is open again."

"Wait, I ran into a lamppost come on. I doubt I've been bleeding that much. And wait, why am I in your house? I should be at a hospital. Don't touch me -" he reached to grab my hand. "You fucking arse hole don't touch me. Why are you keeping me here?"

"Okay okay I'll tell you the truth."

I sat on the bed and crossed my arms like a child but I didn't care. "Explain."

"I want to hire you."

I blinked at him and pursed my lips together and inclined my head. "Sorry, what?"

"I want you to work for me."

"And why is that?" I narrowed my eyes, I didn't trust this guy. He's stripped me down to my underwear just to hire me. What's the flipping catch?

His blue eyes softened. "I know this is weird - hear me out." He put a hand up to stop me. "I know you may think I'm a nasty old man -"

"The hell I do." I interrupted and clamped my lips shut before I said something I would regret he could kidnap me.

"But its a good opportunity, I want you to work in my business brand as my assistant."

"Why? Of all-"

"I don't want anyone else, your feisty attitude is good for my franchise-"

"Just get my fucking clothes so I can get out of here!" I screamed and cowered into a ball.

"Fine, but please consider my offer."

"The hell I will."

"Watch your mouth," he warned his face threatening.

I whipped my head up and started towards him. "Who are you to correct the way that I speak? I don't know who you are or why you're keeping me here but when I find out you'll regret it. Also, I'm british we're always angry and curse. Who do you think you are?-" I raged, I was rambling on and I couldn't stop. "Why are you laughing at me?" I growled at him I grabbed the first thing I could see and threw it at him. "Get my fricking clothes so I can go home your arse hole!"

He was stunned, his eyes were unreadable as he saw the fire and rage that was built in me. "You're perfect."

I grabbed a pillow from the bed and began to aim before I realised that he haad disappeared, I was this close to throat puching him and escaping. He was back and stopped the search I was about to do to find my stuff before he came with my clothes and I slammed the door in his face when he gave it to me. Prick.


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