A/N: This was a story I wrote for a school project a few years ago and decided to post. I apologize for any mistakes in the accuracy of the way these characters talk, I'm not completely familiar with their manner of speech, and I would also like to note that, because this is a story about the Salem Witch Trials, it does have basis in religion, but that their views are not necessarily mine, sooo, yeah. The language in this is not real, it is completely made- up, so if in any language it happens to translate into something other than it's intention in this story, it wasn't intentional, haha. Anyways, I'll stop wasting your time with this incredibly long A/N now; Enjoy! :)

"My mother fell ill when I was but a year of age, and my father left after, so of course the burden of raising me fell upon my aunt and uncle. They, having three children of their own, being opposed to keeping slaves as most did, and the fact they had not chosen to raise me, left me to being the least furthered and favored, as well as the worker of the house.

My three cousins were Anna-Bethe, who was a year younger than I, Suzanne, my age, and Mary-Lynne, two years older than the two of us.

They all had long flowing, beautiful fair hair, eyes like the ocean on the calmest day of spring, and fine, porcelain perfect features. And yet, even with all this, Mary-Lynne, arrogant and conceited as she was, saw me, with my wild scarlet hair and eyes of emerald, as competition, leading to her despise for me, becoming the cause for all of my impending tribulations.

Throughout my life, I had heard whisperings of my mother having been a person commonly practicing witchcraft. I had never truly met her, so how was I to know whether she had or hadn't? But, needless to say, I did defend her, without end, and, in turn, that caused some weary glances to be sent my way.

So, of course, when there was talk of people being accused of, and put on trial for, witchcraft in Charlestown, just a little ways from our diminutive town of Salem, my interest was immediately sparked.

But, soon thereafter, a select few were accused here in Salem, Tituba Indian, who was a slave, Sarah Good, and one other. After that, accusations flew constantly, leaving many people hanging atop Gallows Hill, and even more, still imprisoned. In fact, the accusations became so outrageous that the Governor's wife, and a four-year-old named Dorcas Good (daughter of Sarah Good) were both accused at one point.

'Twas not long before Mary-Lynne found herself amongst the group of accusers; and not long following that, she jumped at the chance to be rid of me, no matter the means of getting it.

The burning of witches had been banned many years before, leaving hanging the only way of one ridding themselves of a 'witch'. But, there was a group that still believed in the old way- one of which Mary-Lynne was also a very prominent and crucial part of- that the only way to kill a witch and to lift all 'enchantments' placed on the afflicted by this witch, was to burn the witch.