Got a story to fit my revisions for the Criss Cross Chronicles series. Enjoy. (This may be the storyline for the first CCC game)

Episode1: Kazuka and Kazia's prelude

[About a year ago]

Kazuka: So, we're living on our own now huh?

Kazia: Looks that way. We got no idea where dad is, and imo-chan was with him.

Kazuka: (sits down on couch) What do we do now? We're registered in the school, we got food...

Kazia: ...We got our clothes, so that's everything.

Kazuka: I hope we'll still have cita coming in for a while.

(Cita is currency. equal to 1 yen or 1 us penny)

Kazia: We should, from that other job that our parents had. They made over 1,000,000 cita a year. Between both of them, that's 2,000,000 coming in for us per year since it goes to us now.

Kazuka: It may be a lot, but we'll have to budget that.

Kazia: Hey onii-chan, do you think we'll be okay with all of this?

Kazuka: Okay or not, we don't have a choice.

Kazia: You're right. There's no one to take us in anyway.

Kazuka: We'll be fine. If you really are my twin, you should have already planned out our budget.

Kazia: Yeah, I'm thinking about that. But you know what the good thing about all of this is?

Kazuka: What?

Kazia: We have absolute freedom here. Most our age don't get that.

Kazuka: True, you don't get a chance like this that often.

Kazia: (has a smirk on her face) And we can "play" with each other a lot.

Kazuka: (sighs) Please don't tease me like that. You wouldn't do it anyway.

Kazia: But it's fun to see your reaction though. (thinking) Though he's taking it well lately. I gotta change my tactics.

Kazuka: (thinking) Now that I think about it, maybe we aren't as alike as I thought...

End of episode.

Until the preludes are done, they will be kinda short.