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"Mom?! Why did you turn off the aircon?! It's so hot in here!"

I was quickly woken up by the inexplicable heat flowing around my whole bedroom. My room has never been this humid.


"Hey, it's already been 5 minutes. Where on earth is she?!"

"Mom! Don't play deaf with me!"

"Hey, Mom?"

Nothing. I was like speaking to myself. Then I thought. My brother! That little rascal! He is seriously going to be dead meat when I see his ugly face.

"Oh no. Achelous! Are you the one who turned the aircon off? Don't play pranks on me now cause I'm not in the mood!"

"Achelous Ethan McAdams! I know you can hear me!"


Still nobody called back.

"Dad? What happened? Where are you?!"



"Stupid little dillweed named Achelous! Where are you!"

Not even a single one of them answered me. No growls. No shouts. No "Shut the heck up Ampithrite Grace McAdams!"


"Where are they?"

Did they go out of the house? Why didn't they bother to wake me up?! But it's night time right? Nobody in our family goes out at night. Especially past 10:00pm. Something's going on and I need to find out what. So I pulled myself together and got out of bed. I slowly pushed my door open and tiptoed my way downstairs.

I started raiding the whole house.

I checked our living room first but it was empty. I went to the kitchen and they weren't there. I looked at every bathroom in the house and they still not inside!

"Aha! How about Mom and Dad's room?!"

So I rushed to their place then I carefully opened the door. No one. Where are these guys?! I even checked my brother's bedroom which was strictly off limits. Still nobody.

"Mom, Dad, Achelous! This is not a good prank!" I screamed.

I searched the whole house and they were nowhere to be found. Then I remembered. The basement! I haven't checked it yet. Maybe they're there! I ran to the our old and dilapidated basement. And to my surprise the lights were flicked on.

I kicked the door then it burst open.

"Aha! That's where you've been hidi-"

I was so flabbergasted of what I saw that I almost fainted.


Blazing fire.


"Wait a minute! Hahahahahaha! Fire!"

My family is so cool. They totally did a good job on pranking me. I never thought they would go that far. Burning a basement? Come on who does that? Well it is an inconvenience so might as well get rid of it.

"Okay, Mom, Dad and little dillweed, I admit you got me there!"

"Achelous! Are you the one who thought of this? You're such a genius dillweed!"


The door behind me shut close.

"Hahahahaha. Open the door mom!"

I turned the metal doorknob but it was stuck.

It was broken.

"Mom?! Dad? Achelous?! Umm okay, you can stop the prank now!"

The fire still lit up.

"Mom, Dad! Achelous! Open up!" I slammed on the door like a mad woman.

"Hey! Open up!"

Then it hit me right in the face.

This isn't a prank.

This isn't joke time.

My family wouldn't go this crazy. And to top it all off my family isn't the kind who likes pranks! How could I not think of that?! I'm so stupid! Some psychopath has locked me up in this room and I'm sure he wants me dead.

"Help me! Please! Get me out of here!"

"Help! Get me out!"

I was so terrified. I was standing in the middle of our basement. It was burning down to ashes. Fire was everywhere. The flames sizzled and grew bigger every time I looked at it. I felt like anytime soon it was going to chomp down on me and eat me alive. The fire was rapidly circling around me. It quickly spread around the room like snakes hunting for prey. I looked around it nervously. Then I felt something past through my body. Like a force. A magical one. This so called magical force prevented me from moving. Like it was strangling and crushing my whole body. I can't explain how much pain this force is causing me but it was so intolerable.


Oh shoot. He's here?! Wait a second- how the hell did he know my name?!

"Amphitrite." the low and devilish voice grunted again.

My heart beated violently like it was going to pump out of my chest. I tried running away from this hell but it was no use. My feet were nailed to the ground. I tried swinging my arms to clear the smoke that was accumulating in front of my nose but no, my arms were tangled up with each other. My arms were trying to flee but it felt like they were stapled together. In other words, I was paralyzed.

"Amphitrite! Look at me now!"

I hysterically moved my head back and forth trying to find an exit to this big oven that would cook me alive any second now. I started squirming and ended up burning my skin on the left side of my shoulder. I bit my lip in agony. Pain. It was so unbearable. I had many burns before but this was just unimaginable. Agony was the only thing moving throughout my body. I just wanted to die to end the dreadful pain I'm feeling right at this moment.

"Look at me Amphitrite!"

And if you think about it, who even put me in this place?! Why am I here? Why can't I move freely?! And where is my family?! I have trillions of questions right now but I only need one question answered.

"I said look at me!"

Who is calling my name over and over again?!

So I decided to gather up my courage and then I shouted on the top of my lungs.


Nothing came out. My voice suddenly ran away from my vocal chords. I tried speaking again and again. Still nothing. Then I heard the man's voice again.

"Trying to speak, darling? Oh that's right I may have cast a little spell on you." he uttered with an evil laugh.

