SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! I need to do a creative speech for my speech class about one interesting thing about me, and I picked that I'm a poet.

So, naturally, I have to make the entire stupid thing rhyme.

And I fail at life, and rhyming.

It needs to be about two, four minutes long. This is what I have, but I can't rhyme enough words to make it sound cheesy and rhyme-y. So if any of you could please point out words or phrases I could use/change/alter, that'd be a big help.

Freaking public speaking...


There are different ways to rhyme; you can do it at the end of every line, you can do it every other word, you can flash it in a song's best chord- see, wasn't that bad? But there are so many rhyme schemes, and sometimes words don't even rhyme they just sound really cool, like do re mi, or I can sing.

But poems can direct the soul. A good friend of mine once told me you can find the meaning of life in a line of words, maybe not just one but more, all of them and in every letter.

But enough about rhyming, what about freestyle? It's becoming more and more difficult to find a rhyme because so many people already wrote all the time, all their life, and we're running out of words to tie


I never really rhyme, because I write too much to stress myself out with trying to make lines sound well thought about. Rhyming is difficult, it only really rhymes with miming or timing, so that it's frustrating and very hard to try.

Then, sometimes, writers don't just rhyme, they BOLD words left and right, so much that you DON'T always know what's going on and still, you try to catch a rhyme.

They only capitalize some words to SYMBOLIZE everything, and there are a million different theories about symbolizing words and a thousand different queries about actually making sense.

Some don't, some do.

Noodle stew!


Writing can be difficult,

rhyming can't be easy

Bolding can be IRRITATING

and trying to read it all can make me just a little queasy.

My name is ****** ******, and I'm a poet-

and I do know it.