This is not a love story.

It is about discovering yourself, who you really are. It's about finding out who your true friends, family, and enemies are. It's about saving yourself and the people around you. Yes, there are features such as passion, desirability, strong affections that make up a love story but I assure you, not true love.

; Therefore not a love story.


In the beginning there is nothing, just a dark blank canvas.

No stars, no planets, no life.

Over time, however, micro became mega and this dark canvas had the potential of life. During the processes of this universe being born, another universe was dying. In this universe a race of Angel inhabited there, a race of specie that is superior to all others and the most superior of the Angels were the Archangels. Each Archangel had unique powers that fulfilled the needs of their society; there was Kismet, Archangel of Wisdom; Amore, Archangel of Love; Hamas, Archangel of Health; and Thanatos, Archangel of Life. They had come from the world called Loroca where the entire race of Angel began.

However, their universe was coming to the end; they had suffered the perilous danger of a fallen Archangel who was called Dalutan. He was a power hungry Archangel of Logic, who used his power to wickedly pleasure only himself, his shallow black heart and his bitter mind. He was cunning, malicious and was not to be trusted but when he was trusted, he couldn't resist messing with other Angel's heads. He conned Angels to turn against the Archangels, sometimes against their own will. He was quietly building his own army of lost Angels to dominate and rule Loroca all for himself. These lost Angels were now known as 'The Fallen'.

It was almost too late before the Archangels sensed Dalutan was a danger towards Loroca but they were able to banish him to Oualarta; a dark prison. And he went through the agonizing transformation of his wings turning black. Even after making Oualarta his own land he wasn't satisfied without his revenge on the other Archangels. That is how the Battle of Kozoul began, also known as the Battle of the Wings.

Many good people were lost and the Archangels knew they had to act before any more Angels suffered. They acted out an evacuation of the remaining Angels through an entrance to the universe that was a dark blank canvas. With the Archangels almighty power they manifested the life that needed to be activated and in the making they created a planet named Noïa on which the lessened population of the Angels habited. Soon after however they realized just how few had survived and that fact that there was hardly anything to govern. After the Archangels conferring with one another they decided to create a new specie, similar to the Angels yet in fear of being over-powered they were made to be inferior. These new species were called Mortals and the home made for them was a planet called Earth. They observed the Mortal's behaviour through a looking-glass created just for to look over Earth and after this they knew what the Mortals society needed and due to this, the Angels and Mortals had to be kept separate, in case of conflict or rebellion. After years of observing, controlling, experiencing, Kismet, Archangel of wisdom, longed to be part of the world he had contributed to. And he also found himself drawn to the works of Amore, Archangel of love. So, at a moment of weakness, Kismet asked for the help of Amore to grant him love. However, after confronting the other Archangels about Kismet's decision, Kismet had to agree to the terms of surrendering his wings, for such a thing could not withstand on Noïa. After doing so Amore crafted a unique woman that was both Angel and Mortal, for she was to be the perfect partner for an Archangel and yet she had to be accepted among Mortals; she was enriched with beauty and granted psychic abilities, and she was named Aurora. In fact, Amore put so much heart and love into crafting this being; she had unwillingly given part of her soul to Aurora.

Soon after Kismet and Aurora left for Earth, the Archangels had come across a bump in their path they couldn't avoid. Because the Archangels needed to work as a team, the earth had a gaping hole which Kismet should've filled. The other Archangels tried their best but they found their powers to be weak without Kismet by their side and they could no longer help the people on Earth. So, one by one they left their planet Noïa, following Kismet's path, and surrendered their powers to spend the rest of their life as a Mortal. Ever since, the race of Angels strive again for the command of Archangels; without them they have been lost and the Earth with them was too.


'Once Upon a Time' is either overrated or overused.

'Once Upon a Time' leads up to stories that include adventure, ghosts, magic, true love's first kiss…

The silly thing is Mortals are drawn into 'Once Upon a Time' and then they're trapped, simply because 'Once Upon a Time' will never materialise, thus it can't be anyone's to freely take.

Stories that begin with 'Once Upon a Time' are pending to be concluded with 'The End'. Only one character of each story can experience 'Once Upon a Time', no one else, simply because it is concluded with 'The End'; cutting off any loose trails for someone to catch and be able to call that story their own.

Sometimes people wish their life could be inside a book but they can't because it only happens 'Once'and then it 'Ends' so no-one else can finish off or live on the story. People wish they can be rescued by a prince or discover hidden islands but it only happens 'Once'.

It's absurd, really. To be trapped in a dream of a different story to become yours. Why rely on someone else's 'Once Upon a Time' when you can make your own?

Guess the only problem with that is that we don't know when 'The End' will arrive. For stories, it ends when all is solved and settled, only then do they manage to 'Live Happily Ever After'; only then. However for people like Mortals…and for someone like me, we don't know our 'Happily Ever After' and we certainly don't know our 'End'.

But now I know.

It's time to escape the entrapment of another character's Once Upon a Time and make my own 'Happily Ever After' and to be concluded with 'The End'.

My name is Anya Thorne and this is my 'Once Upon a Time', leading to my 'Happily Ever After' and to be concluded with 'The End'.