– L.S.
23.06.2014; 05:03am.

I'm broken open, in and out
My feet are bloody from
Walking on these shards
Of what was once my heart.

I am a mirror, cracked
There's glittering dust littered
All over the floor; small pieces
Of silver, reflecting pitchblack eyes.

I am an unpolished gem
Forgotten on the shelves
Of someone who bought me
But never cared for my shine.

I am an island
And my shores
Are only weathered
By the salt of my tears.

I am a forest, evergreen
But my foilage is thick
And hiding wildlife, so
No one ever comes within.

I am a lake, deep and blue
But people do not swim
For they fear they might
Drown in the darkness I hold.

I am a volcano and I breathe fire
I break and I conquer and nothing
Stands in my way; for all run when
They spot the crimson of my tongue.

I am the wind, and I breeze wherever
My wild heart takes me to.
But I raise flames and bring disasters
So people are thankful I'm passing.

I am the sky and I am endless
And my colors have no bounds
I am the limit of no limits
But at the end, I stand alone.

And I am blood and so I bind
I tie like rope and forge by burn
I am red, and life-giving
And I am let to stain the floor.

I am flesh, and so I hold,
I cradle and keep and I store
I am what shapes the form,
And so I'm carved, written on.

I am bone and thus sustain;
A skeleton is what shoulders
The weight of the world,
And so, I crack beneath it all.

Though, I am misunderstood, you see.
I am only a girl hiding behind the mask of a titan,
Quivering next to my fragile shield
For porcelain wields fairly quickly.

I am alone in these shadows and
I am afraid of admitting my fears
So I paint up worlds with ink stains
Where I'm happy and sane.

I am alone with my nightmares
And strangely the Devil isn't
As he was painted to be when
I was a child afraid of the dark.

He's blood and flesh made man
A myriad of thoughts gifted beauty
A supernova burning up bright
Chasing away these shadows for me.

He smiles to me and holds me
And he's an island, a forest,
A lake and a volcan and the wind
He is the sky, my first and only friend.

And thus truly I am Ikaros,
For I am human and I long for my sky
And since I'm so close to it
I'll crash, and I'll burn, and I'll die.