Then a wind so strong swooshed around the entire room. I felt like a twister was inside ready to take my life at any moment. With one heavy blow I slammed down on the floor. The flames gone out in a glance. Why is the room not burned or already into ashes? It seemed like nothing happened, but I didn't even care about it because my body was so feeble from the fatal fall.

I moaned in discomfort. Wait- my voice? Is it real? I tried muttering a few words to test it. My voice really came back. Now I can jump this man's throat before he kills me. I took one big heavy gulp and started speaking.

"Wh-Who is that?" my voice shakingly asked. I thought I could be courageous. I thought I could be strong. I thought I already had enough guts to talk back to this man. But no. I was so scared and hurt that time. And pain was definitely the last thing I'd like to think about now.


"Who are you!?" I said a little bit louder and bolder.

Being scared won't get me anywhere. Dying was inevitable at this moment. Fear won't help. It will just bite me back.

"Getting a little fiesty eh, darling?"

"Where are you?! Reveal yourself!" this man is really getting under my skin. I need to kick this man in the nuts before I burn to death here. So I stood up with all the strength I can muster.

"Oh you're a really strong girl. I like strong girls." did he do that? Is he being sarcastic right now?! Because I'm totally not tolerating this crap!

"Stop it! What do you want from me, you monster!"

"Well you should go figure it out for yourself." the sarcasm in his voice diminished. His voice went from playful to cold and harsh.

"That doesn't even make sense! Come out here and fight like a man!"

"Oh I will."

Oops. Wrong choice. I may have taken it a little overboard. I have no chance against this man or creature to begin with! This guy can control fire and I? I have nothing.

"Where are you?!" I shrieked.

"Right here, darling."

I looked around the whole room. I can't see anyone! Is he joking around?! because I'm seriously not in the mood to play!

"Are you too scared?! Come out and face me, coward!"

"You're really getting on my nerves!"

"Well you are to-"

"That's enough!" His voice roared so loud that it was deafening.

"Show yourself, wimp!" I managed to shout back.

Then I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He-he is-is a-a supernatural being! Not just any psychopath that wants to stab me. Not a kidnapper that will beat me up till I die. He's a freak. A freak with powers. Powers that I can't compete with.

He was floating on a bed of fire. His hands were raised up leading the flames towards me.

"Do you see me now?!" the fire on his back enlarged with rage.

I took one big gulp. He was even petrifying now. The flames lit up so madly and surrounded him like it was his tentacles. Fire quickly spread across the floor again. It came near me. This time there was no escaping. I am going to die here and no one will know. The fire crept up my body quickly causing me to moan in pain. I felt tears streaming down my cheek but I'm not going to die giving up. The fire grabbed me by the waist like it was a living person then it lifted me up towards this man. I didn't get the chance to see his face because the fire around him illuminated so brightly that it can blind someone.

"What do you want from me?!"

"Oh, what do I want? I want you."

"Bastard! Tell me the truth, Who and what are you?!"

"I am your worst nightmare."

"What kind of being are you?!"

"I already said it, darling. Do I have to repeat myself?"

"Tell me who you are!"

"I am not a man of second chances my dear, but we'll make an exception for you cause you're just too irresistable."

He pulled me closer towards his face. The fire around my waist gripped me tighter.

"Listen carefully, darling. I won't repeat myself after this."

He took one big breath.

"I really am your worst nightmare. Trust me."

He smirked right in front of my face. Then he harshly released me causing my whole body to smash to the floor abruptly. This fall was more deadly and painful than the first one. My bones crashed in to each other. My hands were bent in an awkward legs were now inverted. I felt like my spine cracked in half. Blood was leaking from my skull. It was bleeding so bad.

I knew this was the end for me. This is the last of Amphitrite Grace McAdams. I'm gonna die without saying goodbye. This is it. Faces of my family and friends raced through my mind. All the happy memories I've spent with them came back to me. All my dreams crashed in to pieces. How about my family? How about my studies? How about me?

I can't hold it in anymore. My eyes welled up just thinking about it.

I moved my head to where he is and looked him in the eye.

"Goodbye, darling." he spoke with a smile of victory on his face.

I took one last glance at him.

Then my eyelids just fell shut.

"This is going to be an internet sensation!"

I suddenly sat up from the floor with one big gasp.

My heart pumped so hard. My eyeballs widened like it was going to pop out of my head. Tiny drops of sweat dripped from my forehead. My whole body was shaking. My teeth gritted through my mouth. My whole face was painted with a deep beet color.

Wait- my head? I digged my hand through my messy hair and found my scalp. I pulled it away and there was no blood! I looked at my hands. And they were in good shape as well as my feet! My body was perfectly fine!

No burns. No cuts. No bruises. Nothing!

And if you have no burns, cuts, bruises.

It can only mean one thing.

"I'm alive! I'm alive! JESUS CHRIST. I'M ALIVE! God has miracles!" I started screaming out.



I know I was extremely noisy and exaggerated but hey? Can you blame me for surviving a near-death experience?

"Oh My gosh sis, You crack me up!"

My dillweed senses began to rise up. The hair at my back was tingling. I smell crap and that only means-



"Good Morning my dearest sister!" he greeted with an evil smile.

