Chapter 2

My mind is in a complete daze, did this just really happen? I looked up at the ceiling as I made my way out of his mansion and asked myself why did it have to happen to me. His house was unbelievably beautiful, his decor was simple and surprisingly he's not vain. There aren't any pictures of himself around the house which I thought rich people had he only had a picture of a little girl which I assumed was his daughter. I passed one of the many rooms which contained a gym that had all the equipment an expensive running gym would contain, that's how he has his amazing body I thought. I shook my head and tried to remember the fact that he had kidnapped me.

My kidnapper had a beautiful kitchen, made of black, grey and white but mostly neutral colours. In the midst of all this craziness in the back of my mind I wanted to delve into his life and find out who he was but I couldn't. Not because I want to because I do but because of what my father wanted. It was completely different from what I expected, it wasn't self indulgent but homey as if a space to escape from whatever world he lived in. It was in fact a reflection of his face. Gorgeous and all features put in the right places and it annoyed the hell out of me because he was perfect and a dick.

This jerk had the decency to offer me a ride home and I told him to put a sock in it and piss off. For him to keep me in his house just because he wanted to offer be a job. Bullshit. He wanted to get his dick in my pants and it was never going to happen. People like him didn't have a care in the world except earning more money so that they could become more powerful. None if that facade will ever work with me. I was brought up in a string household, that values your family more than anything else. Money was an obstacle for us but we had to make a living and I'm trying to do that in the best way that I could. I was outside the enormous building and I am glad to see the back of it.

"Are you sure you don't want a ride?" He asked leant against his Mercedes, his deep and sexy voice trying to lure me in like the devil himself and I pulled up my middle finger at him without looking in his direction. His booming laugh echoed his carpark and I stopped the urge to kick him in the balls.

"Your loss." I heard the car door slam and it drove passed me and went through the normal road. As I turned to face the road I had no clue where I was, all there was were security houses with massive gates, I bit back a rude comment and tried to follow the Mercedes before giving up. I called Matt as my last resort of trying and failing to find my way out of this place. Matt was my only saviour and twenty minutes later he pulled out onto the road.

"How the fuck did you end up here?" Matt asked, his eye brow raised and his eyes widened at the sight of buildings he just took in. He looked like a dog that has just discovered a bone and His eyes trailed back onto me waiting for an answer patiently.

"Long story and I just want to forget about it." I opened the car door and slipped inside and breathed in. I turned my head towards Matt who crossed his arms and turned the engine off.

"I'm listening..."Matt yawned.

"To be honest with you Matt, I can't I'm exhausted. I'll tell you at work. I promise." I could feel a migraine coming on. I knew Matt wouldn't just let this one slide. I could feel his eyes burning through my skull. "Matt, come on we're late for prepping as it is."

"Okay, okay." Matt started the engine and pulled out. I breathed out in relief as I couldn't take anymore grilling from him. I just need to forget this day as if it never happened. There must be a logical explanation but u couldn't find one.

"Your jaw is so clenched I'm surprised you haven't broken it yet." Matt observed trying to lighten the mood and I turned towards him to try and make my day more enjoyable. "So where to?"

"You need to go to work and I need to go home to freshen up and get to school on time." I replied, reaching for a brush in my bag and trying to make myself at least look decent.

"Even though you look like hell, you still look beautiful."

I didn't know how to take that comment as I felt it was a compliment and an insult. "Thanks Matt, you're not so bad yourself." I gave the sweetest smile I could and as we stopped at a red light I got out of the car and walked home not even bothering to look back at Matt's hurt face.

After school, I headed back to my apartment after submitting my assignment to my professor. Thank god I was on a scolorship as I would've been broken if I hadn't been, seeing the way other people interact is the best part of my life and trying to get by helps as you see different types of emotion and conflict with people. As I approached my door I saw a slim figure on their blackberry and I narrowed my eyes trying to make out who it was.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I screamed in realisation and my kidnapper's head snapped up and raised his eyebrows.

"What?" He acted innocently and I was so close to shouting this whole building down.

"How did you find out where I live?" I screeched.

"I know some people. I'm not letting this go. You're the best candidate for my company."

"Because a girl who smacked her head on a lamppost whose magically meets a billionaire gives her an opportunity of a lifetime? Right like there isn't a catch." I rolled my eyes and pushed passed him to open my door.

"I can see where you're coming from." He nodded and scratched his face. "And there's no catch."

"There's always a catch." I couldn't believe I was having a conversation with him, my body was tranced by his voice and I could tell my body was displaying signs of attraction towards him but my mind wanted to beat the heck out of him. I went through the door and leant against the hinges showing him he isn't invited.

"I'm sorry Clara-"

"It's Miss Anderson to you, whatever your name is."

"Miss Anderson my name is Logan-"

"Right, Logan-" I stretched his name out and folded my arms."I'm already late as it is so let's speed this up. You can stick you job, you can stick all the facadè too because I honestly don't give two shits." The more I rambled on I closer I stepped towards him as there was this pull and we were close as it was already but I just invaded his personal space."you sicken me, you think I'm going yo succumb to this-"I highlighted his face with my hand."because I am a woman and you think I'm attracted to you, well you can fuck off because I don't want your job and I want you to leave me alone." The last part I whispered which made me feel unsure and all I could see we're his beautiful sea blue eyes capturing me and drowning me in. His eyes were amused but I knew he won, I showed emotion and if I stood strong for the last bit he would've disappeared. His eyes traced my lips and then towards my breasts before diving back into my eyes. My breathing quickened as he took a step forward and his hand lightly touched my cheek and blushed as if in command, he had control over my body at the snap of his fingers and then he just left. Turned around and left which pissed me off completely. I fell for his tricks and now I was angry not at his but at myself. My body and feeling betrayed me and now he has a gateway. I should've slapped his hand away or something. This has never happened before and it won't again. Ever.