Once upon a time, I had it all. This was before it all happened, before those creatures. Oh hell, it was before the "zombie apocalypse."

Back before the zombies, I had it all. I was the CEO of a multimillion dollar pharmaceuticals company, which brought money and reasonable fame. I was the face of the company, the charisma and business savvy. My husband was the brains, the pharmaceutical know-how. Together we had created Riker Co. from the ground up. Hospitals and pharmacies all around knew our names, stocked out products. Now, it's all gone.

You could call it karma, I guess, seeing as how we caused all this death and insanity to begin with.

We had started out honestly. I met Nick fifteen years ago, back when I was in college. Eventually, we started to date. He became my rock, and I became his. We got married three years later when he started pharmacy school. I was more than happy to support him through it. It seemed the least I could do after all the support he'd given me through the years.

By the time he graduated, I was involved in hospital administration, quickly working my way up. I had always been very promotable, even in my youth. Since I was doing so well in my career, it only took about a year and a half before Nick could open his own pharmacy, a dream he'd always had. Another year, and I was quitting my job to run the business aspects of Nick's pharmacy. It had grown quickly as a neighborhood pharmacy. Once I got involved, it grew even quicker.

Before we knew it, we were talking to even more investors interested in owning a stake in our company. In just a few years, we'd grown from a small mom & pop drug store to a huge pharmaceuticals corporation with Nick overseeing the drug side, and me working as CEO and spokeswoman.

The whole zombie fiasco started around three years ago, give or take. You'd think I would know the date down to the second, but... Really, just too much has happened to even care about that anymore. I've also tried not to think about it too much.

It began when one of our more generous investors approached me one day, offering us a staggering amount of money to help him on a project. Nick and I officially met with him a few days later. Our investor had a controversial idea- injections to help in the evolutionary progress of humans. We jumped on it. Nick started making the actual drug, and I went to work on getting the board of directors and other investors on board. It wasn't as hard as I had expected it to be.

We started trials six months later. I recruited two nurses that I had gotten to know while working at the hospital to help us. The first few runs showed no results. The fourth though... The fourth trial showed spectacular results- heightened senses, increases in strength and speed, higher brain function. We were thrilled. That's when it all started going to hell.

A few weeks after the fourth trial ended, while halfway into our fifth, that fourth group started to show negative side effects. At first, the symptoms were reminiscent of mad cow disease, affecting mobility and brain function. Then they started getting violent, having bouts of rage- hitting, stabbing with nearby utensils, and biting. That's how we lost control completely.

Nick has begun working on a way to fix it all as soon as we learned of the problems. Meanwhile, I tried to do damage control, putting my well-praised charisma to the test. None of it ended up mattering though. We had never imagined the symptoms could be transferred through bodily fluids. We had inadvertently created a quickly spreading plague. Whole cities had to be quarantined, and then "cleansed". It wasn't enough. Nothing was. The public backlash was violent, as could be expected. Eventually, the headquarters of Riker Co. was burned to the ground. That was a year ago.

Now, Nick, those two nurses (Harper and Rena), and myself are trying to survive just like everyone else.

Thank you to my beta Pharo Comics!