Anschel was in a problem. His father used to force him and his brothers to do stuff that the girls couldn't, and lately, the thing was the Lublin branch of Bilu. Even after 117 years, people still thought there might be a chance for Jewish people to get a country. And this was Lublin, one of the biggest cities in Poland. People were just crazy, that's all. Komorowski won't allow this to happen. Of course, everyone can get a visa and move to the US. But that would just be stupid. Isaac and Esther moved to Greece a few months ago. Life there are better, Isaac writes. No pogroms. No raping or abuse. Jews are being treated equally in Thessaloniki. Their son, Reuben, is growing up just right. Why can't other places do it, then? Even the French are anti-Semitic. Only the Balkans are like this. This lovely blindness of European people is just creepy.

Anschel will not go to Bilu. It's dumb. Instead, he runs away. There's a train to Vienna and from there to Larissa. From there he could get a taxi to Thessaloniki and he's fine. No torture for Anschel Schneider. No more torture. And no more stupid Zionist organizations. The only one who knows Anchel is running away is Becca, his five-year old baby sister. She's a good secret-vault. While his dad thinks he's going to that Zionist crap, he's actually looking at time-tables. Saturday's the day he's going. And for good.

Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet, most species will fail – he heard it all. Mankind will not become stronger. The opposite, rather, will happen. It's all conflicts. Jewish people, even after 117 years, still think they're going to have a country; Russia and Ukraine fight constantly, the US meddle there, and everyone ends up complaining. Prejudices and ignorance control all; racism is as influential as the UN, and anti-Semitism and homophobia are its VIP members. If this is how mankind thinks to survive, they're just wrong.

Anschel goes to Greece because he would not watch the world fall around him. "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" are the key words to survival. Unfortunately, no one knows it. Not even the French, who claimed them as key 225 years ago. But they won't use them. Isn't it a bit shitty?

A/N: Extremely short, I know. But it might become a series of drabbles. I don't know yet.

This drabble is my answer to History classes. I had no teacher for a lot of time this year, and the one that my class had didn't even bother teaching. So my entire class failed History this year. And today I thought, 'Hey, dude. What's wrong with this world? How about you post a pink triangle on Facebook the next holocaust memorial day, not only Jews died then...' And then I came up with comeback for all the dumb Israelis out there, complaining about the holocaust only in the Jewish aspect. And there came Anschel, an anti-Zionistic Polish teen, from a world where the holocaust and Israel never happened. And he might return, too. All depends. Yay?