Nat: Becky was sitting in the cafeteria before school one Monday morning when her friend Chloe walked over to her and sat down.

Chloe- Becky!

Becky- hey girl

Chloe- hey

Becky- what's up?

Chloe- not much you

Becky- not much

Chloe- can you believe it?

Becky- believe what?

Chloe- that the prom will be here in a couple of months

Becky- no

Chloe- its going to be awesome

Becky- really?

Chloe- yes

Becky- cool

Chloe- I know

Becky- so where's Adam?

Chloe- over there

Becky- why aren't you talking to him

Chloe- because I'm talking to you

Becky- Chloe

Chloe- Becky

Becky- just talk to him already

Chloe- Becky I can't I'm too nervous

Becky- yes you can talk to him

Chloe- No I can't

Becky- yes you can

Chloe- cant

Becky- can

Chloe- this is fun

Becky- I know now no changing the subject

Chloe- sorry

Becky- it's okay. U can

Chloe- can't

Becky- can!

Chloe- can't!

(Kelly walks over to them)

Kelly- wha arguing about now

Becky- she says she can't talk to Adam and I say she can

Chloe- I can't

Becky- you can. It isn't hard

Chloe- and how do u know

Becky- because I do. Because I can talk to guys that I like and so can u

Chloe- I can't I'm 2 nervous

Becky- u can do it

Kelly- what if he came over here right now and asked you out Chloe then u would have to talk to him

Chloe- yes true but that's different

Becky- Chloe

Kelly- you know its not

Chloe- ok so it's not. I doubt he will ask me out

Kelly- I bet he will

Chloe- u will lose that bet

Kelly- no I won't because I know that he likes you

Chloe- really?

Kelly- yep at least that's what I heard but you will never know If its true or not if you don't talk to him

Becky- I say talk to him and see what happens

Chloe- but I can't

Kelly- well you better muster up your confidence soon Chloe

Chloe- why?

Becky- why do you say that Kelly?

Kelly- because he's coming over here

Chloe- oh no

Becky- o yes here's your chance Chloe

Chloe- Becky I can't

Becky- can

Chloe- can't

(Adam walks over to them)

Adam- hello ladies

Becky- hey Adam

Chloe- hiii

Kelly- hey

Adam- r u okay Chloe?

Chloe- uh

Becky- yeah she's fine she's perfect

Kelly- especially now that you're here

Adam- really

Chloe- um y-yeah I guess

Adam- wow so would that mean you wouldn't mind if I ask you out

Chloe- u mean ask me out on a date?

Adam- yeah so will you? Go on a date with me sometime and be my girlfriend

Chloe- Yes!

Adam- really? Awesome!

Becky- great job Chloe

Kelly- Yeah you finally did it

Chloe- thanks guys

Adam- so can I walk you to your locker Chloe?

Chloe- sure!

(Chloe stands up. She turns to look at Becky and Kelly)

Chloe- bye girls

Kelly- bye

Becky- see ya

(Chloe and Adam walk away just as the bell rings above their heads)

Kelly- well see you later Becky

Becky- See ya

(They go to their lockers and then to their separate homerooms)