Another one shot! WOOOPA!


All I heard was feet slapping the concrete, breathing heavy as darted out into the street, almost getting run over by an oncoming car.

"Woo crap!" I yelped, hearing the car tires screech as I dodged around the bonnet.

My heart thudded in my ears, trying to shake off the absolute panic as I dove towards the opposite side of the street after the others, all of us looking frantically around.

"What do we do?!" Amanda wailed, throwing her hands up in the air, helpless.

"We find a car to steal" Was Roberts response.

"Borrow" Ithiell corrected "We borrow a car"

"There!" I spotted something that looked like it could move.

"Anyone know how to drive?" Amanda asked as we all dove over to it, Ithiell changing his hands just enough so he could use his claws to work on opening the car door.

"Leave it to me" Robert said, yanking the door open as soon as Ithiell had it unlocked, diving into the drivers seat.

"Oh hell no!" I snapped "No way-"

"Just get in, we have no time for this!" Ithiell shoved me into the back seat, getting in the front with Robert, who was working on getting the car started. Amanda followed me into the back.

"Why can't we just fly?"

"We won't make it in time" Was Ithiell's response as the engine came to life, and Robert shifted it into gear, gunning it.

Amanda and I let out a similar yelp, struggling to get the seatbelts on as Robert ducked and swerved through traffic, heading city way.

It was a race against time. We had to get to a crashed ship before the Terinans did. The Runchak wouldn't last long if we didn't. Rtaia was back trying to distract two fighters with our one, as we looked for a way to get a head start. If we didn't get there first...

THUMP! I hit my head on the glass, hearing a distinct crack as Robert tore through traffic, near missing several other cars.

"Easy!" I snapped, grabbing onto the rail above the door to try and stop myself from being knocked around.

"Can't, we have to move!"

"How long do you think Rtaia can hold them off for?" Robert muttered as he threw the wheel left, causing us to all cry out.

"I don't know, I just hope she can do it long enough for us to get a decent head start" Was Ithiell's response.

"We shouldn't have left her alone" Amanda whispered, and I could see tears brimming her eyes.

I went to move to comfort her, but was thrown back into the door before I got the chance.

"Watch it! We need to get there in one piece!" I snapped.

"Would you like to try and drive this thing?!"

"Sure, I could do a better job than you are right now!"

"ENOUGH! We don't have time for this!"

We both fell silent, everyone sliding left as Robert dove around a car, straight through a set of lights. I heard Amanda let out a strangled gasp, and my heart caught in my throat.

"Do we know where the ship crashed?" I asked Ithiell, trying to get my mind of the slipping and sliding and the feeling of my side thumping the door every time Robert took a sharp turn.

I heard him tap a few buttons, then "Just out on the edge of the city, over the bridge. On the outskirts"

"Easy to find?" Amanda's voice was almost hopeful. We slid around a corner, barely missing a parked car.

"Guess we can just follow the smoke" Robert pointed, and we all looked up as we approached the bridge, seeing the large black cloud billowing up into the sky.

"Oh that can't be good" I muttered, suddenly being thrown forward as Robert slammed on the breaks. My head slammed hard into the passengers seat, and the seat belt sucked the air out of my lungs as my body was thrown forward. I sucked in a deep breath.

"Didn't think you-" I trailed off as I realised why we had stopped so suddenly.

There was a massive line up of cars on the bridge, horns honking and people yelling.

"Think it could be because-"

"No time to find out, everyone on foot!" Ithiell dove out of the car, and we followed his lead, diving through the cars in front of us, hearing people yell and shout obscenities.

"Whee!" I dove over a car bonnet, my bum skidding hard across it. I collapsed off it, feeling the burn in the left cheek as I kept going.

"Serves you-"

"Not the time" Ithiell's response was tense as he jumped up and then over the car bonnet and roof.

It became a point where we were all doing the same, leaping from car to car, hearing more and more abusive shouts from the people in the cars.

