Remus was actually the first to leave his smaller friend's grip. In the time that they had their physical contact, they shared not only thoughts, but feelings and memories, though their were few yet, they were very enlightening to the other. Varren had felt Remus' power and in return shared the visions of his rampage that he had absorbed from Neil as he had carried him away. Varren had also learned what it felt like to kill, as if he had done it himself. It was near maddening when paired with the last thoughts he had heard from the dying scientists as their injuries, caused by Remus, took their lives. He shared these with Remus also, now they both knew the terrible consequences of death, they knew true pain, the loss, and the coldness that comes when a consciousness fades, forever. Remus then began to cry quietly, the tears ran quickly to his chin and fell, but he turned his head away so that Neil, at least, wouldn't see them. Varren did see them though. Varren suddenly sensed an impatience growing within his father's mind and stated his thoughts out loud. We need a way out of here. Neil, who had already been searching for some minutes agreed immediately and spoke directly to Remus who was discretely trying to wipe his tears away, which still avoided Neil's attention in the poorly lit area. "I need you to tear through the elevator's floor, like the ceiling, but a smaller hole would be appreciated, we still need standing room." A look of confusion passed over Remus' face for a second before he set to work. Varren turned to Neil and told him, Remus doesn't understand spoken language, I'm learning just because when you speak, the meaning of your words often mirror in your thoughts as you say them. But I cannot speak anything except simple words outloud and understand myself, not yet. Neil just rolled with it and apologized in thought, following with the question of 'Why must I think our conversation, Remus was never designed to be telepathic, just psychokinetic.' Varren gave a fair explanation, Neither of us speak your language as I just said, I read general meanings and emotions from peoples thought waves and broadcast my own. I translate for Remus, because thoughts don't have a 'language' you can understand anyone's thoughts.' Remus then began his work on the floor, being more deliberate in every movement of the metal so as not to collapse the entire elevator, probably killing them all. Clenching his teeth against the terrible noise of grating and tearing metal, Neil began to search his pockets for other useful objects besides his phone. He told Varren to go through his jacket pockets as well. Neil managed to salvage a small list of useful objects from his everyday work things, he found a pen, his wallet (VERY full), his home and office key sets, and... something he immediately slipped back into his pocket. Varren pulled out a notepad, two more pens, and a syringe of clear fluid. He held it up to Neil with a questioning glance. When Neil noticed what the boy had in his hands, his mind shouted fear, of course not on purpose, Varren dropped the syringe onto the ground and Neil quickly smashed it with his foot. Remus had looked up from the torn floor at hearing Neil's fearful thoughts that had been amplified through Varren thinking he was in danger, but not sensing any immediate danger sent Varren a message of safety and went back to his work. Varren, however relieved he was safe, confronted Neil in anger about scaring him so, suddenly the air shimmered as if Remus was working the air in front of his face as fumes were released from the liquid and broken glass on the floor. It soon completely evaporated leaving no sign of any liquid ever having been in the syringe in the first place, this confused Varren. Neil suddenly became "the parent" and told Varren, "It's best that if you find any more of these that you don't touch them without my explicit instructions to do so." though it was spoken, Neil's comment had sunk in, when his thoughts were read. Varren gave a sad, but glaring look, like a twelve year old who had gotten into trouble. Remus snickered in the background, "The same goes for you Remus", Neil held a hand to his head, as if he was gaining little more than a headache from the sheer amount of childishness in the room. 'these are such strange children' he thought to himself, so it wouldn't upset Varren. He took a slow, deep breath and looked up, 'Remus, are you finished yet?' he thought it in a clipped voice. The grating noises stopped as the larger teen looked up, he replied 'good enough I guess'. Neil scooped up some metal wreckage and threw it down the hole, some seconds went by, then a clattering noise echoed up the elevator shaft. With some quick mental math, which Varren did take interest in, Neil figured that they were about 60 something feet above the ground. 'We can't jump that' Varren understated, actually on purpose. Neil looked at him questioning his slight sarcasm, but simply said, 'but Remus can.'