My mood changed in a snap.

I am seriously going to punch out all of his pearly white teeth if he continues doing that.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"Oh. Don't mind me! I'm just watching my crazy sister having an extremely hilarious nightmare. Nothing big at all."

"Achelous! I'm gonna chop off your head and hang it on my bedro- wait a minute. You did what?! Achelous! I'm going to kill you!"

"I'm innocent!" he chuckled.

And if your dense brother tells you he's innocent he is definitely not.

"Oh crud. Oh no. No. No. No no no no no."

The thought of it send shivers down my spine. What if-if-if Achelous TOOK A VIDEO of me?! Oh shoot. Please. Lord. Please don't let this happen!

"Achelous, Umm by any chance You-you- didn't record that- that- right?" I asked anxiously.

If this bastard posts that on the internet I'll seriously forget that were related to each other and I'll cut his nuts off with a big chainsaw.

"It's Ethan!" he growled.

"I prefer Achelous more than Ethan!"

He rolled his eyes at me.

"Why did Mom and Dad even pick such an odd name anyways?!"

"Yeah! I totally feel you! They could have just simpl- Hey! Dillweed, don't change the topic! Did you record it or not?!"

He signaled for me to come closer. Achelous leaned towards my face and looked from side to side like he was going to tell me something that could change the whole world. When he was sure that no one was looking he cupped his hands around my ear and whispered.

"I didn't record it."

He pulled away and leaped into my bed.

I let out a big sigh of relief. Maybe my brother wasn't that horrible at all.

"Oh my gosh Achelous. I knew there was still a piece of humanity in your bastard soul!"


"You really sure you didn't record any of that?"

"100% sure sis."

"You really really really sure? Like really really sure?"

"Hmmm wait- on second thought maybe I did record it?"

He scratched his chin. His face was plastered with a confused look but it was instantly replaced with one of his evil smirks. I knew this dillweed couldn't be that nice. Damn it!

I angrily stomped towards him and grabbed his shirt with my bare hands.

"Achelous Ethan McAdams, I know you're my brother but if you don't get rid of that tape I'm going to punch out all of your teeth."

"Ohhhh. I'm so scared!" he sarcastically replied.

"I'll chop your nuts off piece by piece."

"Like you can do that, pervert."

"And to put the cherry on top I'll leave a black eye, ALL OVER YOUR FACE."

"Really funny, Amphitrite!"

"I'm dead serious Achelous."

I let go of his shirt causing him to fall back on my bed.

"Hey what was that for?!"

"Get rid of that tape. Now!"

"But it's so hilarious! Especially when you fell off of your bed! I almost peed in my pants, sis!" he said while laughing his ass off.

"I'm really serious here, Achelous!"

"Well I am too!"

"Achelous! You know what?! Screw you!"

"Well, Screw you too, Amphitrite!"

I was steaming mad. Why can't my brother be nice to me for once?! I can't hold it back anymore. Anger was bubbling inside of me.

I decided what every normal sibling will do.

I pushed his chest so hard causing him to stumble on the floor. I jumped on his back and then strangled him by the neck.

"STOP IT! I'm going to die!"


"Amphitrite Grace McAdams, I can't freaking breath!"

"Even better."

"Let go of me Amphitrite!"

"Delete the video!" I commanded.

"Hell no!" he bitterly replied.

I tightened my grip on his neck.

"You little son of a-"

Then my mom's voice interrupted our fighting which caught me off guard. Achelous fleed from my tight grip. He massaged his neck and gasped for air. After settling down, he gave me a I-totally-hate-you-you'll-be-sorry-you-did-that look.

"Achelous Ethan! Is your sister awake?!"

"She sure is mom!" Achelous shouted back.

He turned to me with his evil grin. I sense crap. Something's going on.

Awake for what? I thought. Are we going somewhere? But it's so early!

Then I noticed something.

Why the hell is Achelous wearing a... uniform?!

"I hope you go to hell."

"Achelous.." I didn't even bother his insult.

"Yes my favorite sister?"


I pointed at his attire with a perplexed look on my face.

"Oh this. This is just for some interview."

"Oh thank god." I sighed.

"I thought for a second that it was the first-"

"Seriously?! Amphitrite, it is the first day of school!" He shouted while cutting me off.


"Don't you remember?!"

"Yah think?!" I snapped back.

"Well you do now, doofus."

"Why didn't you wake me up?!"

"How could I? You looked like you were having the best moment of your life!"

"I hope you get hit by a ten-wheeler truck followed by another ten-wheeler truck, Achelous!"

"Awww, that's so sweet sis! Thanks!" he pouted.

What the heck?! I totally forgot the first day of school, I had a gruesome nightmare of me dying, and my brother also happens to have a video of me freaking out on my nightmare that could be the next internet sensation!

Could this day get any worse?!

"Oh! And not to make you nervous or anything but you only have 5 minutes before mom comes up here and kills you, Amphitrite."

He raised his hand with a rock n roll sign.

"It's payback time, dillweed!"

Damn it.

It just did.

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