He stood at the floor to ceiling window of his hospital-white painted office, even so many stories high, he saw only inky blackness penetrated, if only momentarily, by the bright explosions of light happening far from the research facility, but still closer than he would have liked. He saw the colors of blue, green, yellow, orange, and most commonly RED. He felt the vibrations in his feet as the shocks shook the very foundation of the building. It was only a matter of hours until- His thoughts were interrupted as the automated door behind him slid open, granting admittance to a casually dressed woman in a midnight wool sweater with dark faded skinny jeans and black noira boots. She was offsetting, yet also paralleling to his crisp and clean white lab coat with simple black shirt and pants, paired with mostly black with blood red highlighted running shoes that still looked serious. He kept a serious but alert demeanor where as she was frantic in her breathing and very outwardly upset. Her hair was a deep red, almost auburn color that went well with her amazon green eyes. His hair was kept short-cut and it was a gray so dark, it could easily be confused as black, even up close, his eyes were like blue ice as he stared at her waiting for an explanation to the interruption. She gave one, "The outer perimeters one through three have been breached," the man tensed, they were moving fast,"and subjects four, and seven have destabilized. So has... He." The woman's voice wobbled over the word seven and nearly cracked on the word He. The man's eyes widened a fraction, but went unnoticed as he heard these words, he simply replied with, "Get the subjects under control, I shall take care of Varren." The woman nodded and rushed out of the room, though they were both scientists, both she and the man felt like their smarts weren't going to get them out of this situation, it was getting serious. Once her footsteps faded, the man calmly, but quickly, walked over to a wall of his office. Though everything was white, there was a small square about the size of a penny that was just a shade lighter than everything else on the wall. He placed his index finger on it and pressed, a blue light quickly scanned across the square and the wall clicked. He took a step back as the wall dropped quickly, revealing an elevator built for up to five passengers, an escape elevator. There were two buttons in the elevator, one marked S5 the other with E. He pressed S5 as entered the elevator and grabbed the railing, he hated elevators. The door shut and he felt a slight tug as gravity lessened on his body, the elevator was descending at a quicker rate than what was considered "standard or safe", actually it was dropping at about double the speed.

After descending nearly thirty floors, the sickening ride ended and the door opened, another hidden wall opened after it. Now he saw an entire science lab full of equipment and scientists. No two pieces of equipment looked the same, but all of the scientists shared the same traits, as if brothers and sisters. Both male and female had dusty grey hair with silver eyes, thin bodies, and they wore standard company science coats and clothes, all white. One wall of the lab wasn't like the usual white cement walls that the rest of the entire building shared, but it was actually a window. Solid glass, reinforced, shatter and bullet proof, fourteen inch thick. Behind the window was a box, roughly ten by ten, also made of the nearly indestructible glass. Several machines fed I.V. tubes into the box that were planted into the flesh of the subject, a boy. Some of the machines beeped loudly, alarms that nobody should be able to hear, except He did. For the first time, he was on the inside of the glass, that's where the elevator had deposited him. He walked closer to the subject. Though the boy floated in nutrient enriched fluid, and should have been unconscious, he was thrashing albeit weakly, his eyes were still closed. The man began to unplug several of the machines that required external power, not caring of the data being lost. He pulled a card key from his pocket and inserted it into one of the self powered monitor computers, a digitized female voice asked for a voice cognitive password. By now, some of the scientists had noticed what was going on behind the glass and were yelling and hitting it, no sound leaked through. The man took a deep breath, preparing for the worst while hoping for the best and also pondering on the future, the future of the boy. "S5, Varren, Torrand." The corners of the box made hissing and cracking noises, then they fell. water flowed over the floor, soaking the man's lower body as it splashed out. The glass fell outward to not damage the specimen, and the top panel was fixed to the ceiling, it acted as a low power LED light. The man walked over to the boy, now on the floor, and knelt down, removing tubes as carefully as he could. He checked to see if the boy was breathing, he wasn't, he had never had a breath of air in his life. The scientist had no choice but to perform basic cpr until the subject knew how to breathe on his own. The man made a sigh of relief, the boy will live, but it was time to go. Nothing said this better than the huge quake that rocked the room, sending several scientists sprawling, the explosion had originated in the lab on the other side of the glass, wall shrapnel had hurt several of the workers and they were on the floor. A huge hole had been blown through one of the walls and standing in the hole was another boy, an escaped subject, his face showed complete anger and little else. The man looked at the other boy in distaste and a small amount of fear. "I told her to keep him under control" he said to himself. As the new boy took notice of the other, he began to run towards the glass, anyone within an eight foot vicinity was knocked through the air by an invisible force. As he approached the glass, the angry subject raised his fist to punch, the second it made contact, the air shimmered around him and cracks formed in the foot thick glass. The man didn't have much time. He looked down at the boy at his feet, he was curling up into himself and moaning, he was shivering too. The man took off his lab coat and used it as a blanket to cover the naked boy. He picked him up and ran for the elevator, another explosive crack resounded behind him, the glass was going to break soon. He pressed the button on the elevator as soon as he entered and it seemed to drop like a rock. Not free fall, but close to it. Slow enough to stand. The man didn't, he slumped in a corner still holding the boy, clenching his teeth against the semi-weightless sensation. He'd nearly lost his nerves in a total of fifteen minutes.