So this is a story last semester for creative writing class. It was a short story assignment so its crammed into just a few pages. It should probably be edited and revised and maybe I'll get to that later. For now, I wanted to post it to see what people thought. I like it but I know I can make it better if I get the motivation to do so. Hope you guys enjoy :)

"You have got to be kidding." Derek mumbles from the driver's seat.

I just roll my eyes and continue to study my list. There are six things, from four stores, that I am determined to get and I have saved up enough money from my two jobs to do just that.

We drive past various stores with lines of people wrapped around the buildings and with each one, Derek grows wearier. "I can't believe you are making me Black Friday shop."

"First of all, you volunteered-"

"I did not! You pulled out the puppy dog eyes. I can't say no to those. I could be at home right now gorging on turkey and pie," he gets a wistful look in his eyes.

"If you make it through this night, I'll make you your own pie."


"Whatever you want."

"I knew I loved you."

We finally pull into the first store: Macy's, scheduled to open at 11. It is 10:30 now. The crowds of women outside makes Derek give me an annoyed glance, I just smile sweetly. As we stand and wait, the snow begins to pour down, harder than it was twenty minutes ago and it is blanketing us. A flake lands on Derek's nose. I giggle, wiping the small drop with my glove. Then I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him.

Once I pull back, Derek opens his mouth to say something but I never figure out what he is going to say because all of a sudden the front doors open and we are swept into crazy mass.

I'm shoved; Derek lurches forward, grabbing my hand to stop me from being pitched into the back of the old women ahead.

"Bedding. We need to go there," I pull him in that direction. When we get there though, all of the cheap comforters and blankets are gone. "What the hell? How are they all gone? The store opened literally three minutes ago!" A lady walks by, holding 5 comforters. "Well that answers that."

"I could go grab one from her. Grab it and run," Derek offers.

I laugh. "Let's not commit a felony on Black Friday. I don't think our university would like that much."

Derek chuckles. "What's next?"

"I want to get a mixer for my Mom. She's wanted a green KitchenAid for years."

But of course, of all the mixers left when we finally weave through the crowd, are bright pink that are over my price range.

Disappointed, we leave Macy's and make our way over to Fred Meyer, on the other side of town. Scheduled to open an 11:30, we didn't get there until midnight. Fred Meyer is notorious for having the best and the cheapest socks and is one of the main reasons the store gets so much business tonight. I tried to explain this to Derek but he just didn't get it.

Fred Meyer is just as frantic as Macy's. There is stuff everywhere and it is a good thing I'm not looking for shoes because that department was the messiest of them all.

"These people are absolutely crazy," Derek comments. "And that includes you too."

I glare at him and finally get to the socks. The hot commodity is over spilling from the boxes, they are all over the floor and the table and…just everywhere. I grab over twenty pairs, stocking stuffers for everyone and even more for myself. Derek grabs a couple and adds them to the pile.

"Now I want a buy my dad a blue ray DVD player."

Derek nods, begrudgingly, heading toward the electronic aisle. Once we get there, I have a change of heart.

The electronic department is in absolute chaos. There are so many people that there is not even enough room to squeeze through the aisles. I have no idea what the great deal is but I have no intention of getting any part of it. Derek's eyes go wide. "Forget crazy, these people are lunatics."

I nod.

Back outside, we climb into the car. I sit staring out the windshield while he gets the car warmed up. I'm very disappointed in not being able to get either the mixer or the DVD player because those were the two main things I wanted to come out for. I hate disappointment with a passion, not usually reacting to it well. "What's next?" Derek asks as he cranks up the heater.


"You mean that store we passed that had the line wrapped completely around the building, twice?"

"Yeah, but I planned for this. See, it opened at 11:30 and it's almost one now so all of the horrible crowds should be gone by now." I want to get some video games for my dad and my little brother and for Derek but he doesn't know this yet.

It is exactly one when we get there and I'm right about the crowds. There is still a lot of people streaming in and out but it is considerably better than the last two stores. We wind around the aisles until we stop in front of the video games.

"Okay, so I have no idea what to get here, so it's up to you. Pick some out."

"This is why you brought me, isn't it? You wanted to use me." Derek grins.

"Actually, I brought you to use you as a body guard so I didn't get run over. This was an after-thought."

"Of course it was. Who are these for, anyway?"

I tell him and he went to work picking out the best ones. He gets a collection of about ten games and then we go to the check out. Which we end up standing in that line for almost 45 minutes. We talk idly the entire time and even though I'm reeling from disappointment, Derek's still able to make me laugh until my sides ache.

Finally! We're able to pay and then head to the next store.

"Oh god, this is going to be a nightmare!" Derek mumble when I tell him where we were going: Best Buy. The new iPad is being released in stores for an outrageously low price and I have to get my hands on one. Cam, my little brother, wants one so badly he's trying to save up enough money to buy his own. My parents were going to get him one but I finally have money and want to buy him something really cool. Something that would earn me Sister of the Year.

This was a bad idea. This isn't fun, this is madness. There are people being thrown into the carts, pushed into the aisles and one woman just got her face smashed against into the window that I am standing in front of. That is totally going to leave a bruise in the morning.

And to top it all off, Derek is nowhere to be found. It's been thirty minutes and he still hasn't resurfaced. I'm worried that I was going to have to go in after him. But we had agreed to meet here if we lose each other so I stay put. Groaning, I slid down the wall to the wet concrete.

Nothing is going right. We've been out for five hours and all we have managed was some socks and a couple of video games. Derek is probably going to dump me after I put him through this. My head sunk to my knees, tears prickling in my eyes.

'Oh god, don't cry. God, Cora, don't freaking cry,' I repeat in my head. Not like that would stop anything. I cry at everything. It's pathetic.

One thing's for sure: I am never doing this again. And if I still have a boyfriend in the morning, I'm gonna have to bake 100 pies.

"Cora, what's wrong?" Derek's voice floats to me. I glance up to see he is right in front of me.

"I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot."

"Sorry for what?" He kneels in front of me and wipes a tear from my cheek.

"For dragging you through this! This whole trip has been a disaster."

"I wouldn't say that, as much as a hate to admit it, it's been fun."

"Really? I thought you were miserable."

"I'm never miserable if you're around." He groans at his own cheesiness, making me smile. "But look what I got." He holds up a blue bag.

"Is that…? You got it? Holy crap! You actually got it!" I grab the bag and pull out the brand new iPad. "That's why it took you so long! I was about to go in after you."

Derek scoffs and helping me stand up. "Well, I'm glad you didn't. It's nuts in there." As if to reinforce his statement, another person is thrown into the window.

"Oh my god, thank you!" I throw my arms around his neck and kiss him. It starts to snow again as we stand there, covering us in white powder. I pull back, giggling. I guess this wasn't a total failure.

"C'mon, let's go get breakfast."