'Please,' the young guy squeak, 'd-don't hurt me. I have a family to be with.'

The bunch of killers laughed, but one of them spoke, 'Oh, well we're sorry, but this is for the Law of the Paloma.'

Then, they started beating him up. The young guy cough and begs for them to stop, but no one did. All they did was laugh harder and continue hurting him.

'Sucks to be you guys,' another one laugh, 'being a Coquette.' He said it in a disgusted way. Like he was a vermin of some sort.

'Funny you should say that,' came a low voice.

They all stop kicking, and turn to face the new comer. The cloaked guy, smirked, and walked towards them, his hood covered his face. He chuckles, low, but it wasn't nice. It was one that send shivers down your back.

'Now,' he said, lowly, 'let the Coquette go. Or else.'

'Or else what? You're going to kill us?' one of the guys laugh, mockingly. The others laugh along with him.

The guy, smile venomously, 'I'm asking one nice time.'

'I think you should leave,' he said.

The guy laugh, shaking his head, 'You're making a big mistake.' Before the Paloma have time to flee, the cloaked guy strangle them, with a wicked smirk, 'Ah, I will enjoy this, won't you?'

'P-please, l-let go of me,' the cocky one begs.

The guy raise his eyebrows, though they couldn't see it, 'Ahuh, and why should I do such a thing?'

The young man struggles to his feet, coughing. The cloaked turned to him, 'You okay?'

He nods, 'Thank you.'

The cloaked nods in response, 'I suggest you get out of here before these guys follow you again.'

'Thank you.' And he rushes out of the area and was soon gone.

The cloaked stranger turned his attention back to them, 'Where were we?'

'Please!' the others beg, 'don't do this to me. I beg you.'

'That guy begged you,' the cloaked tip his head towards where the guy who was being torture was before, 'and you didn't care. What makes you think that I will let go of you easily?'

'You are making a big mistake.'

'Am I?' he laughs, with a murderous edge. 'I will let go of you all, but only if you report back to your leader that if he doesn't stop this, I will track him down myself.' Then, slowly, he lets go of them and turn to go.


He did indeed, he looked over his shoulder at them, but said nothing. He wasn't a fan of saying words. It was more about action.

The leader of the group rub his throat, 'W-who are you? I sense you not like the others. Someone way more important.'

'That's none of your business.'

'Master will kill us if he finds that you don't tell us! Who are you? What do you have involved with Coquettes?'

The guy sneers, looking towards where he was going to travel, 'Tell him this,' he said, lazily, 'Shadow is back. And he is looking for your master.'

'You're Shadow? The Shadow?' the guy blurted.

The cloaked smirks to himself and took off.

'Wait! You have to answer us! Don't go just yet!'

The guy shook his head, laughing with mockery, jumping into the air before flying off, leaving the half-dying Paloma behind. 'Soon, Casanova, I will come for you.'