"Dammit I wish we could shift!" Robert snapped from somewhere to my left, almost tripping but managing to catch myself before I did.

"You know why we can't!" Ithiell was up ahead. Even when he wasn't in his own body, he just seemed to be able to move swiftly.

"Uh... guys!" Amanda's frantic cry brought us back to reality. We all skidded to a stop, looking over to where she was standing on the roof of a car, pointing upwards. We followed her gaze.

"Dammit! Move!"Ithiell yelled, but it was too late, I could see what they were going to do, and I dove back towards Amanda, crash tackling her off the car, both of us landing heavily onto the ground, hearing the sound we had been waiting for.



A flash above us then a horrible sound like thunder.

Then came the screaming...lots of screaming. I could hear car doors being flung open, seeing people running towards us, some almost trampling us as we struggled to get up, pinning ourselves next to the car.

We both looked up, watching helplessly as the Ternian ship fired.


It fired, cutting a clear line through the bridge, making one car explode and another fly up into the air, knowing exactly where it was going to land.

"Amanda move!" I pushed her hard, then grabbed her and threw her behind the back end of another car as it came crashing down onto the bonnet of car we had hid behind. The windows of both cars shattered from the impact, spraying glass everywhere as we tried to cover ourselves.

"Girls!" I barely heard over the sound of metal screeching and feeling the bridge start to tilt. I heard snapping of wires, the groaning of the whole bridge as it buckled under the attack.

The cars around us started slowly moving, crashing into one another and heading downhill...


I looked up to see the wires right above us start to snap, the force that had been holding them together creating a whip like action, seeing it come downward-

"Under!" I snapped, grabbing Amanda's arm and almost throwing her and myself under a nearby truck, seeing the wires almost cut cleanly through the two cars, as well as the one we could see behind it.

"Jade!" Amanda shrieked grabbing my arm, both of us now hearing the horrible groan above us as the truck we had hid under was now sliding, and we were starting to slide the same way.

"Gotta move!" I tried to scrabble out as fast as I could from underneath the truck without getting my head cut off, grabbing Amanda and helping her up as I tried not to slide as well.

That's when I saw the damage. The bridge had been blasted in half, a large section in what used to be the middle now missing. The concrete sections closest to the edge were starting to severely buckle under the pressure, and I could see large sections starting to break off and disappear from sight.

"Look out" Amanda pulled me along with her as another car started sliding past us, and we dove towards the edge of the bridge, seeing more cars start to head towards what was left of the middle of the bridge. The road was starting to crack under us. I saw another car go past as we grabbed onto the edge of the bridge, as well as each other to try and keep upright.

"Where are they?" Amanda moaned, seeing the fighter circling the bridge, probably lining up for another shot. We were sitting ducks.

"I can't-"


I heard the break before I felt it under my feet, making me loose balance and let go of Amanda. I tried to grab hold of the edge, but I lost balance and slipped down, landing hard on my stomach.

"Oof!" The impact winded bridge was breaking apart!


"Jade!" Amanda cried, trying to grab me as I slid down the edge, desperately trying to get a hold of something, almost being taken out by the wheels of another car that had slipped down after me.


I manged to grab a groove that was in the concrete, my fingers already torn and bloody from the effort, but couldn't hold on and kept sliding.

"JADE!" I heard another yell as I hit the edge, finally grabbing onto the concrete there, knowing I wouldn't be able to hold on for long. Above me the Terinan fighter was circling...

"JADE NO!" Amanda wailed, and I tried to climb up, finding I didn't have the strength in my arms, sliding back down and almost falling into the water below. I looked up-


Everything seemed to go in slow motion then. I knew there was only one option as I let go, trying to push way from the bridge as the explosion hit right where I had been trying to hold onto, the force of the explosion hitting me as I fell-

"Gotcha" I was grabbed, barely comprehending what had just happened trying to suck in air, then realising I was now gliding a few feet above the water.


"Thank me later!"