I bid you stop and listen just this once.

Tune your ears to these surrounding melodies,

Hear the laughter that last for months.

Does this all fall silent to your ears?


I bid you stop and look around you.

Watch the green swirling and twirling leaves,

Admire the blue sparkling brook you never knew.

Have these turned sightless to your eyes


I bid you stop and feel around these lands.

Stroke the soft petals that are blown aloft,

Brush the rough trunk of any tree that stands

Has your touch become numb to Her?


I bid you stop and smell the flowers.

Sniff a bright rose or Queen of the Night,

Take in the scents outside those towers.

Have these gone scentless to your nose?


I bid you stop and taste these fruits.

Bite into a ripe apple you've picked this night,

Enjoy the many rewards She's let you loot.

Or are even Her fruits bland to your taste?


I bade you stop and now farewell.

With Her I often visit where all is exquisite,

But may your life continue long and well,

While She waits to awaken your senseless self.