Nat: That night after school Becky was sitting at her vanity mirror brushing her hair when Chloe called her on her cell.

Becky- hello

Chloe- hey

Becky- you know your calling at a bad time Chloe

Chloe- yeah I know. Sorry

Becky- It's okay, what's up?

Chloe- just wanted to know what you chose to wear for your date

Becky- why?

Chloe- Because I know you Becky. And I've seen your closet

Becky- there is nothing wrong with my clothes

Chloe- okay there's nothing wrong with your clothes, but you have the tendency to dress like a tom boy

Becky- So?

Chloe- well what are you wearing? You don't want to dress like a tom boy on your first date

Becky- this isn't my first date

Chloe- with Troy Alexander it is. Now what are you wearing?

Becky- my green knee length skirt, a white tank top, and white sandals

Chloe- no makeup?

Becky- No

Chloe- Why not?

Becky- because I don't like to wear makeup

Chloe- but it's a date

Becky- I know that Chloe but I don't want to wear any makeup

Chloe- okay fine

Becky- and besides Troy likes me for me with or without makeup so if he says I look beautiful without it then I'm not wearing any

Chloe- I get it I get it and that true Troy does like you for you

Becky- That he does. I still cant believe me and him are boyfriend and girlfriend

Chloe- I saw it coming

Becky- I didn't. I didn't even know that he liked me like that until he told me

Chloe- what else did he tell you

Becky- He said that he's liked me for a long time and that he's always had a crush on me and was afraid to tell me

Chloe- Awe that's so sweet

Becky- I know

Chloe- Well it looks like its almost 7, I better let you go so that you can finish getting ready

Becky- okay ttyl

Chloe- k ttyl byez

Becky- bye

(Becky and Chloe hung up. Becky finishes with her hair. At 7 o clock the door bell rang.)

Patty- Becky! Troy is here

Becky- Okay mom I'll be down in a minute

(Becky stands up and grabs her purse. Then she leaves her room and walks down the stairs. Troy was talking to her mom in the living room when she reached them.)

Becky- Hey Troy

(Troy turns around and smiles at Becky)

Troy- Hey Becks. Wow you look great!

Becky- thank you

Troy- your welcome

Patty- so what time will I be expecting my daughter home?

Becky- Is 11 okay, mom?

Troy- 11 if that is okay ma'am

Patty- 11 is fine just make sure she is home safe

Troy- She will be safe, I promise I won't let anything happen to her

Patty- Good I trust you Troy

(Becky and Patty hug)

Becky- I'll be okay Mom

Patty- I know you will be. Have a good time and behave. I love you

Becky- I will. I love you too

(Troy offered his arm to Becky. Becky giggles and links his arm with her arm. Then they walk out of her house and over to Troy's car. They get inside and hook on their seatbelts. Then they drive off down the road)