I yawned... it was a slow day.

"I hate stake-out," I commented to my partner.

"Who doesn't?" he sighed and let his head thump onto the steering wheel.

Another yawn.

"Hey, Iris," he tried.

I turned my gaze to him.

"Um, nevermind," he said and shrank away from me.

The moon spilled out its light above the trees and down on the ground a raccoon sniffed at a garbage can next to the path curiously. I examined it for a minute before sighing and leaning back in the seat, trying to relax and entertain myself with inner thoughts. Not my kind of thing.

"Can they just show up already?" I snarled. "Come on. Are we in the right place? We've been sitting here all night and the only person I've seen come by here is a fucking creeper." My fist slammed on the dashboard, making my partner flinch back.

"It's only been an hour," he muttered. Sweat dripped down his brow despite the AC blasting into both our faces.

I groaned and gnawed at my fingernails, sticking out from fingerless gloves. "Damn these people," I said and yanked a long strip off a thumb nail.

"I think that might be them," he said and pulled the keys out of the ignition, cutting the hum of the engine short. I squinted out the front windshield and Thist took over, refining my vision.

Thist- that is being an internal parasite implanted to enhance my abilities. More on that later though. Dark figures moved along the path and I looked the other way down there to, Thist putting a purple blotch over their shape for a second so knew where the others were. I ducked down under the dashboard.

"Ready?" my partner asked.

Ready? I asked Thist via mental link.

When you are, he responded.

I nodded to my partner, who held up three fingers... two fingers... one... I threw the door open and brandished an M-16, aiming and firing already at two of the targets. My partner looked over after he downed the two coming from the other side and gave me a thumbs up and a little smile. I nodded at him again and started to approach him for a high five. A roar of an engine made me look widely around.

Ahead, in the underbrush, Thist contributed.

A giant truck tore through the bushes and I watched in gruesome HD as my partner was hit and then sucked under the wheel, flung into the wheel well and spat out into the rocks along the side of the wide path in pieces. My legs locked for a moment and I bit back regret at being so cold to him earlier but Thist took over and moved my body for me, knowing we had to get out of the way before we were next. He brought me to the side of the road and tried to aim at the driver but the truck was already heading toward us. He brought us back another step and fell back on one of the rocks, sending pain coursing through my ass. I shook my head and retook control.

Adrenaline started pumping in my veins as Thist pumped it out of my adrenal glands and made me feel beyond hyper-alert and restless. I scrambled up the closest tree to the path and looked down at the truck. I thought I was safe but another gunman from somewhere shot me, the loud bang making me flinch even before the bullet smacked into my chest and caused me to fall from my perch and hit the ground hard, snapping my wrist under my weight. The man came over and grabbed me, dragging me over to a rock and pinning me against it, disarming me and putting a hand over my throat. I clawed and tried kicking him where it hurt but he was too strong. My strength drained and I sputtered and choked on saliva, sending foam down my chin.

Thist, can't you do anything? I tried and felt some strength return to my limbs.

I can't support you for long.

A well placed kick made the man loose strength and I followed it up and smashed my foot into his gut. He lost his grip around my throat and I managed to suck in a heavenly breath and wriggle out of his grip on my arm, aiming to take him out by any means possible. Of course, the truck driver guy had clambered out and was also armed and he sprayed a series of bullets at me. I ducked down behind his comrade but tha didn't stop him.

Blood poured out of the man's body as he fell and a well aimed bullet came straight at me. My heart pounded as I watched it and stood up to get out of the way. It embedded itself into my stomach and I fell down and gasped for air, coughing up blood.

Iris? Thist tried to get me moving again but my body didn't listen to him either, my muscles seizing and tensing to deal with the pain. Pretty soon, I passed out and felt even my breathing fade away until the movement of air felt foreign inside me.

Iris, Thist desperately fed my heart energy to keep it beating and compressed muscles around the tunnels carved out by the pieces of metal inside me.

A shadow loomed above me and my unfocused eyes made out blurry images of the men and my ears picked up snigbits of what they said.

"just a kid... shame... dead?" They checked my pulse and found nothing. One shook his head and gently closed my eyes before walking away.

Am I gonna die? I asked Thist cautiously.

He didn't respond while I was conscious. If he did after, I didn't remember it.

AN- I know it's a new story. I know I have like thirty already but my characters want out of my head, onto paper and I don;t feel like this is one I can keep to myself. Just... some people don't understand. I friggin sleep with drawing of all my friggin characters and if I don't have my computer or if theres no wifi, I just can't sleep cause they're not there and... I'm not kidding when I say writing these little stories has saved my life. I've gone through a lot and this is just... mine. Just mine.

Anyways, thanks for reading. You'll probably see an icrease in my updates to all of my stories except the ones I half gave up on, half re-read to find inspiration again. So that'd probably be... Child of War, Child of Hacks, Servester, Project FREAK Junior, Ice Hawk, Hymn, A Serial Killer's Apprentice, Mother Sammy, Stella DeLuna (those parts take a while since they'e so long), Teresa Marina, and maybe Forget to Forget. Those are the ones that you'll probably see continued. The others maybe, maybe not. I'm just so bored now since school got out, I have seven extra hours every day and am still adjusting so, who knows, all of them might flourish but... yeah... if you haven't read my stuff before, you should probably take note this AN is actually really long for me. Usually it's just a few sentences...