"Meta glorificat omnis"

That is the national motto of Efficax, a large, fictional island state located in the triangle between Greenland, Iceland and Ireland. Meta glorificat omnis: The goal glorifies the needs.

Anno 2014, Efficax is a neo-fascist utopia. No one is free, but no one knows what freedom is. The Efficacacian people do not know freedom, nor oppression. They just know what the government tells them to. Raids, espionage and execution are the order of the day. The government, led by the Grand Dictator with the assistance of four advisors, is everywhere, even in the heads of their citizens. Sometimes they are not. Then it is a fault in the system and all faults must not be permitted.

Since the foundation of Efficax in 1646 by French noblemen wanting to escape the Sun King's court, the political system has been strong, weak, broken and rebuilt, oppressing, sometimes caring, sometimes cruel, but the Grand Dictator always remained the center of the state. There has never been a year without a Dictator and there never will be. Some Dictators were heroes. Some were lunatics. Some were capable, others could not still their thirst for blood. Some almost made the people forget about their macabre situations. Some executed over a million citizens. However, they all carried the title of Grand Dictator of Efficax. There have been seventeen, from 1646 until 2014, and this is the story of their lives, told from the perspective of their citizens. Sometimes this citizen is an executed beggar who used to live in the filthy streets of capital Aether, sometimes this citizen is the Dictator's spouse. Having a Dictator involved in your personal life is just as lethal as being ruled by one.


1. Nero Devasthy (ruled 1646-1670: 24 yrs) "The Founding Father"

2. Lucian Katee (ruled 1670-168: 11 yrs) "The Admirer"

3. Cedric Lepidus (ruled 1681-1689: 8 yrs) "The Vain"

4. Seth Netier (ruled 1689-1738: 49 yrs) "The Bloody"

5. Walther Birdslain (ruled 1738-1763: 25 yrs) "The Insignificant"

6. Rudolf Potain (ruled 1763-1780: 17 yrs) "The Eternal Waste"

7. Thaddeus Loch (ruled 1780-1802: 22 yrs) "The Spy"

8. Percival Claudius (ruled 1802-1817: 15 yrs) "The One Without Priorities"

9. Wolfgang Roper (ruled 1817-1851: 34 yrs) "The Gift"

10. Bertie Nightingale (ruled 1851-1860: 9 yrs) "The Subservient"

11. Cecelia Nightingale (ruled 1860-1866: 6 yrs) "The Shrew"

12. Roman Vaughn (ruled 1866-1901: 35 yrs) "The Just"

13. Marcus Blacklock (ruled 1901-1927: 26 yrs) "The Artist"

14. Ethel Leiden (ruled 1927-1939: 12 yrs) "The Mother"

15. Raphael Hexbat (ruled 1939-1966: 27 yrs) "The Warrior"

16. Quinn Goldie (ruled 1966-2007: 41 yrs) "The Caring"

17. Jane Dubourg (rules 2007-present)

We begin with the story of the sixth Grand Dictator, Rudolf Potain, as told from the perspective of his best friend Bruno Fourier. The year is 1769 and we are in Aether, the capital of Efficax.

A.n.: English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for grammatical/spelling mistakes :)