A/N: Tarot prompt on allpoetry, written for a contest.

She Who Holds the Moon

When the fool leaves the crafty magician,

He comes upon a magnificent door and

Enters a shrouded library.

There sitting beside worm-eaten tomes,

Holding ancient scrolls, the all-seeing psychic,

Veiled in images of moons and stars,

Curled a finger for him to come before her.

Without words, the eternal muse opened

Her power, indigo eye staring from her brow,

Looking to enlighten the innocent mind

Of the soul standing before her throne.

Occult knowledge, intuitive feelings,

Here he will learn manifestation of creation,

For the High Priestess has taken the seeds

Planted by pure will and has given them fruition.

Here, in the cooling energy of the night,

She will guide the blind man on his path

To his ultimate death and rebirth,

Asking the fool to listen to the universe.

For it will not lead him astray

On his journey to ascension.