People like to think that space is endless; there's so much to discover, so much mystery- The Final Frontier.

But Space is so much more.

Space can go from the giant expanse of the sky to a tiny gap between furniture. It can be filled, it can take the shape of what it wants, and it can change all in an instance, or remain the same for ages.

It's kind of like your imagination- Space that is. It's everything and anything you could ever want it to be, whether you subconsciously think about it or not. It can be influenced, inspired, and the best part is:

It's infinite.

Ideas can come and go like comets and shooting stars fly across the sky, or they can build up for years and years until they burst like a supernova in a rush of inspiration.

With practice, a single person could imagine a new world and fill it with people.

With courage, a single person could inspire the creation of new worlds..

Without diligence, a single person could leave everything they ever dreamed of in desolation.

So the question that arises is:

Which one are you?

Disk 1: Chapter 1

Tapping her stylus against the surface of her Intuos 4, a young woman was staring at her monitor rather dully before she pulled her glasses off, and began to rub her tired eyes.

"Man, I think it's time for a break…" she murmured, pushing herself away from her desk and turned in it, kicking her legs out to stretch them. Getting up she pushed her hands up into the air, hearing every snap and creak her body made. She HAD been stuck in the same position for the past few hours…

Grabbing her glasses and her empty tea cup, she went to go refill it and stare at something else for a while (But not before saving her work), pulling dark brown hair from the tight ponytail it was in earlier. She had been debating a trim for a while, it was getting pretty long, almost past the small of her back...

Her footsteps seemed heavy, to the point where she was lumbering across her condo as she yawned and loosened her hair with a hand.

Her condo was rather spacious for only one person living there, roughly 1200 square feet, two room, two bathroom and a den, as well as two couches, a flat screen TV on an Ikea shelf, each cubby holding a gaming console, and shelves and display cases. Some of the shelves had books, mostly video game titles and artbooks though and almost every place there was a sturdy surface, there was a figurine.

Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, BioShock, Halo… And that was just the beginning.

When she had refilled her cup of tea, she went to blow on it to give it a sip before she heard a notification sound from the next room, her office and she arched her brow a little, then glanced at the clock. It was already close to 3 am… Who was online this late to message her?

The tablet on the kitchen counter made a similar noise, having received the same message and she tapped and swiped to see who it was.

"Help me."

She frowned, but felt her heart jump into her throat. Help? But who needed it? She looked at the username to see who it was and didnt recognize it. Chewing her lip she decided between stranger danger and just hearing this person out. Maybe it was something she could do? Sometimes just listening helped right...?

"Who is this?" She typed back, "What do you need help with?"

Her screen blinked momentarily with static and she had to do a double take at it, giving the side a gentle smack.

"Help me."

"I cant help if you dont tell me how." She typed this while saying it outloud. Oh no, maybe it was one of those types of people who didnt know what they needed? "Come on, throw me a bone here!"

Her screen went black and thinking it had fallen asleep, she tapped the screen again and made a frustrated sigh when it didnt respond. When she reached to hit the power button, a cursor flashed on the screen and began to type out:

"They're coming for you."

"Well THAT'S not fucking ominous at all!" She cried, throwing her hands up in the air but suddenly she froze, and her body tensed. It was tingling, her hair on end... and she felt herself growing cold.

This didnt happen often, if ever. She was the type of person who was abnormally warm, and when she grew cold it was a warning that something was wrong.

Checking all the reflective surfaces nearby, she just used her eyes to check for any intruders.


She held her breath to listen if anyone was trying to break in.


Then why was she so cold...?


A brief glance down was enough to feel her face drain.


She stood still; In her own home she suddenly felt trapped and like she was being watched. Reasoning it was her just feeling homesick and she was probably just exhausted, she felt the stylus tucked behind her ear and reached out to her knife block, gripping the smooth black edge of one of them.

All at once something black flew at her and she flinched backwards, falling over. When it swooped at her she wildly swung the knife and watched the mass recoil, the chunk she cut flopping to the ground. Now that it was still she saw what it was.

A hand.

Getting up she grabbed her stylus and scrambled up just as another hand came at her and she slash at it again, her body shaking when she saw the fingers fall and writhe. Where were these coming from?! Making a break for her office she had to stop and turn back around. It was gone, there was a giant black block suddenly in the way and started to leak a glimmering black fluid.

A hand grabbed her, gripping her knife arm tight and she tried to pull it back yelling, and when it wasn't budging she held her stylus tight and stabbed it at the hand.

A loud, high pitched hissing was heard as white punctures were leftover from the wounds and it let her go. She backed up, trying not to trip over her coffee table.

It was everywhere. No matter where she looked, it was pitch black and creeping towards her, like Indian ink was filling the room.

She could feel herself growing frustrated at it and she backed up until she felt heat behind her.

Her fireplace... the small fire was warming her frigid fingers, sending feeling back into her legs and up her spine. Looking down at her feet, she saw a light was coming from behind her and she turned to see her fireplace pooling with a white light, almost like a tunnel.

Hearing the blorp blorp of the black mass, she grabbed the edge of the mantel and threw herself through.

Or so she tried.

She felt a hand grab her long hair and she made a strangled, "GAAH!" And swinging her arm blindly she heard a shearing sound and felt herself falling, flailing as the black hands reached down for her through the bright light.


Light still shining behind her eyelids, she squinted her eyes open. Hearing a rustle of leaves she blinked and managed to crane her neck from the ground where she lay.

It was a giant tree- an apple tree to be more specific. Trying to sit up she hissed, holding her arm and huffed, looking to see black hand marks on her forearm and wrist. Crawling to the tree, she leaned against it and blinked her eyes, letting out a sigh.

"I'll just... chill for a few minutes. Won't take too long." She said to herself and seeing her vision blurring she shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut to make then tear up a bit. Maybe staying up till 3 am wasn't the wisest choice she'd made in a long time...

Finding a little nook in the roots of the tree, she curled up into it and sighed to rest.

It was just for a moment, just a small moment... and then everything would be ok.