Your eyes scan the buffet and take in the mess of tasteless pasta, the lumpy rice piled high and ugly, the squirming unidentified sauces, the sad drooping steamed vegetables, the crumbly bread, the salads drowning in harsh vinegar that make you want to gag just looking at them—how could this be happening? You crave sustenance but there's nothing here for you. Desperately you look again, craning your neck to see over and behind any obstructions, almost ready to give in and collapse—and then, suddenly, there it is! A dessert table! Fresh, juicy fruits, beautiful frosted layer cakes, sugar-sparkling cookies, crumbles and crisps and blueberry cupcakes. . . . yes! You are saved! And, slowly, you begin to crawl across the dry, hot sand toward your oasis.

Inspired by a prompt in this writing challenge: bekindrewrite DOT com/2014/06/16/inspiration-monday-errant-star/